Rough seas. Upswells. Seething.

Depths midnight blue, dark slate blue.

Where sky touches sea light seablue.

Where the depths rush upward olivegreen drab olive green.

Color of fury under color of sickness under color of serene.

Sickness, sea, serene.

Rush upward push pressure upswell surge claws scratch darkclaws.

Sickness sea under upswells serene that midnight at the seething heart blue under the sea swell of breaking wave blue foam rough seas under the rough seas for me at night in sleep I descend to that midnight blue depth under which the surrounding sickness can not contain it swells and upsurges surges and rough seas where sky touches serene but the fury out of which ermerges sea light seablue the fury under the sickness out of which emerges claws upward toward light surges upward the fury under the serenity the sickness under the sea light.