Through this field there's a feel of freedom. Through still water, a wave.

One climbs, another falls. A wave climbs, water falls.

Free in a field. Water. Field.

To swim through blue water's waves, a swimmer feels a field of water.

Buoyed. Boy. A boy in a field. A swimmer. Blue, field.

Lighning, blue light above the water, the field.

Field, water, lightning, boy, bouyed. Through this field there's lightning, waves, boy, water.

A boy walks through a blue field like walking on water, there's that feel of freedom as if bouyed by the blue of sky and the blues of the earth the stones under the blue light of a lighning flash and the blue light of the field so that the feel of freedom in the field is the feel of water under a boy's body the boy in the field who feels this freedom of light and blue and in the instant of the lightning flash feels the field turn to blue light like waves as one climbs and another falls and the boy in the field swims through waves of blue light a swimmer bouyed by light by lightning like a blue light in the white sky a burst of blue light in the white sky like a dream of light a dream of a field and the feel of water the feel of waves climbing and falling as we cross a field in the blue light of a lightning strike like a blur in the white sky and we no longer know where we are we no longer are are in a field but free in blue, field, water, light.