Ah ha ha you guys I got your number. Anyway I gave those tickets away but listen, do want another? You want another ticket? Yeah, I know. But wait a minute I'll have to give you tickets to something else. Seriously. Um, what do you want. You're smart. So your friend called and said... well, I appreciate your effort. I wish I wish it was for Zorn. Wait a minute. Let me get off the other other line. Hold on. Michael, OK, let me entertain this person, uh, they they actually guessed Alban Berg and now I've got to and now I'm in a spot so you and I are going but I'll see you at The Kitchen tomorrow night, OK? Get out of here. We're going. We're going. I'll see you tomorrow night. Alright. Hey, so what do you want to see? Well, no, I mean you're clever and however you do it you do it. OK, so where do you live? In what part of this area? East Village. So you want something in town. OK, here. Tell me if you've heard of any of these bands. Mighty Aphrodite you've heard of them? Alright El Dorado Licorice Mecca Normal at Brownies Tupa Flame God Co Duo OK Mommyheads at Brownies? Do you like them? What do you mean you can't get in? How old are you? You can get in. How about Run On? They're really great. They're amazing. They're, um, yeah Wednesday the 24th at 8 they're totally cool. I swear to you and they're right around the corner from you. Yeah, they're good friends of mine and we love them here at FMU, yeah. OK, yeah, I'll tell you more. I'll tell you more. Worry Dolls. Cows. The Cows Little Kings Skeleton Key. Actually, no, seriously you want Run On go see Run On. I'm telling you. Go tomorrow night at 8. They're really great. I just saw them, yeah. Yeah. You can. Dave Ma how about Dave Mason? You're too young to know who Dave Mason is. At 20? Yeah? I have almost 15 years on you, young lady. I know who Dave Mason is. You don't know who Dave Mason is of course you don't. When I graduated I grad no, I'm not hip either. I graduated high school is 79 Dave Mason was like some really cheesy British leftover from from that period so. OK, so let's do it. Go to Run On tomorrow night. It's cool. OK. What's your name? Sonia... I need a last name. Mmmm, I got it. Daughter of Brian. What's your address? Address? Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh. OK. And the zip is 1001.. 100 zero zero zero 9. Three? OK and I need a phone. 212, oh, do I wait? You're out of you're out of area. Go on, just do. 6 7. OK. OK. and so here's what up. Let's see. Each winner gets a pair of tickets. Names will be on a list at the door. Don't announce names over the air. That's our instructions. OK? So, just go there at 8:00. It's Run On. Run On Rustin and Corvis. Say you won tickets from WFMU and give your name and they'll have them at the door for you. Of course. So you're clever. Run On's really cool. Yeah, I'm not kidding around. They're actually I just saw them at Other Music the other night and they were they were totally amazing. So check them out. They're really cool. OK, and I trust you Sonia. Be cool. Be clever. Bye. I'm telling you. This WFMU listenership is unbelievably crafty. That's right folks. The phone rang off the hook with knowledgeable listeners. Yes that was Alban Berg, a famous anti-Semite from the beginning of the century and the Zorn tickets are gone. Thanks to our very knowledgeable and crafty, very crafty listening audience. It's 91.1 WFMU I'm Kenny G. and it's another version of Unpopular Music that's right, Alban Berg, you all know and love Alban Berg, don't you? That was Pierre Boulez conducting the Three Orchestral Pieces Op. 6. He was conducting the London Symphony Orchestra on that one. After that was Charlie and His Orchestra a little German propaganda swing from 1941 through 1942. We heard Who Will Buy My Bubblitzky? Finishing off with anti anti-Semites Hans Eisler and Bertolt Brecht a couple pieces sung by Marianne Posseur with Katia Vingt on piano. Off that release we hear Auf de Kwynen, Radio Apperat, and Panther Schlocht. So we do have some more tickets to give away and it is, I guess it's ticket give away time here, uh, the reason being that there's a bunch of really cool shows in the area this week. Uh, I do not have tickets for the Xenakis show on Sunday at the 92nd Street Y at 2:00. Iannis Xenakis making his first appearance in this country in a good ten years, um. It will be a retrospective of his work played by the Ensemble Xenakis and we'll be getting to that very shortly. But first I want also promote the Barton Workshop who are going to be at Merkin Hall on Thursday night doing pieces of Jerry Hunt, Alvin Lucier and John Cage as well as James Fulkerson who we are going to hear from now. Now, James Fulkerson is an avant trombonist whose put out a real interesting disc on Etcetera. It's kind of textbook Minimalism but I think it's a little bit richer and he's playing at Roulette on Saturday night at 9 pm. If anybody wants to go give me a call at area code 201 678 7743 and if you can't see that I highly, highly recommend seeing the Barton Workshop at Merkin Hall at Thursday night at 8. So, listen up to some James Fulkerson. If you like it the number is 201 678 7743. It's Unpopular Music I'm Kenny G. I'm here rocking your world until 6. Iannis Xenakis a show of his on Sunday at the 92nd Street Y at 2:00. There will be an interview Mark Swed, uh, interviewing Iannis Xenakis and following that there will be a retrospective of Xenakis's work ranging from I believe 64 to 94 and that piece that we just heard Ionta was recorded in Sorry! was written in 1964. I don't know if it's on the bill but the whole show should be terrific and sort of -- you'd be foolish to miss this show. That's Xenakis's first appearance in this country in over ten years. It's at the 92nd Street Y on Sunday. Before that Yoko Ono from the new Rising Remixes that was Thurston Moore's remix and I picked this CD up just this week. It was on sale and I was shocked that it came with a really great CD ROM like as part of it. So suddenly the outrageous price of CD was like, oh, I get a CD ROM with this too and it's very cool. It's got interviews with Yoko and interviews with Sean and he's got this like really squeaky little high voice and he's kind of pudgy. And they've got a video, some kind of commercial video. But then the really cool thing is on the CD ROM they've also got like all these early Fluxus works of Yoko's, all of her text based pieces, you know, like Fly. It's just the word fly on a piece of paper. And they've got all those and I mean it goes on and on and on. I haven't had time to explore it all. But that comes with the Rising Mixes and I'm every CD should have a CD ROM included, don't you think? Wouldn't that be great, I mean, wouldn't that be great for something like Harry Partch or John Cage, you know, you get clips of these guys and get pictures of Harry Partch's instruments and Harry Partch explaining them. It call all fit and it was 8.99. It was so cool. So, anyway even if you don't have a CD ROM player, the Yoko Remixes are terrific. And it's got a brand new piece by her called Franklin Summer that is 30 minutes long of Yoko, who performed at the Knitting Factory about a month and a half ago and it was such a good show. I totally loved it but I think Xenakis is going to be equally interesting. Speaking of new records, oh, by the way, it's 91.1. WFMU in East Orange. It's Unpopular Music I'm Kenny G. I'll be with you another 2 hours till Nachum comes in and spoils your day. Let's hear something new from David Shea whose got a real interesting new disc out on Sub Rosa and this is something called Locus Solus. And good morning it's 5 a.m. at 91.1 WFMU in East Orange. I'm Kenny G. and it's Unpopular Music for another hour. We finished that set up with Lol Coxhill. A great record. This is Ear of the Beholder from 1971. And of course, Lol Coxhill with two little pigeons and a great version of Don Alfonso. That was proceeded by Tiny Tim, uh, a Lol Coxhill in his own right with the Star blahblahblah with the Star Spangled Banner his version of course. Proceeded by Charles Ives with a set of 4 Ragtime Dances from the Orchestral Music of Charles Ives something new from the Koch International Classics this was the Orchestra of New England conducted by James Sinclair and this is a world premiere recording reconstructed by piano, uh, compositions and bits and pieces of things that were left around from Ives around the, uh, 1920s. A beautiful reconstruction by James Sinclair. Really nice stuff. Before that Alois Haba the great Czech quarter tone composer. Something from around 1930 we heard the Suite for Quarter Tone Clarinet and Quarter Tone Piano No. 1. That is off of a 3 CD set on Supraphon called Centenary. The name of the composer again is Alois Haba. Crawling With Tarts. We heard an excerpt from their Grand Surface Noise Opera No. 3 Indian Ocean Ship and we began that set with another version of my theme song, the only other one I've ever found. This is by John McCormack, the great Irish tenor from 1912 I Pescatore de Perles. So, like I said, I'm with you...oh!