Sky overhead, retreating storm

Storm sky darktorquoise darkcyan teal

Retreat, reveal, vital, vie, revise

Darkcyan sky retreats reveal skyblue, cloudwhite, powderblue light

At the margins at the edges seagreen darkseagreen

Storm light serene light vie at the seagreen edges

Cloudwhite serene sky above darkseagreen cloud mass

Sky overhead someone on her back might see someone might roll onto his back and see this sky overhead, the darkseagreen cloud mass retreating to reveal a serene sky streaked with thin white cloud and skyblue. On a beach alone with the sound of waves washing over and retreating the infinite sound of the sea embrace under racing clouds in storm light immersed in each other the storm over them retreats to reveal a powderblue serene sky as if it were their doing this sky divided while the storm retreats and the edges vie, turbulent darkcyan sky under serene light.