So Bill what was your connection to Jonathan? Yeah yeah. Regardless of of of of of you had no idea that the play was going to be any kind of smash. Good. No no no, it's a good comment. It's an interesting thought. Oh yeah. Yeah. What is this groovy surf music we're listening to here? Yeah. Yo what's up with the twenties, man? These fucking cash machines. Oh. Alright. So you guys are just gonna crash skip it, yeah. So what did you think of that review of Cheryl's? I thought it was good. Yeah I thought it was good because it brought out it brought out like what Cheryl's getting at there. Which is what is Cheryl nothing but anxious, you know, her whole trip is anxious. I thought it was I thought it was good, you know, it wasn't a a fluff piece. It was kind of, you know, it was edgy, you know, the piece is edgy pretty edgy. The videos are edgy. It closes Saturday. I mean Bill Bill wrote a nice thing in, you know, the Time Out, yeah, ‘cause he's, you know, last week. Yeah. Well, I don't know what he's gonna do. He's talking about moving to Santa Fe or Washington A C. Yeah. Yeah. Eric wants to go to the Whitney Program. Sure. I'm doing I'm going to do the flier for her for her show I'm gonna do the poster for it. Oh, you did see it but it's gotten it's gotten immeasurably better. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. She's she's really gotten much better since you saw her about four years ago. Yeah. Silvers. It's in June. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I'll I mean and I'm going to do the poster she's great. Do you know her work? She's this really nice person whose work has gotten much better than it was much better. Last year's show was like tremendous I thought, really good, yeah. P.S. One Twenty Two. She's really finding her voice now it's neat it's neat to see. So yeah, we'll go to that. No, but you said you had seen it before, yeah. Yeah. Do you see Suzanne around? Thank god. What? Oh yeah? On the river there? You you take the same elevator as they do? What floor? And you're on the West side. Can you see the river from your place? She was our teacher at RISD. You know the whole story, huh? Yeah. They're they're they're lost. They're nice people but they're really lost. Yeah. They're they're, problematic, yeah. Yeah yeah. I got to find out where this thing is. Twenty second between fifth and sixth. That sounds like the Flatiron Building, huh? I'm gonna take the N or R. You guys walking in that direction? Yeah. No no no no no no. Believe me I don't I don't go to things I don't go to things... Thanks for dinner you guys, it was nice. So summer in France. Better polish up on the French. Speech of Cheryl, yeah. This was really nice, man. So you're heading out to the Hamptons. The fork the North fork. So what are you gonna do about the beach. I know you're a big beach person. You guys I love this ad. It's my favorite ad ever. Yeah. Look at these guys that they got for the ad, man. Look at this fucking guy! This is good. Yeah, no , this is good. My dad is a, uh, sort of a sort of a disciple of the Men's movement so this one hits me right a home. You guys gonna walk down Canal or are you cabbing it? OK, so I'm gonna walk down this way. I think it's right here. Good to see you. See you soon. It was let's the four of us do it soon. What else is going on? Which is not which I'm not interested in, yeah. I saw his thing at White Columns it was bad. Really bad. Where is Richard? Where is Richard in that work? He cops a nice style, but where's Richard? Where's the artist? It's an appropriation. Where's the artist? Bye! Testing. Testing. Here we go again. Up to adaweb. On the way we go. Testing. Testing. How we doin'? How we doin'? Good. Hey. Hi John, Kenny, Cheryl's wife, uh, Cheryl's wife... She's coming. Congratulations I heard you guys did amazing job. She loves it. Are you leaving? Yeah, OK, you know she gave me the thing on disc I couldn't load on my machine but I guess it's a CGI thing... OK, congratulations. She's thrilled. She's thrilled. See you soon, OK? Hey. Hi. No I just walked in. Hi Warren. Kenny. I I filed for an extension. Oh I thought my accountant files for an extension for me every year. We we do it automatically. I tell him to file for an extension. Are you guys are you both leaving? Warren you must have a home page now. You don't? I mean I thought... Yeah I do. With you with your I remember your Mac was filled up with like one megabyte of space left on it. Well wait a minute. Are you still on the same one that I was I saw you on your place there? Right. Right. You're getting a seventy two hundred. Are you are you hanging on the web a little bit? Yeah, I love it. On uh uh Broadway and Houston. I'm still there. Might have. Could have been. Could have been. No I'm hanging mostly here. On the web, yeah. Well... hi babe! I totally owe you. I feel like I'll buy you a drink. I was gonna buy her a drink. Well let me pour you a glass of wine. You know Warren? Vivian Warren. So, thank you thank you. You get my email today? She got me a job. It's interesting, you know? It's this this really kind of nice person from NYU law. She's really cool. She sounded really weird but I liked her I liked her. This law this thing that's not really interesting to me but it's a job. I'm gonna make her place look good, huh? Yeah. Yeah it's what I've been doing lately. Viv was nice enough to throw this crumb my way. I thought you have a good I thought you have a good job. No I thought you I thought you yeah it is. Right it's a good job here. She's designed the whole adaweb interface. She's the star designer. So, can I buy you a drink? Is that right? How was the show? Was it filled? Is this radical? Yeah man I had to go to I had to go to a cocktail party. I missed the whole I missed the whole show. I missed the whole show. No no I wasn't I was at an artist's studio yeah. We had to do we had to do this thing, yeah. So, what have you done lately? Have you got anything cool to show us? Sure. Where do you work? Where's your place? This is your machine? It's groovy. Yeah. Yeah, I was just hanging out there. Wow, this is nice! You know, god, it's so much nicer in print isn't it? Not you not you. Oh that's great. It wasn't it wasn't you. It wasn't wasn't you. It's just. What we can do on the web is so. I've got a... This is gorgeous. Is this done? Is this a done deal? That one. Andrea, can I have this? It's gorgeous. You guys did a great job. I did she doesn't want. She showed me showed me it's gorgeous. Yeah. Yeah Cheryl's gonna put a piece up. Yeah she said it looks really... Yeah she'll be here. Yeah. Real absinthe. At an absinthe party. My friend David made it, yeah. Out of wormwood. My friend brewed it home brewed it, yeah. Out of wormwood. Wormwood powder from an apothecary herbal apothecary... Oh really? You can actually buy the raw materials and put it together. Um, I'm sure the powder is yeah. Oh it's horrible, it's wretched. I couldn't drink it, yeah. I guess the buzz might have been the attraction but we didn't catch any of that. It was a alcoholic beverage. I couldn't drink it. It was horrible. Yeah every every year he brews up a batch and he says each it gets better and it just gets worse. Uh, it's completely different actually. Not it's not it's nothing like Pernod but it's the same color as Pernod, yeah. Every year I keep hoping it's just gonna get better and better but it's just just not it's really awful and a friend of mine has a birthday party, you know, and he brews the stuff every year. You must have had that absinthe on your travels. No but in Spain you can get it. Huh. But Warren I'm doing a radio show a late night radio show on WFMU these day and I'm doing all twentieth century classical pretty much and I remember you were an Alban Berg you were studying Alban Berg last time I was over. Am I correct? Yeah I remember you were actually really into really into the Viennese the Viennese scene. Yeah. Well, it's mostly experiment, you know, experimental. I'm on in the middle of the night. The middle of the night. Two to six Tuesday nights Wednesday mornings. If you're up late late nights... but it's yeah. Yeah we'll we're. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. But, uh, yeah. I think you'd enjoy the show. Yeah. Well, we've got a great Internet thing at the radio station. They give us all homepages there so we can fill them up with all sorts of stuff. It's WFMU dot org. Yeah, I'm on I'm on the homepage, yeah, just go to the DJs homepages. I recall you were listening to twentieth century classical... yeah we were discussing it a little bit and you were telling me about like what you were listening to and I was like with all open ears and about a year or two later it really began to kick in in a serious way. Yeah, I'm real hooked on on this stuff, yeah. I just mix it all up together. Sometimes I lean more towards the pop but, you know, usually it's it's it's generally exper, you know, quarter tone music I'm really interested... toward pop stuff, more experimental pop stuff. Yeah yeah yeah. Sometimes I'll, you know, throw in everything from Kurt Weill to, you know, the Bang On A Can guys to the Viennese school. Yeah yeah Harry Partch, Schoenberg. I'm sure I'm throwing pop in as well. Yeah interesting pop music in with it yeah whatever we happen to have out there. So what have you been doing? PS 1 is gone. Right cause Cheryl would love to have that job back that she had out there. So what are you doing? What are you reading and writing? I'm very important. Thank you. No you can have mine. It's beautiful. Yeah, I think it's really great. What are you drinking? Which one? What would you like? What can I do for you? It's so bizarre to be... yeah, I wanna pick up my mail, I don't know. No, I'm trying to figure out why this is a Mac but it's not a Mac cuz it's a Power Computing. Come come pull up a chair. Come, let's... Wanna pick your mail up on Panix? Can I pick your mail up also? There, I'm closing it. Oh, no wonder why it was... Panix, oh. This is so bizarre. It's acting like a PC but it's a Mac. It's so bizarre. No no no it's different. It feels so different than a Mac. Well, let's see for one, everything's like a little bit thinner and a little bit just it's a little bit different no it's interesting. It's not bad. No no no. It's totally different from my Power PC. Hi I'm Kenny. How are you doing? Show me something good. I'm not a or no I've been drinking all day but show me something great. Show me something like completely fucking I'll love. Just show me, Viv Viv Viv. Have you seen nd org? You wanna see a pretty site? You wanna see a really pretty site? OK I I think the site is good I think it's ND dot org. I liked I liked no no. Well, what could it be? Why is there why is it highlighting yellow? I like it. How do you do it? How did you set that up? I like it. What's Aaron? Oh I have no now that's why this is all different. Oh yeah, let me see. It's not really it's not really Copland. Wanna start it? Wanna show me? I didn't know that. It's really cool. Yeah. But that's not so but that's not not enough to sell me on it. What's great about it? What do we love about it? Oh, that's nice. See I like it. Yeah. No wonder it's feeling a little bit different. I thought it was your Power PC. This is gold... Right right right OK I right OK OK, but is that all? Everything's a little bit thinner and a little bit but you're only running seven two. Are you gonna put seven three on? It's a little dif it, you know, it feels a little different. And show me something fabulous. What do you love? If there's anything to love, what do you love? This is good. I think I've got some, yeah. What happened to Shockwave stuff. I did one shocked thing and it was such a waste of time. You guys are on a T1so it's no big deal but. ISDN yeah. Yeah, but still, I mean on a twenty eight eight a Shockwave is fucking insanely it's cool but, you know, it's like... it's great no yeah no it is, you're right you're right. What do we love can we go to some VRML stuff? OK. Can you mail me this URL? No no why don't you just mail it through Netscape through Netscape mail? No? Oh, I collect all my mail through Netscape. I don't even use Eudora anymore I use Netscape. If you just if you just just put a popserver you can get a... put your pop stuff in then you can start collecting your mail then when you get the WAC list every URL is a link on the, you know, every any. It's popserver then mailhost panix dot com. Popserver dot panix dot com. Popserver panix no just popserver panix dot com. Why do we have two oh one here? So do you work here also? I'm Andrea's friend. I got a job. Hello? Hey Cher. No I'm hanging out. OK. and then put mailhost panix dot com. Put a dot server dot yeah yeah I'm I'm here. I'm just hanging out looking at the web. I'm here. Bye and then mailhost panix dot com. Yeah. We've got a little delay happening. No I uh could be mailhost popserver. Yeah try that. Then try mailhost, no no, popserver panix dot com. Get the mailhost out of there. OK now put mailhost dot panix dot com and then put your your your login name. No. No just put your login name. What do you login as? Not at not your, yeah OK, now put mailhost. Oh outgoing mail you have to put mailhost dot panix dot com. OK now go OK. Now OK, oh what happened? Why did that just erase? Why did yours just erase? Mail preferences. You just it just yeah it just replied. You see you're not you don't have mail at. No no it's good. You'll like it. I don't use. Dot panix dot com but you've got to fix your popserver. And then go OK. Just do OK. Right. Right now just do OK. OK. Now go check your mail. See if you've got any mail. Do you have any mail? Yeah now just throw your password in. It should remember it. This is terrific. See, every time a WAC list comes up every http or URL is it's live so you can just like if you see the WAC list you can just go look at everybody's pages, yeah. No it's really fun. That's the mail. I don't use Eudora anymore. No yeah. Why don't you just have it remove it from the server? Every time. What's going on here? Is it your machine? I don't know what's what's going on. Andrea how come Viv can't pick her mail up here. OK, here we go. Sending along information. Well. I'm telling everybody. Oh well, I'll just try once more and we'll get on with it. Fuck it. Hi. Hi. Andrea show me something you adore. Viv I think your machine's fucked and your Netscape needs to restart. Andrea where do you sit? Where's your spot. I I want to see it though. I want your view of things. Oh this is this is the computer that crashes constantly with the Allan McCollum, uh... It's what? Prada. How does she make it? I love your... oh this is nice! Very nice! But this is the this thing keeps crashing. Cheryl's coming in ten minutes. Yes. OK, Viv, let's go. Let's go. Did you have to reboot? Do you sit on that thing all day? No no no no I've I've done this long before it was fashionable. She's trouble. Why is this so, damn! OK. I have a Radius I have a Radius seventeen inch. OK. Right right I'm yeah. It'll work now. So what do you what do you do here? In in in in what capacity are you? Really? What does she do? Seriously? What does that mean? Who are who are some of the other characters who work here? No no. Total New York are they like Total New York are they like...? Andrea must have fucked around with the guy with the twenty four year old guys. With which one? With another one? How how old is this one? What is this? I have this thing too. What is that? Oh, look it comes with your with your scanner or something? I always wonder I always wondered what that was. This is so funny how different this system feels. Um, I like it. Right now it's comfortable. I don't know if I can hang all day here. That's good. I wanna get I wanna get the soundtrack from Babe. Did you see Babe? And I would put like baaah ram ewe on my site. It's really good. Now check your mail. Go ahead try the mail thing. Go right there. Go ahead. I want to see if it works. You gonna have to put your put your ID in. This is good. Aw. It want it I really want it to work. I love it. I always want I really I mean I really I adore it. Neet. You have eighty five messages, you nerd! Why do you have eighty five messages? Oy vey iz mir! You've got so many messages! I never have eighty five! God, I'm jealous! You're so cool you have eighty five messages! Christ almighty! I hope this is removing them from your server. You want it? You want it? She has eighty five message! She's so popular. What do you think of that? Viv's so hot I can't believe it! Viv's got eighty five I'm jealous I mean. I log in I've got thirty five occasionally but eighty five! She is here it comes, look! Here they all are! Whose are these? Go on. Whose are these? Oh, you're so cool. Pick up a WAC. Pick up a WAC thing go ahead. Pick up a WAC thing and now scroll down Andrea I'm showing this to you. Scroll down. Just scroll. Scroll scroll scroll. There it is. It's a it's a URL so you can always you see everybody's pages it's so cool. Naw naw naw this is bitchin', man, yeah it really does it really does work. But of course it's not coming up right now. Go on. Try another one. Try another one. This guy's out he's really out. Go on. Just try that one. There you go. You're on. You're on pal. You can catch everybody's pages. I love that. That's the way I read the WAC list I go I don't even read the messages Andrea I just look for the links now. I got shit from everybody, yeah. Yeah, no, I just steal things from people now. All I do is all I do is roll around and steal everybody's pages. No. We are we are going. Thursday night we are going, yeah. See, I mean, Viv isn't this isn't this bitchin'? Oh look at this look at this big piece of tacky shit. Sorry. Isn't it? I have no opinion. Look at this one. See I don't even read the list anymore I just look at people's tacky sites. Yeah, I don't like it anymore. So it should have yeah that's nice. It should have shown up tho. It it should have shown up. No no no no but everybody but all these hot shit quote hot shit designers are showing up. No more cutting and pasting for you, girlfriend. See, oh... god you really pound on this thing, don't you? You've been to oh yeah go on. You're missing it. You're missing it. Tacky. Tacky. Ugly. See Andrea, this is this is totally totally amazing, isn't it? Well what's what's you have to put what's your popserver? Are panix? Oh, probably it's... What's Eudora... I got I got drunk at one o'clock... Try that one. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Exactly. How can these people put a... What's the problem? This stuff has line notes in it, oh, there you are. Ew, let's see. That was quick. That wasn't right. That wasn't right. No you... Oh you have your set to open with BBEdit. That's interesting. Simple text opens up mine. I need a I need a copy all I have is BBEdit lite. I need a copy of real BBEdit. Wanna give me one? What? Andrea has it? Will you make me a copy of BBEdit please? Do it now, yeah. Oh, that's nice. That's nice. I use BBEdit lite. I use lite, yeah. Ew, Microsoft Microsoft. Look at you're like me look at you just cruising at looking at these different, uh... Let's read your mail. Let's go through your mail. Oh I do. I do too.