Yeah it would, I mean, we can do something with them it's no big deal. I installed this Aaron on my my computer. Aaron. It make it it makes your, um, it makes your your system look like, uh, the Copland, you know, the next System 8. It gives the visual appearance of... it's just aesthetic. It makes it gives the visual appearance of System 8. Yeah. I don't know. It's just it's just what it's called. What makes it looks like a PC now. It looks just like a PC. Yeah, I mean it look like it looks like Windows or something. It's it's weird, it makes your whole system look like Windows. Um, yeah I guess so, yeah. I guess they're getting you ready for that so they they put out a a a uh, of of a premiere, you know, a premiere of how it's gonna look. You know, I'll show it to you. It's nothing earth shattering. It's not so interesting. Anyway, OK, so um, I'm gonna, let's see... I wanna go I'm thinking I'm gonna go hear Marjorie talk today. I think that would be a good thing for me to do. At Fordham. In by Lincoln Center. What's the name of John Newman's gallery, do you know. Oh, that's right that woman was like Jason McCoy. OK, yeah, you should tell me where it is so I gotta go up and do that first. Right. Speak to anyone today fun? Just bullshit. I'll I'll find it. Yeah. No no. You were nice to her, god. Yeah, what the heck, yeah, yeah, it's no big deal. OK. Um, so you're just gonna go to French then you're gonna come home? OK, I'm gonna directly from, um, yeah yeah yeah. I'm gonna go directly directly directly, uh, I guess I'll go to Vedanta. I'll go hear Marjorie I'll stop at John's I'll go to Vedanta and then I'll go out to the radio station. Oh, I don't I don't really have a whole lot else to do today so... you know, it's no big deal. So I wanna drop Babette off, or is that possible or...? That's what you did last week. OK, that's good ‘cause I I can't watch her today. I mean I've got to do all these things so I don't know why don't I I don't I don't know why don't I did you have lunch or anything? You did? Why don't I just walk her over there, what the heck? I'm really restless I need to go out she needs to go out. Why don't I just come over? OK. Bye. Testing. You wanna go? Alright. OK. OK. Let's go for a walk! OK. Hey. Hey. Testing. Testing. Testing. Oh, I see, I get it. OK. Make Bets, you make, you make. Make. Make. Good girl! Good girl! How you doin'? Can I get a chicken noodle soup to go some bread and a cup of coffee? Yeah, no sugar thanks. Let me check. Hold on. Naw. Uh... how about this one. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. Catch you later. Alright. Hello. How are you? How's your dog? Does these two know each other? Do these dogs know each other? They fight. You have a Dalmatian, right? Suvra. Ah. OK, see you later. Uh, it's looking for food. Is there food in there? She knows it, right? Hello. Here we are. Wow, look at that canvas! It's beautiful, god. It's so striking to walk in and see that. It's fabulous. Great. Great. Oh, look at you. You're all hooked up and working here. This is really nice. OK. I just got you some coffee. I went to that place. OK, um, I'm feeling a little shaky today. Well, because I was drinking and I got no sleep and I had to work all morning. Yeah it was, whew! I am definitely feeling a little shaky. Yeah, I just. Uh, I got a little like, uh. A little chicken soup will do me right. I'll move over here. It looks great. OK I can come over any time, you know, I don't really have any big plans. Ah. It's such a beautiful day, isn't it? Yes, hello Babette. Nothing for you, sweetie, nothing for you. I got this at, uh, you know that wonderful place we had dinner at that night that cheap one. Bellas? They're so nice. Good soup. You ever get soup there? Sunday is Sunday is Xenakis. Well, I could, you know, I could do it Friday, you know, or let me look at my sched. OK, no. I'm really I'm really excited to do it, definitely. I mean, it's not it's not a... no no. I love it. I love it. I think instead of wearing a white shirt I'll wear a T-shirt. Uh, I think I'll wear a T-shirt instead of the, uh, white shirt, I don't know. So, oh man! I'm really, uh... god you know drinking it's just just poison. I mean really, it's fucking, you really feel like shit. Ah, you told me. You didn't eat much yesterday. I mean I ate I ate all day. Isn't that Ligeti wonderful? Did you listen to that? The one on the bottom. Oh my god, it's so good. It's so seriously great. OK, um, yeah. Yeah OK, um, sure. Let's see. I know I have an appointment one day one time during the day on Friday I think but, you know, yeah, of course. How long do you need me to read a couple just an hour? OK. I'll read as long as you want me to I mean it's really I mean of course this is in my interest too. It's gonna be fun. I was right. Look how snazzy New York Press suddenly looks. And snazzy graphics and more color. This morning at like eight thirsty walking up here I was walking up to my office was so beautiful it was like this really big downpour. It was lovely. It was really warm. I was up at seven. I had to work. I've got to be there at nine. What am I gonna do? I don't have really much of a choice. I had to meet Connie at nine. I don't mind, you know. I don't sleep as well as I used to. I mean I don't really mind, I mean, I feel like I don't need as nearly as much sleep as I used to. You know, which is fine with me. I don't I don't miss sleeping. I used to be the biggest sleeper ever. Now I, I just don't need much which is fine with me. Right, right. Well, we'll get her something nice. We'll get her some oils or, you know, something, I mean, you know, whatever. I mean just like it it was funny seeing that fish cane yesterday at the party. I I was, like, oh yeah, I really like them, you know? Be careful. I took your TinySaver off, your screen saver off. So, just be careful, you know, you may want to put it to sleep you can put it sleep. Yeah. Yeah yeah. No problem. It'll come right back just yeah just save your work. Um, just just keep an eye on that you don't, you know, you don't wanna burn your screen. Burn in your screen. I took the saver off cause I was trying to remove all the conflicts from your system. No, it was just a bug... everything was old. The computer is my friend. Let's go out. It's really up to you but but, you know... What about...? Friday night? Instead of Saturday night? Saturday is fine I I just have to go to Charles's opening that's all I have to do--it's fine. Does he know any like, real really Italian restaurants? I mean real Italian? Hey Stefano, do you know any like real Italian restaurants? Like some kind of amazing thing that we might never get to eat otherwise if only we were with you? Yeah, it yeah. It's very expensive, yeah. No, OK. It's real expensive. Right right. Well, that's yeah yeah yeah. We go to Bar Pitti's a different place, yeah. OK I figured you would know you would know places. At some point, yeah yeah, let's let's just do something easy for all of us. Uh, alright. Listen, we can just just just do something. OK, uh, you wanna speak to Cher again? OK, um, OK. See you later then. Yeah. He's so nice. I like him. I'm really glad we're getting together with him. Yeah, he did. I mean, I figured he said Da Silvano but that's expensive. Starting Sunday we start taking care of Diane and Lois' dogs so I'm gonna really need need help there. I don't know how I'm gonna make it tonight on FMU. This eye thing is back really bad this eye virus. I can hardly see out of my left eye. It's just the same thing. I guess it'll just go away like it did last time. No but this it happened, you know, it know what it is see he diagnosed it last time. It's it's a good year and a half I mean it's a year. Well, alright, yeah. I can call them. He's a nice guy. The ophthalmologist? Uh, Mickey or something like, you know. One of my mother's friends. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I was covered. Yeah yeah. And then. I gotta get going really soon cause I've got to get my shit together and get on my number of things. I had a fun time last night. I had a good time at ada ‘web. John's party wasn't thrilling but Alix's new boyfriend is really neat. He's good. I like him. Yeah. We need to just pin things down cause I've got to get subs for FMU. But yeah, I'd like to go that Saturday, the 11th and stay there through, you know, that Wednesday. Uh. Let's go that weekend let's go the week before, what the fuck? I mean, you know, it's always fun to leave on a Saturday I always think that's a good good thing to do. Oh, that's an even better reason. On the on that day on Saturday? Let's get out of here the 11th. Perfect. That's a great let's shoot for the 11th. Fuck man I want a few days in Greece, I mean, Grandma's dead nobody even cares! My father said he's never been to visit my grandfather. Who gives a fuck really? I mean this is just ridiculous, you know, please, please. No no no! This is this'll be great. A perfect excuse for us to get the fuck out of family obligations. No! What's the point? No, I mean, maybe he went to the unveiling once maybe he saw his father's grave when he went to bury his mother but no he's, he's what's the point? He's dead!