A blue spine of land, a valley

Blue spine in a valley

A woman on her back her right leg slightly higher than the left

Blue woman at rest

A belly of ploughed land

A hillside hollow, strip of steelblue

Empty grayblue sky

A hillside hollow above a belly of ploughed land in a valley under an empty grayblue sky: this is where a man on his side watches on a woman at rest in a valley or sees a valley as a woman at rest a spine of blue land a ploughed field under an emptly grayblue sky. Under this empty sky the valley rests like a blue spine like the belley of a woman rising then sloping down between two legs of hillside. There is nothing here in the steelblue hollow in the seablue valley under the grayblue sky but a spine of land a woman reclining a ploughed field a soft belly a steelblue hollow. Nothing, hear. If you listen you can almost hear a desert wind blowing blue sand as it whistles high and thin.