Hi! Uh, well, I had my radio show last night. Yes, I'm just waking up. No you did not wake me. I'm dressed I'm drinking coffee. But I haven't spoken yet today. These are the first words I'm uttering. Hey, so definitely, we're having dinner Monday night. Um, now the question is where and when. And and we're taking your friend out also. OK? So it's our treat please. You're going to participate by being our our distinguished guests thank you. No more no more said about this please, OK? It's it, pal. No more said. I'll tell you what. Let me come up with a place to eat. I'll speak to my Mom cuz I met your mother and your mother took made me dinner so we will in the very American way right take you out for dinner not make you dinner. I'll tell you what, um, let me speak with her and let me get a time and a place and I will call you back. I know you are. OK. Yeah yeah yeah. Oh yeah. This will be great. Definitely. Definitely. Alright so let me let me do this and let me call you back. Alright? I mean definitely plan like the opera's at 8 we're probably gonna meet some time close around 6 for dinner. Um, let me see let me see what my family can do. Yes, I will call you before Saturday. Oh, I'm just waking up. You know I do this all night radio show you know so.. all night long, yeah. 91.1 Nine one point one. FM. Wednesday night. Uh, I don't know, what was last night. I can't remember, Tuesday night Wednesday evening 2 to 6. Middle of the night. No I was there last night. This Tuesday. If you can't sleep one night you'll turn me on. OK. I'll talk I'll call you back. Later. Bye. There we go. I'm just getting ready to take our poor dog out. Yeah but I mean, I want to take her for a walk, you know, I take her up to Washington Square, you know, she's been pretty cooped up for the last few days. So, hi. How are you? Good. You got a call from MacForce they want to have an interview with you and he says they want you to come tomorrow but first you call him on the telephone but now he says he wants you to come down tomorrow. Um, hi. OK. Yeah, uh, anyway, we'll see. We'll see. So, alright, hi, we'll see. Suzanne called. You should call her. For no other reason than to get the hundred bucks. Um, I'm just walking out so. Yeah, I'll be back. We got to meet these guys in about an hour OK? OK. So let me do that and let me take out the mutt. She's she I think she needs sort of a... Yeah. Right. Where is this from? Yay! That's nice. That's nice. Great. Great for Bob too. I love to see you guys you and Alix and Bob doing so well. That's wonderful. Listen Cheryl, um, um, what was I gonna say? Where's my book? Yeah. Oh, good. OK. OK. Alright. I'll be I'll be right back. OK? So, we'll we'll be back in time to go together. OK? Oh Cheryl, I'm missing the key to Diane and Lois's apartment. You have any idea where it might be? You had it last. It's got a tomato on it. Great. Alright. I just wanted to know. OK. Alright see ya see ya really soon. She's very friendly. Oh. Oh, she's so brave. She's brave, isn't she? Yes. Bets. She's brave. It's good. A lot kids are afraid. Bye. Is that a Brussels Griffen? Border terrier. So cute. You keep an eye on that one. Ha ha ha. The bad girl's in the park today. Go on Bets, go get 'em! Go get them Bets! Who is that? Go get that dog! Go on, go get 'em Bet! Go on, go get 'em. Sa! Get 'em! Get those dogs! Go on! Oh honey! You're good. Ha. Go get em! Go get em! Go get em! Well, I almost didn't have to pick it up. C'mon honey. C'mon. Hi. Oh, you look pretty. I like that shirt on you. Huh maybe we should look a little maybe we should dress up a touch for Marjorie? Yeah, it's cold out. OK. So, we'll go in about 25 minutes. 20 minutes? How does that sound? How you doin'? He's weird but they're nice. They're like the most sort of real people... yeah, no. They're nice. I mean they never found me work because they never had AutoCad stuff but he's good. Talking about what? Reincarnation! Really? They're still in business so they must be alright. Well, I mean they're interesting, you know. They're weird. They are weird. But OK. Yeah, why? Yeah, let it go. No, cause I told her I mean I told her that I was getting tired of family shit, you know. Yeah, well, good. She should. We can go, um... It's I think I have the date the date free. Really, it's up to you. Let's do the morning that way that way yeah. Well we don't have to meet there. We live together. We can actually get up together and walk over there. Yeah, it's no big deal, really. Testing. How do you know that? Ah. Oh, you didn't tell me that. Ah, oh god. Good thing they were here. No. I I I can't make a scan yeah. Hold on a sec. Let me just do this. OK sweetie, wanna head over pretty soon? Just about ready. How about you? Oh, uh, I think those guys have already eaten. Yeah, I don't think it's gonna be a big deal. How am I? Am I properly disguised. Do I simply look like I have a Walkman on? Hello. Yeah. Good. How ya doin'? Good. What's up? I've got the date, uh, set aside for you. Let's see, I'm free until 3 at which time I have an appointment. Oh no. Yeah. I told Jon this. I had the whole day free until 3. Yeah. Do you want to how about, uh, Friday afternoon I'm free. Oh, whatever you need. Right which doesn't seem possible for you but you want me to set aside the whole afternoon for you? Oh my god. Oh my god. Um, I'll tell you what I'll do. How long you gonna be in town for do you want to do this Monday? Sure, I mean I work for Jon two days a week, uh, whenever I'm needed. Uh, part of the job. Well, Wednesdays I'm always knocked out because I've got my radio show and I sleep all day. But otherwise, yeah, I'm just around. Um, I can also... OK, I'll tell you what. The best thing to do is to email me as to your plans. That's the best way to get in touch with me cause I'm always checking it cause I do so much business through the email. Um, so, I will hold tomorrow until 3 for you and then I'll also hold Friday afternoon. OK but yeah I know Jon told me to hold some time for you so I'm doin' it. And, uh, just email me and I'll email you back. That's the that's that's the way. OK Ann, look forward to seeing ya. Bye. Oh there was just a message from her. OK let's get goin'. I wonder. I wonder. Is this all disguised well enough? Do I look like I'm just wearing a Walkman? OK good. No, it's a Walkman. Hey, it's just a week, you know? It's a pain but it's just a week. C'mon, let's go! Alright Bets, please. It's such a good, oh I have a funny story to tell you.