So I'm sitting there reading right? And, uh, in the park and this lady one of those bitchy ladies in the dog run comes up to me and says excuse me sir, is that your boxer? I'm like yeah and she's like it did it over there and I look and there's this big white dog eating Bets's shit and I started laughing and I walk over and she's kind of following me and there's the owner of the white dog and they start to pull the dog away from the shit. I said gee why didn't you let the dog finish that way I wouldn't have to pick it up. Ohhh, that didn't sit very well with them. Ohhh, that didn't sit very well with them at all. I got the dirtiest looks. There's more fights breaking out in that place. It's just unbelievable, really. Hey, this looks really good. Imaginary Landscape for Twelve Radios. That's his that's a very famous piece and then a piece of Ashley's from 63 which could be really great. Actually I'm gonna go to this. Oh stop it, you just were like running free! Open up Bets. Just bounding free through the fields of Washington Square and now she's just acting like a total coward. OK. I'm tired, hmmm, I slept for a few hours. It's weird. I told Michael Pollak that I'd go see John Zorn with him at midnight tonight. He calls like I said if anybody can name this composer I was kind of doing my Hitler tribute last night it was all like, you know, Nazi stuff, you know. April, middle of April I always do a Hitler thing. Yeah. And, uh, I said if anybody can tell me who this next anti-Semitic composer is you will win tickets for the John Zorn show tomorrow night at the Knitting Factory. So the phone rings and it's Michael Pollak who wants to go to the Zorn show and I said OK what do you win? Do you know who the composer is? He said I've heard this before but he couldn't figure it out but I said you win anyway and then and then he said then he like, you know, oh do you want to go and I'm like, oh yeah, you know, sure, you know, cause Michael has no one to go with and it's free tickets and I'm like OK, I'll go with you. So then this guy calls up and he says this other guy calls up and I said Michael hold on the other phone's ringing. This guy calls up and he says I know who that composer is, it's Bernard Hermann. I said well, Bernard Hermann was Jewish. But it's a good guess anyway. He said well who was it? And I said it was Alban Berg. He's says oh, OK, thanks. The phone rings again about a minute later and I'm on the phone with Michael and this girl comes on this phone. She says I know who that composer was. And I said is and I said who? Um, Bird or something? I was like, yeah! And then I realized that her friend had just called. I I I just did and I was like I was like OK. I said you're clever though, you're clever. I'll give you tickets to something else. I said that was pretty good. I said you're pretty good, you're pretty good. Oh, the yen is so strong. So, anyway... What? Oh, cause I had heard him talking to some girl in the background when he was I I I just knew it but she admitted it. But I gave her tickets to go see Sue Garner and Rick Rick Brown's band tonight at Max at, uh, Brownies. I think she would have rather have seen John Zorn but she was happy to win some tickets and it's, you know, three in the morning and I, you know, I could give a shit. Yeah yeah. I mean once when if you're giving away tickets to something with a name you realize a lot of people are listening. Yeah, I got a few phone calls last night, you know, I did a I did a good show. It was pretty nice. I did it I know I did it last year. I did it last year and I said this is in honor of the Führer's birthday and they said to me and I got like ten calls saying the Führer's birthday had already passed. Yeah, everybody knows. Maybe we'll stop in with Marjorie. Maybe we can hit a hit a bunch of galleries with her. That place is so ugly. Yeah. What did it used to be? I just did a real mix. I played everything from the Beach Boys to Xenakis. Yeah yeah, well you should soon if we're gonna go away for the summer I don't have that many shows left. No once we find out that she's gonna send us on that day. Oh, well, you gotta find out if they're gonna take us that day, it's a simple as that. Yeah. Yeah take us for July. Great. Well, firm it up as soon as you can so we know what we're doing. OK, get ready for Marjorie and Bruce. She's a she's a trip. She's a real trip. Good. We're gonna join... we're joining these these guys in... well see, maybe we'll eat I think so. Cheryl Donegan Marjorie Perloff. Do you guys wanna... no problem. I want to see your talk. What time is it? I would love to. Am I invited? What do you mean bombed? We had the... did we have a good lunch? He was really nice. But he didn't he didn't have the edge, did he? Cheryl he was a little soft. She is not soft this one. No well he was nice he was nice but we had a better time before he came I think. I know that's what I kept saying I go OK we've got to... I'm Kenneth. This is Cheryl. No, I met her. She's shown Cheryl's work. I wanna see you tonight. I mean, you're not gonna bomb, are you? You don't have to stay up...? Of course we know Watt. Mr. Knott and Mr. Watt. We know... Wait a minute. Larry Kramer. Not the AIDS guy. But he he outs people too. No no. Who has the 10 year old kid, Ashbery? I was gonna say... Marjorie. Now do you have a moment for Cheryl to wolf down a sandwich? No no, I mean we're here we're here to show you the show. Two blocks. Cheryl do you just want to have a soup or something light so we can... She's a very important busy woman. I've got a brother in law whose a stockbroker. How was your conversation with Bruce? He's, oh oh. You got anything new for me? No, I know it all I know it all. We met in art school in 83. We've been together since 83. I would expect nothing less of you, Mr. Andrews. Oh yeah yeah, you're a benevolent guy. I'm glad I'm on your good side Bruce. I would not that's right we said this the other day. Oh, let's not get into politics here. We love, we love her name? The only the only name I like better is is better is the gallerist, the former gallerist of Susan B. named Virginia Lust. But is but is that a great name? We know nothing more about them other than Virginia Lust and Mary Jo Bang. It's good. We have an audience. You know the artworld... I I was just going to say the same thing sitting here, the power couple. Well, no, you and Bruce. You and Marjorie. And right you should be. That's why we like him, right. OK, Bruce do we have time for Cheryl to have something quick to eat or... OK, why why don't why... we'll eat, we'll eat after, yeah. Have some bread. No no no. No. No don't... you're being too nice. I've had lunch. I just woke up. I I did my all night radio show no I did my all night radio show last night. Now listen. Ahhh, it was great. Ulla Ulla Dydo called Ulla Dydo listened she says I don't know what all dat noise vas. Oh good for you. Good for you. What time what time is this up? Really I wanna come. I love what you do. Why must I what do you mean, Marjorie Marjorie, your your essay in the Beckett book no no no your essay wait a minute Marjorie your essay in the Beckett book the collected the black one changed my life. I loved it. No no, I'm serious. I love that piece. Great. Great. What time are you what time are you speaking? What time are you speaking. OK, can I have the address. I will be there. I have an appointment at five downtown I'll be up up for that. She might not be the best person to ask. Bruce, where's Philosophy Hall? OK. OK, I'll find out. Oh, can I have a co can I have a coffee? What do have that's that's do you have a bowl of soup for her? OK. Yeah, no, let's it's important that she sees your show. Marjorie what did you think of that guy David's journal? When I hear the... he was he's bright but he's soft. At MOMA. Marjorie introduced me to this starch. It was a power lunch. What does that mean? You thought I was a WASP? I am. Would I would I... were you disappointed. Were you disappointed. Be honest. Do you wish I was more wispy? You thought this was going to be a very mellow soupy sleepy lunch instead we start slinging gossip. You were gonna Cheryl about a video book. Vocabulary? Of David? He had very odd eyes. The energy level once this guy came once this guy came Marjorie and I were blazing and he loves nature and well... and, yeah, then the energy level just it was still fun but we had to include him in the conversation he didn't know all anybody to dish about. Ay. Bernard Malamud. Philip Roth. There's no nature there in Las Vegas, perfect. Yes. There you go. We like Dave Hickey. Memorial Day Weekend. You like Dave Hickey? This is good. Let's go out let's go out let's go out to meet him and go out for a reading Bruce. When is he going there? When is he when is he going out there? Are you still carrying this around with you? I'm telling you. It's dog eared. She brings it to lunch the other day she hasn't she hasn't cracked it... that's right. It was two days ago. I know you're not I know you're not much of a reader. Marjorie's a strange one, she's really bizarre. How was the Chinese show? Yeah. Oh, CD ROM... you know Charles told me that Marjorie Marjorie has no world wide web access that she barely knows email and then she tells me she's got a Powerbook with her. I'm gonna build you I'm building I'm building the Marjorie Perloff shrine. Well, because if he wanted me to put his journal online, believe me, it was going it was going to cost him. But you... Who David? I was? I was gonna do a Terra Nova exactly. We're gonna build the Marjorie the Marjorie the big Marjorie site. The palace. Charles oh Charles really thinks that Marjorie knows nothing about computers he's got the whole big he's got this yeah. I told you how to do it. Marjorie, did you go to Altavista? Remember I told you about Altavista? Yeah yeah. Ahhh. Stockbroker. Hey Bruce, you gonna buy us this coffee or what, buddy? I will. Oh look at this you've got a picture. Bruce is buying us Bruce is buying us coffee. Marjorie bought us lunch the other day that was. I thought the food was good at that place. It was a nice environment sure it was a nice environment. I tell you I got pretty drunk. I got. We were gossiping like mad. How long is your paper tonight? This is good. This is good. Can I tape it? Yes I will, of course, I tape everything. Great great. So this will be good. We haven't heard from Ulla. Cheryl's got an opening tonight. I know it I'm seeing you. It's business. Maybe you'll sell something. Yes, we'll give you the URL so you can go go look at Cheryl's project on the web but you've got to download the new Netscape. No no the new one that has reads Java. Do you know about Java? OK, you have to put the new Netscape on. The Power PC. So, I will come see you. How was the food here? It was good. It's a nice place, isn't it? And then we're gonna go see Zorn at midnight. Uh, he's just, uh, doing, uh, another absinthe did you hear about this? You should have seen these two they they looked like a Picasso painting the two of them Lapin Lapin Agile. Both of them. How's your French. Let's go. From here on in you've got to... I love it. Don't orchestrate. Me, don't orchestrate? That's like saying... you yeah you should have seen these two on absinthe the other night. Yeah I couldn't... I think of Marjorie I think of... You did? I did the drawings for it. You don't know it. I did the drawings for it. I knew Bruce through you. Yeah, it was. That's how I met Bruce through you. Through Geoff Young. Geoff Young from The Figures. Yeah yeah yeah. We're all going. Let's go. Yeah. This is what I I had to consume major amounts of alcohol to keep up with this. Cheryl Who does she remind you of a little bit? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it's very artworld. Yeah really, isn't it? Who does it remind... we just go go full speed gossip and... yeah. That's how I know that's how I know that's how I know how to how to, uh, handle this. Yeah, even Ulla, even Ulla is very different than Marjorie. This is like, you know who it's like she's like, uh, uh uh um, we were with a couple who collected art that moved to Florida Rubell! Like Mira Rubell. She's just like Mira, yeah, she's like these collectors. Cohen. Yeah, I mean, I know this. I mean it's very Jewish. I can play it I can I can play it. It's Too Jewish, yeah. I did. I gave her a card. Maybe I'll tell her again. It's pretty maxed out maxed out. Well, I married a Catholic. Both of you both of you both both both of you both of you are are so amazingly Jewish. Both of you are so New York. Are they honorary Jews? I know. I know he was so good. Let's go David.