Go to sleep. Just do you want to sleep? Huh? No? It's early. I have to work at nine. Testing. How you doin? Alright. Alright. Yeah. Nope. Nope. Naw. Definitely not. I don't remember. It was OK. It was forgettable, I think. I've already forgotten. Well, we'll find out where we are or were. Yeah where are you...? Oh. If we can get it done, sure. Let me just look and see what we've got here. OK now this you was OK, right. This we want to be yellow. You want it in yellow. I don't know why we're not getting this image. I think it's been lost. I'm gonna hafta. It's not reading right, oh god. We sort of fixed up the first things. I'm a bit slow, I'm just waking up. OK is that in the right order then? This goes to this? Yeah. Different text. No we yeah well no right. We're gonna fix that. Is this correct now? It goes from the ladies on third to interest. And where does this go? OK. That's gonna be your title. OK? OK. OK. Not there. So, let me just do something then. OK reload this. OK so Connie tell me how everything flowing. There to there. There to there. Now it's in it's in the document, um, let me open that thing again. I don't know why it's not showing up. There must be something else there. I don't think those lines are working that way. You want me to draw over? OK. That... OK. Yeah. There we go. How's that? OK. I don't I don't know why that wasn't showing up but it's... It's probably it's probably gonna look pretty crummy if we do, yeah. We can try it but it's gonna look pretty lousy. Why don't we come back to that? Why don't we just try to move forward. OK so, um, OK. The last image we were at was the one before that was this. These are great thanks? These are great Connie, thanks. They're lovely. I don't know, you know, strawberries are usually so lousy. Yeah. Good one. Uh, we'll be doing it. So, what have you got next? Uh huh. What's next? Which one? Yeah. Let's see. OK. Find out where we are here. OK. And we want... Give it a shot for the hell of it. OK. It should be kind of sort of closer to the feeling of this one, right? OK. In terms of size. It's harder to pick up where we left off, um. Forget that there. OK this is what we were looking at. So, let's just use the top half of this again, huh? OK so here we go again now. You want the type about this size? Well, we're never gonna obviously we're never gonna fit it. We may have make make the text smaller? Or just fit those? I'm talking about this line. OK. Where do you wanna break things then? There but I'm talking about the line the line across cause it has to smaller to fit across the sheet. Yeah so I think we have to like break after women. So. Yeah. It's it's it's gonna be it's just gonna be too, uh, difficult. Alright, so, I'll tell you what. Why don't you... yeah, I think so. I don't know, I thought it was. Try it again. It looks smaller, doesn't it? Compared to that? Go to that? OK, so why don't you just dictate to me where where things are gonna break. OK let's just see how this is gonna look. Alright hold on for a minute now. They come together and instantly synchronicity. Women, right, spend, women OK spend a lot of time together. You know what I'm gonna just move my hand it's too complicated. OK so let's go. Often uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh hmmm. Uh huh. Yeah. Uh huh. Sure. You wanna put it. No we can put it there. OK , we can put it there sure. Uh huh. Next line after we which we. Right. OK. Uh huh. Let me just copy this to make sure. Let's just see what happens. These are these things are... so we're having trouble with just a few of these things. If I take it down a point size we may be able to fit it. So, let's try that. Let's take it to 17 first. Let's try 16. See what happens. It would rather be those things, OK? Let's stay with that for a second. It's gonna be counting, you know, and you wanted to keep the full page or you wanted to cut it? OK, let me just move that other hole to a place where it makes some sense. A little different sheet of paper. It'd be really nice. Does that look OK to you? We can just knock this hole out completely. Right here. Yeah, that looks OK. Uh, no, because everything's aligned. We have no room here because of that. It's fine. OK with a pencil line. Is that right? It's exactly. I like the la's. They look like butterflies. It's funny. OK, are we happy with this? Uh, I'm at work. I have an antenna, sure. Ah, well, you have to get a, um, a, um, put your stereo into mono. You should be able to get it oh it's. I can get it I can get it on Thompson you should be able to get it there. You just have to flip flip it into mono. OK, now, let me see something. Let me concentrate for a second here. It looks really great. You want white? You want white? Or do you like it gray? Around it? OK, just make it white. Make it like an off-white? No because then we're always gonna see it, no... Yeah, it's we don't have a choice really. Yeah, OK, twelve... OK. There we go. OK. Happy? Good. It looks really nice. I like it. It's cool. It's really great. I think it's excellent. OK, what's next? No. No. Let's see, um... yeah. How big? OK, how big do we want it? That tiny it's that teeny little one. It's really really tiny. You want the three of them, don't you? We're not gonna be able to do anything with this, I mean... Yeah. OK. Let's see if we couldn't do something like this to save some space. It's gonna or did you want to or it really doesn't matter. Forget it. Alright, um, there is no question where it's gonna be. How big... do we have another thing to go by? No, never I'll never. OK, let's see, we're just gonna wing it. Let's see, uh, width four hundred we've been using this, OK. I think our fonts been like... let's try it... let's just see what it looks like. OK. Now. Eighty Five. Four. You talk to John? You guys are meeting... It should be exciting. Now it's there. That looks nice, doesn't it? Is that at about the spacing that you want it? OK. Sure. Was that it was sort of orange, wasn't it? That's gonna be... OK? Yeah, there. OK then. OK so. This is gonna go to this? Let's see. OK great! This one, yeah. The small one's first? Fine. Oh, OK OK. No problem. No problem. Let's see. OK. This is gonna be eleven now and this thing is gonna, uh, let me just change the titles on these. Just to keep our everything straight. Eleven shift twelve X this is now gonna be called twelve. Now we're gonna have to rewrite them again. All these goes through eleven, OK. And this is now gonna become eleven A. Yes and this is now going to become eleven B. Twelve html. And this now gonna become and this is gonna go thirteen. You have to be really specific about what comes first for me because I have to re it's just gonna take too long to to to rename everything. So in the future do that OK? OK so, we go bing! to this this OK. OK. Look alright? OK. We're back on track now. That one goes there and this one's gonna go to thirteen. OK, what's thirteen? Oh, you're not gonna have... these? Really? Oh, OK. OK and we want it in Courier and what size is it going to be in? This is going to be in Minion. Twenty four? Yeah. I think so. Let's see what we get. Pretty big, but... yeah you wanna? OK to twenty two? I've got to give you a copy of Minion for your computer. It's the most beautiful font ever. Do we like do we like this or do we want it smaller? OK. Actually we can make the page really big because we have room to play on this one. OK text pretty isn't it? Does Sven want it? Four it's gonna be... All right. I'll tell you what. You've got, now, it's OK so you want to kind of do it around here? Well, we don't, you know, you don't we want to, uh.... yeah OK, I mean I just just... how about something like that? I mean size isn't important. Something like that and we'll grab the words and we'll just center them up. Does that look about center to you? OK, now. Lower. OK and OK I'll put some more music on. These are great. Thank you. These are perfect, perfect for the morning, aren't they? Want some more coffee? I don't like strawberries normally. They're usually so awful. Yeah. I hate them. These are good. Back to work? OK. Well, let's see what we get first. Like that? It looks great. OK, next? Let me have it yeah, I just wanted to see something about the size. See this goes with it makes it interesting. It makes it very interesting, right? I just want to see for size. OK. So we take this one. Same size copy OK. OK. Let's see. How do you like the size. A little larger, isn't it? Yeah. OK. Is that right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Cheryl has this show up now. At Basilico Gallery. Do you know Basilico? It's on Wooster, uh, Wooster St. Right. Yeah, she got a nice write up in the Times yester on Friday. Yeah she's she does, you know, video and painting. OK, is this right? OK, yeah yeah, just see it. It's up until Saturday. I think you'll enjoy it. OK. How's that? Looking alright? Yeah. Yeah. Um, I don't know the guy's name. I don't know the guy's name. Sorry. Cheryl, yeah. OK. Right, yeah.