The interior of a dreamer's eye.

I, in, dream. The eye in dream.

What we see, dreaming. A sea of dream, darkcyan, teal.

Aquamarine. Water, sea, seep. Sleep and dream.

The sea seeps up along the edges of the sky, a border.

Edges, sky, border. The border of dreams.

The sea borders a dream and in the dreamer's eye teal swells and swirls as rises rise to border, to border a dream, to contain dream, color contains dream swirls and borders aquamarine, mediumaquamarine, and you. Where did you come from? You come from dream, out of dream, you arise, and to reach you, to reach you in this dream where the sky is bordered and contained the dreamer returns to the dream, to the interior of the dream, in the dreamer's eye where the cyan seeps to teal along the edges deep where the eye feels a source a presence suffuses emerges out of those teal depths color which is not there which is nothing without the eye the dreamer's eye color which creates and is created in the dream borders the dream contains.