What kind of stuff is it? Did he go to art school. He's not like like sort of part of like the artworld like when we're talking about people he didn't know anybody that we were talking about. Hmmm. What scene has he been like hanging on? Right. Right. Uh huh. Uh huh. Ha! Hmmm. Hmmm. Yeah, yeah definitely. Oh I know, I mean, you know gosh. We've we've we've sort of been around the block a few times. You know. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Uh huh? Oh I, you know, professional what is, you know, I know you don't have to explain that. Oh well, yeah. I I understand. No, really, you know... Oh, Christ! Can you hold it a sec? Al, can you hold it a sec? Yes, I agree. Wait. This is interesting let me maybe Cheryl, hold on. Hello? Hey Bruce, how you doin'? Good where... good. Where are ya? OK, um, quick or you wanna yak a little bit? OK. Yep. Yeah. Great. Great, um, actually I'd like to go see her Columbia gig. Are you gonna go? Yeah, I can't. I've got to stay up all night, man. I got my radio show. So, I did want to see her. OK, I could talk to her about that tomorrow. Let me, OK, hold on a second. Let me tell Alix I'll call her back. Hold on. Alix? Hi, um, it's this really important, um, literary critic that I just had lunch with yesterday. Let me just take the call. Can I I call you right back? I I really want to talk. She's from California and... OK, I'll call you right back in like five. Bye. Bruce? OK so you guys... OK, she's off. Did she's... OK yeah OK great. A nice pl a decent place that you guys can hang out and just talk in SoHo. OK, um. The place that I really like, I mean I don't really like many places in SoHo. I'll I'll name a few. Uh, La Jumelle is really good. It's a nice place it's on Grand and West Broadway, uh, they it's next to Lucky Strike. Lucky Strike being the horrible trendy place. No no no but but La Jumelle is next door to it and it's and it's really really quite nice. Uh, it's it's really mellow. But then if they're not open for lunch which they may not be, oh, here's a great place, um, Cafe di Nonna. Right. That is on the corner of Mercer and Grand and I love that place. It's one of my faves, actually, and that's I mean it's reasonable and it's it's it's pretty and it's quiet and it's off the beaten track. I mean I'm not gonna send you to Jerry's or anything cause it's it's just too crazy. Um, let me just come up with another name for you, um, let's see. Yeah, I would recommend I would recommend I would recommend Cafe di Nonna over La Jumele. I mean I would just say say meet her at Cafe di Nonna. OK. OK it's on the, uh uh, northeast corner of Mercer and Grand. Uh, Cafe di Nonna. D-I Nonna. Something like that, yeah. N-O-N-N-A. Cafe three words: Cafe di Nonna. Yeah, I... no no no especially if you guys are meeting at like one? Oh no, it should be fine. Um, so does she wanna see Cheryl's show? And meet up? Cause I know she is interested in writing something about video art. Yeah, is that OK with her? Not that I make too much of an asshole... at the, uh, at the thing. She said she had a good time at lunch? OK, good. I'm a little paranoid because I got a when I spoke to you yesterday I was extremely drunk, um, and I got really drunk at lunch and I, you know, I was like shooting my mouth off outrageously and it's like one of those days when you try to cover your tracks. Uh, she she insisted I have a glass of white wine and the mood was so buoyant and jubilant that I had another glass of white wine. Then she insisted I have desert at which time I, uh, I I had a cognac. I walked out of there sloshed and when I spoke to you, um, I was still trashed and then I had to go to like a cocktail party and I was sort bottoming out about the time I hit the cocktail party so I started drinking again. And then I went to dinner and I drank there and then I went to another to Andrea's, you know, ada ‘web cocktail party and continued to drink. I feel like hell today and I feel like I made a fucking complete asshole of myself everywhere I went! Oh god! So anyway, well OK. At any rate so yeah we OK so... well, we could all meet at the gallery, sure, uh... great why don't I meet you guys at the tail end of lunch at Cafe di Nonna we'll all have a cup of coffee together we'll walk over to the gallery. Uh... you name it. If you want if you want time with her blah blah blah... OK. OK. OK. 2:30 quarter of three. 2:30 2:45 and then I think I'll go up to Columbia to catch her. I would I do want to see her today but I gotta stay up all night. Right. Right. OK. OK. Oh I I I don't know if I if I'll go up with her or whatever, you know, yeah whatever... you know, there's plenty to do. What are you doing tomorrow night? OK. OK, great. Um, so we'll see you then but everything I told you yesterday was was correct I'm not, you know, I was drunk but I wasn't lying. Uh, you know, everything I told you about about what she said about you was... I know I know but I just want to blah! OK, great so I'll see you tomorrow. Later babe. Bye. Great. You around? Well, I had this great lunch yesterday, um, with this woman named Marjorie Perloff who's like my a literary idol who I've read her books for years and she's, you know, inspired me and she wrote about 73 Poems and I did a big, huge review of of a Cage book that she did and we're just, you know, hopefully I think we're infatuated with each other. I mean, you know, she's like sixty years old and Jewish from the West Coast but we had a lunch yesterday at MOMA and, um, she uh, you know, we went on and on and on yesterday and and she wants to come down to SoHo and so I figure I was, you know, so I'm going to meet her tomorrow for coffee down here so I just had to kind of firm that up with her. Yeah, no, it was great. God, I mean, you know, I don't know I've never heard you mention anyone like a critic or theoretician that's been completely, you know, sort of along your wavelength? You know, like I've heard I've heard Cheryl occasionally like talk about Rosalind Krauss the way that I talk about Marjorie. Any anyway it's like I met her for the first time yesterday, you know, she took me out to lunch at the MOMA, uh, members dining room, and it was, you know, like totally amazing. I know she's, you know, she's a goddess, you know, to me, you know, she's the most interesting, you know, person so. It was so cool to meet her. Yeah yeah yeah, really nice. So, anyway, um, so so we were talking about how, you know, people don't can have their shit together professionally but not emotionally and here's somebody who has their shit together emotionally and professionally. They they they might they might not but what's more important is emotional. I remember the story, right. What does that mean extreme Leftist? Did I did I have politics? Was I talking politics last night? No. Um hum. Yeah, what does that mean, tell me? Yeah I don't I'm I'm curious what it what what that is. Well, I mean politically or... Is this weird for me to ask? I mean we we we know each other so well this is interesting to me because you and I know each other so well, right? That that like there's never like we never think too much about what each other is about but if a new person meets both either one of us they always have things to say that, you know... Certainly not! Let's see. I do, yes I do, yeah. I think of I think of radical or leftist, you know, somebody like Bruce Andrews. I guess politically. Right so yeah attitude like fuck it. Like a fuck it all attitude. No good. Well he's very sensitive. He's a real good listener which is really rare, um, um, you know, he's got a very calming air about him and and and I have to say, and you may not like this, but I'm gonna say the part there's something about him that I like a lot that reminds me of about of a part of Jerry. Saltz. That the way he asks questions. He asks these great questions about you. And, you know, I like I love this about Jerry, I mean I really do. I mean he he as... in other words like one thing that Jerry's really good at he is! He makes you feel like he's really listening Jerry whether it's real or not with Jerry we we don't know if it is. But he always makes you feel like he's really listening and that you kind of feel like really like like you have all his like you have his at... like you matter, like you have his attention. And I like that and and Bill reminded me a lot of that. Now with Bill I kind of feel like it's just real sincere with Jerry you know I question it, but I I like Jerry, you know, I mean I just like him. I just like Jerry, what can I say? I just like the guy so, you know, um yeah so so Bill Bill strikes me as sort of sort of just a person whose interested. The guy has just got a mellow vibe. He's mellow. That's why I said have you last night have you guys. I said Alix is he always like this or have you ever seen... No no remember I said that? Do you remember I said that? Have you always is he always like this? And he said noooo. This is good though, I mean, I sort of I saw Andrea last night and I was like Andrea I just went out with Alix and Bill and he's great and Andrea was like Andrea really likes him too. This is good. Nobody liked him. Bill? Oh my god! What a great guy! He's like totally the minute I met him like this guy's totally cool. Yea! That's fresh. Right. Right. Interesting. That says a lot. Huh. I don't know. We'll see. We'll see.