What? Yeah, it's so good to be here. No I was I I went out with Alix and her boy. Yeah after John Newman's party. Yeah. Oh, we love him. Oh, he's terrific. Oh, I like him. Yeah. Tacky. Look at this thing. Look at this thing. What a piece of shit. Is this a piece of shit or what? OK. Look she's go it. She's got it downstairs. NYMUG? Really? Read that one! Read that one! Oh now wow you've got two o look! Rad! Look at what that did. Told you where you at. Rock and roll! Oh, how can you keep up with it? I delete them every day. I read one every three days. No to delete just go... You have to for Netscape to delete you have to hit the command and delete at the same time. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Like that. Knock it out. Let's see some of your personal mail go ahead! What do you think? Don't you want to read her mail? Just personal, not the very personal. No, of course not. Oh what do you have your your underline set off on this thing? How do you set that? Like this? Where is that you got? Good good. You can check your mail every ten minutes with the Eud with the Netscape mail. You can set it to check every ten minutes. It's insane, yeah. Yeah. It's cool I don't know... it's go servers check mail every ten minutes. It's fun, yeah. Eighty five messages she has and she won't show us any of the hot stuff. Andrea, can you get me a copy right now of the of the real BB Edit? Do you have a just Stuffit or something or do you have a uh a uh Zip disc a Zip? I love that I love that. I know I get so many from my jobs. Yeah, it'll get me another disc. You gotta go? It'll fit it on this. So OK it shows you it shows you this it shows you the disc I mean this is, you know, where did you get this the Copland simulation? It it great? Is it great? Aaron? Do we love it? Oh give it yeah. OK talking OK. No no no problem I've I've seen ‘em. Yeah I want it. I I mean I was actually gonna buy it and then I figured somebody's got to give it to me. Look at this! Seven five four beta? You don't have BB on this? Yes you do. You have it on this machine. You have BBEdit on this machine. Don't you? I'm Kenny. How you doing? Kenny G. from New York. I've lived here I've lived here my whole life. No, I'm from Long Island and I've been here I've been in Manhattan for... no like twenty minutes from here I lived twenty minutes from here. Oh, it's all the same. Cheryl, Hi! Cheryl, you met Viv, right? Cheryl's got a piece coming on your your site soon. John John just... no response, Viv. Have a seat. Let's go shopping. Hammacher Schlemmer. I want that mirror for the I want that mirror for the for the uh, for the uh, yeah I want one of those. No no no but I'd love to shave in the shower every morning I would I would adore that. They're ugly but I'd love to shave in the shower every morning so I don't really care. Let's see. Let's see... water resistant cordless phone, wake up alarm clock, hot dog cooker... Have I? No, I use a regular I use an acoustic shaver. Non electric. Cheryl, how was your class. Oh, my god. I went out to, uh... desktop. Viv. She got me my NYU gig. I don't think they're I don't think it's happening. So then I went out to dinner with Alix and her guy. Her guy is great. He's really nice. I wonder what Granary looks like. I built I built this site I wanna see what it looks like on another machine. They sell uh they they make artist's artist's books. I don't like the colors. You've got two hundred fifty six colors set. It looks so puny. She's got two hundred fifty six colors set. Icon, yeah. Cheryl was in Berlin. Cheryl did an art show there. Hanging out. Just hanging out. How is it? Who is it? We're having fun. This is fun. Got it. Thank you. Thank you. Viv so show me Viv so show me something you are doing. Let's let's go. We're we're looking. Why do you have two hundred fifty six colors set on this monitor? Where can I find this? Tomorrow? So show me something great. Are you gonna put this is? Is it done? Fantastic. I'm gonna give you SiteMill. I love it. It's PageMill. It's PageMill deluxe. Remember I was telling you the other night? It's wonderful. I'll give SiteMill. Want Word six oh six oh one? Oh yeah, I feel it on this machine. So show me something great. Cheryl move over move over to this one. Viv is gonna show me something terrific. This one does. Oh I see the way the windows kind of twist around a little bit. Oh, what is this? Oh, it's the quick windowshade oh OK. I have windowshade if I double click on it but I don't have I don't have this thing. Yeah they all are part of Aaron. What? It' Greg's Buttons. Fantastic. Show me something. Show me something great. Let's go. I need to learn things from you cause you're so cool. Yeah yeah. Sure show me anyways, what the fuck. Sure I keep one one on. I steal things from them. I steal everything. No I... nice, wow! Ah! I always use don't you use this? I have no idea. That was only because because I told that I was important. I I was lying completely. I'm just a leech here on on Vivian on Vivian. Congratulations on the show tonight. Show me a a beauty. You're betraying. I've seen this I've been on this site, yeah. No but the basic interface is the same. You like water towers? So, what do you think? Did you guys make the right move or not? Did you ever go to every go to Switchboard? It's like like find someone like it's one of those like you put in the name of an old lover and where they live and they come up with a phone number and an address? Do you know it? It's not it's not interesting but it's, uh, it's a good thing to have. Yeah it's good, it's good. Six four yeah you do have it OK. No no no I actually got it from WFMU. Yeah, I got from the the list I'm on at my at my radio station. Are you an FMU listener? I'm a DJ on there. Can you get I see you're not set to ninety one point one so. Fuck Andrea now. What is this what is this now? What is what do we have it's Flux like Fluxus? This is what they do. It's too too groovy for me. She me something terrific. Show me something terrific. What art? Yeah, I make, you know, I don't I like the line. You know, the line looks good. You know that have you have you downloaded Microsoft Internet Explorer? Stop for a second. Stop I'll show you. Do you know do you know on the TT command it does not it does not. Oh, I downloaded it because I design web sites and I realize that most people are probably going to be viewing it on Internet Explorer. Do you know that do you know that TT is is is no no it comes up at the heading of one? Everything all the TT on the web all the groovy design sites come up with this huge... you should download it. You should see your sites you need to see your sites through Internet Explorer. You really should just I mean I don't use it often it's not nearly as interesting as Nah as Netscape but... I like TT but once I realized that Explorer isn't reading it I'm beginning to rethink it. Yeah. I was trained in CAD in AutoCad. No no. It was what I did it was what I did for money well, yeah, before the architects were all out of work I had to retrain right I told you that yeah. I for years I made all of Allan McCollum's objects, you know, the artist, right? I I was a... On Greene Street? On White. Yeah yeah yeah. He he was a really great guy, I mean, it was really good to work for. I'm sorry the economy bottomed out on both of us. Cause I made all of those... oh he's broke I mean, right here we are, no it's true he's not doing well either. No I lost my job I lost my job in ninety one. I, you know, I had to retrain for AutoCad. Andrea told me you were a Whitney a Whitney Program person? Are you there now? or when were you there? So, who was some of the people you were with who I know ‘cuz a lot of my friends went. Were you with Rikrit and...? Yeah. Oh, I love Moira. Do you see Moira. I really like her. I have a great piece of hers. She worked for Allan for years. That's how I knew Allan that's how I knew Moira through Allan. No. Yeah, I know I know. I know Magda I know. I know everybody I'm really sick of having... yeah. So any so who else were you with Moira. Tell me some more. Let's gossip a little bit. Yeah, whose name I remember and I probably knew her at one time. Yeah. Of course I know Gavin and his and his wife. His groovy wife. She was so. She used to be so beautiful. Do you remember? Do you remember her? No no no no. Not at all. Have you seen her? No I I no. Oh... Sure I, yes I do remember yes yes. Who else who else were you there with? Tell me some more. Who I don't know. Oh Simon was in with you guys OK. Simon worked for Allan also. That's fine. He's really nice. He worked for Allan. No, we're having fun. Vivian's showing me the web. Vivian's showing me everything. Do you like Altavista the best? Do you like it better than all the others? You have to put a plus in or you... yeah. It was bad. That's nice of you. It's fun though. Listen, would you send me this URL please? No no no I don't want to mail a frame. Wait wait wait a minute no no. Hold on hold on hold on. OK instead of mail document. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. No of course not. All the people I want to know I know their addresses anyway. What what are you using for animations here? What are you guys using? You you're just making the animations and you drag them right in and it and it writes a script for you. Yeah I yeah right I got that one right. And so you just make the different frames and let's go... That's cool. I have the same monitor but you don't have the option for millions of colors on yours. Yeah I did. It works much fast for me. I have the same exact monitor. It should where's your... Why do you have your resolution set at a...? You know what? It looks richer. It looks richer to me. It looked a little bit anemic before. Well I don't understand what you mean by more. Oh I guess. Go ahead show me show me again. So you go to options. You have seven five three on here. I don't understand you told me you were running seven five two. I see it's the... so what is that? Yeah yeah. It's sort of bigger. I like to look at things huge. Isn't that the weird the weird thing about the the, uh, web? Everybody's seeing everything so fucking different. Yeah. It doesn't it doesn't bother me. So now you're seeing things underlined, huh? Download for a sample. Is it good? Yeah I've seen it. What's this here. Is it the same? To go back. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! So sorry. You got you got it. OK, you're you're clean. Of course I did. Oh, we've been drinking all day. Viv Viv Viv. Watch. Get info press down and go back in frame. Back in frame. Forward in frame. I was so excited. I got your WAC list on the on the Netscape now. It's not my business. It's Brad's fault. It has nothing to do with me. There you go. There you go. This is something huge. What do we like? Let's go oh it's let's see. It's so quick on that on that it's great. What do you have an ISDN? It's you don't see what most people see this is why... Yeah, you see this is a problem. No no no. As a designer, see, you should on a on a fourteen four modem. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah right OK. It's just an MCAD MCAD trans trans transfer. You will think of me. You will think of me. I'm having so much fun. Bye guys, I'm staying! I want the ISDN! I want the ISDN! No no no no no. I don't show up in daylight. I like your place. I like your area. Your fucking thing that crashes all the time. The rolls you know the rolls are something else here Andrea. The rolls are unbelievable. Do you work here too? Yeah. Did you work did you do this here? Where is it? Where is it? Is it coming on... It's really a nice poster, isn't it? I don't know. I don't understand it but I like it. Who? Oh, stop. Oh, what are you guys doing? I don't know. We're getting out. We're getting out. Tell me what you're doing. OK. Oh. I'm tired. I've got an appointment at nine o'clock tomorrow. What time do you have to be in? What time do you have to be in tomorrow. But we'll Cybersuds it on Thursday night? Wanna go? Where are we going? Where are we going? Yeah. Out of the rain. What do you say? What do you say? Where is it? What time? What time? Alright. Ah, we'll all go. Viv. See you at suds on Thursday night. Thank you very much. Thanks again. I'll see you Thursday, OK? Hey Andrea! Andrea! Did you get all all the gay addresses I sent you? Where does it do that? Oh right they had the thing, right. Great. So you're just visiting here. I don't have a pen, no. Really ask Cheryl. Oh. We can get it from Benjamin and Andrea. Bye. Bye bye... Thompson St... Having dinner with Alix and... oh we went to Pho Pasteur... The food there is so bad. You really hate the food. Oh um... not much, huh. Where's Betsy girl. She's just staying there oh well. We'll watch them all week next week what the heck, huh? Yeah. Oh. They have a nice place up there adaweb. I like Viv. She's really nice. Yeah well, you know, she got me that job and, you know, she's just nice and I was, you know, Cheryl, I was teaching those people things that they had no idea about. It's true. I showed her like five things she didn't know. You know? No, seriously. Things that are are, you know, completely new. It's funny, isn't it? Yeah they were I mean this guy is a computer science guy. Yeah go just go around the park to Thompson and just and and go straight down. OK, we're gonna go to Thompson and Prince instead. Yeah, please. Yeah. We gotta get some food. Alright? Thanks. Oh, god. Well, this has been the longest day ever. I started at nine a.m. with John Lee. I was up at seven. I had to pick up the dry cleaning, I had to shower, you know, by the by the time I did all the things I needed to do. Yeah, you were zonked when I left. I mean, you know, Marjorie, you know and god it was like I had to keep drinking all day. No no no no like when we hit John's I was really out of it. Once I started drinking again I was fine. I never stopped. No, I'm not drunk. Actually, I'm not drunk at all. But I had to keep drinking to sort of keep from crashing. It's just one those days. I don't have too many. I don't have too many of them. No and I'm not, you know, and I'm not drunk but if I didn't keep drinking I would have just zonked completely. I was just I was just showing her how to do things. Certain things she didn't know. You know... she's like the interface designer, whatever that means. She's really nice. So, John's wasn't much fun. John Newman. We didn't really know anybody there. Yeah I like Alix's boyfriend is great. He's so nice. He's just really cool. He's really really nice and really normal and really sweet and um interesting. He's terrific, yeah. He's just terrific, really. Yeah, no I like this guy. No, I mean, we had a nice dinner the three of us. I'll play you the tape if you want. I got the tapes, honey. I got all the tapes. I went through like like three tapes today. I think I'm gonna, uh, go through a lot of these tapes this week. Oh, look at the tree blossoming. God, the trees are coming so late this year. Isn't it usually the beginning of April you get the cherry blossoms? Ken sent me an email and said that Harry took his first bike ride on Sunday. No no I guess he said I don't know what that meant. Maybe maybe Harry pedaled? OK, yeah, just the other side. This is this is good. Thank you. What does that mean? He took him for a spin? I got it. I got it, honey. I got money. Thank you. OK. Bye. Hey. Cheryl, you always hate the soup here. Every time you you pick up the soup here you you detest it. Didja hear that? This lady goes you got Doritos? and the guys says no she said oh yeah I forgot. This is SoHo. That's pretty good. That was pretty good. I thought Benjamin seems nice. Is he nice? Yeah, he's fun. Yep. Did you like seeing Hay today? Is he cute? He's no Babette, is he. I'm so glad I'm finished with Schachter. Um, he just wanted his materials back and I was glad to give it to him. Oh god, I am so exhausted. This has been a helluva day. Yeah. Yeah. So Alix's boyfriend is OK. I could really see hanging out with this guy. He's a nice guy. You know? No problem there. He's nice. He's mellow. He's really good. They did. They had a chill out weekend so they said. It's biodegradable. It's like the do in India. They have streetsweepers. Was Jerry nice at John's tonight? A little schitzy, huh? She did. She walked in she was really beat. She was nice. She was like I've been writing all day yeah he's right. I don't know. Is that not a good thing to say? Really? Yeah. I don't know. It's a fact. I don't know why do they bother. I think it looks good with graffiti don't you? I know. You know and they painted it black it'd get grafittied also. Here you are. The rest is junk mail. Oh is that... Kitchen performances. What? Great. She wants us to come to Athens on the thirteenth and leave on the twenty first. Cool. Yay. That's right she's talking about your catalog and concerning that. Cool. That's gonna be so much fun, isn't it? Alright, Cheryl. Alright! It's gonna be really nice. Yay. I got a big check from ASCAP. Three dollah and forty cent. Whew! Thrills. Your soup's burning. I've been known to be an art criticizer myself. Yeah, I feel really scummy. I'm gonna shower. Do you mind? Good night, monkey face. Good night, monkey face. I love you.