Looking down on mountains through rain, through a rain-spotted windshield.

Driving somewhere on a high mountain road.

Sky the thick blue of storm.

Storm, mountain, rain, driving, high, mountain road.

Clouds through a streaked windshield rain-spotted.

Land undulating dreamlike through cloud rain storm-light

Driving somewhere on a high mountain road the place is gone the year the season but the high mountain road and the heavy rain through the windshield beating on the windshield the car gone the make of the car the year the reason for driving the drive where it began where it was going all that remains the storm the mountain the rain a high mountain road looking down on land undulating dreamlike on mountains obscured in the blue light of the storm in the storm light and you beside me beside me in the car driving nowhere going nowhere remain there a part of the clouds the land the storm a part of the drive storm mountian rain the blue sky, you a part I a part land through rain-spotted a part, a part of the sky steelblue stormlight drive.