I mean, you're right. That was the problem with... Marjorie. What were you saying? Really. I got her daughter's book. I got Nancy's book. Would you please give me her email address? Where is she now she's at the Getty. I want to I want to can I? Will you send it to me? Do you think we'd get along? Her book is very good. OK, why why don't we... listen, it's better than Vienna. Did he tell you about his Lulu treatment? OK, we're gonna stop at two galleries before we go to Cheryl's that are on the way. OK? You guys wanna pop in and see a couple of shows? She's around the corner there are two shows on the way to come see. Cheryl don't you think that this gallery is good? We're going there. We're going there. We're going there. Yeah, Margo called to make a studio visit with Cheryl she went back to Baltimore. Yeah that was... David. Yeah we were, like, dreading the arrival of David. Yeah. I don't think that his music is very good. I have a sense that he's a proposal. I have a sense that it's lousy. Let's stop in here first. Yeah, I wanna I wanna see... Oh look at this one. Wow. It's an artist, a young artist from Japan called Mariko Mori whose get get getting lots of attention now her her. What do you what do you make of this? I'm more intrigued by this. This is, uh, this her. She puts herself she poses in the pictures. Yeah yeah yeah. This is intriguing. Like, what is going on with this Cristo curtain? Is that a Cristo curtain? Oh, it's all indoors. I got it. It's indoors. Huh. It's big photo shoot and this is like a backdrop and then these guys... it's it's here's the backdrop. This is in a studio because you can see the place that it's... I don't know I can't make it out really. It very good. Interesting. You're right. So, it's just a yeah lots of... It's weird. It's like the Surrealism of Japan. I think Japan must be a fairly surreal place. No. Have you? And? Alright. Cheryl's show's better. Hi. Kenny. Oh. We've met we've met we've met. Right. Isn't that cool? He's a he's great. Yeah yeah. It's very nice. Nice to give words about words. What have you been doing? We're gonna stop at we're gonna stop at OK one more. One more before Cheryl's. Come. Difficult. Is she difficult? Not somebody like that. You want somebody who talks. This is these all. These are all language paintings. There's some word in there. There are words in here and I think it's... yeah yeah yeah. What do we have here. What do you think? What is the word in here, babble? I'm with you. Gorky. Yeah. Arshile Gorky. Yeah, I know. I like the Japanese better. Let's go see Cheryl. She's the best. I like coming around with you guys. Who are you talking to? What's what what what what makes her so good? Is she a great writer? Cher. How how is this insane? You don't? I didn't like Suzanne's show. Yeah. What? She's what? So, big deal. Hey look at that. Here comes the dealer. Hey Stefano. How ya doin'? Exhausted. I got 4 hours of sleep. I had my radio show last night. Yeah, come over here. We want to hear. Yeah, come. Do I need to? Do I need to, seriously, to you? You know, I will if you want but, you know, like... Now would you like an explanation? No, seriously, these are the three paintings that Cheryl's made these are the results. This is the process. This is the camera. If you look closely you'll see it's tied around her neck so every time she makes a move the camera pushes. Uh, she's right she's she's got a, uh, she's looking at a camera at a self-portrait of herself on the T.V. she's painting herself looking at the T.V. but the camera is looking at her. She's painting this one above her. And these are all self-portraits of Cheryl. Yeah yeah. They're all her. That's all like her like like, you know, in sort of a hall of mirrors of her. She's wearing the camera. Aren't aren't these these shots just incredible? I mean, they're really... yeah yeah. That's why the paintings are so weird. She's painting on top of herself and she just keeps crawling around and smearing it as she's painting exactly exactly you got it this is what it is evoking. Hmmm. Yeah yeah. There's a mixture of kind of like disease and eroticism. She's pulling the camera around. There she is there's the portrait that she's painting. And the actual the actual painting that came out of it. How's it look Andrea? Right. So I don't know in terms of shots. It's an hour. Each tape is an hour and it's just a duration of her of her creating the work over the course of an hour. Yeah. This is the cot piece yeah. So what's the news? Good. Congratulations. So, I was just explaining to Marjorie maybe you can elaborate she's she's she's... The marks on your body the marks on the canvas. That really turns self portraiture on its ear traditionally, doesn't it? Can we show Marjorie, uh, KMRIA? Do you have just another second to look at something else? That's... She's a very important literary academic critic. Maybe we can show her show her something in the back? She's really pretty... well, no, but it's it's... been hitting the books Stefano. Let's go in the back and and look. So, have you have you come up with a place to eat? Stefano, I know you've been I know you've been obsessed about it. The video, yeah. You may want to cue it up and roll it for her. How you doin'? Busy? Who's is this? Well I knew. Well, not really. I could tell by her red red... Here Marjorie, have a seat. From Joyce, from Ulysses. That's a good question, actually. This would have been good this would have been good at Rolyholyover. Green. Oh that's right. Our problem with nature. Uh, her friend another video artist whose work is interesting to know is Alix Pearlstein. Interesting, huh? Yeah, well right. It's more complicated, right. Uh, just more of her shorter early work, you know, the kind of... uh, probably Head, uh, some of the ones you saw at MOMA. Well, it's also the time that all the ads were out. I guess it was for Heineken, it was for Becks and painters downtown pouring a beer and surveying their work. It was the same time. I don't know, I like it. When this video when this video hit everybody I was like I'm the luckiest guy in SoHo. I was like I was like king, you know. So how you doing for time? Give em some language. Listen listen seriously, how you doing for time? Oh, look who's talking. Who's socially challenged? Yeah. Right, socially challenged, yeah. Yeah, that's for sure. I vouch for that. We're going to Greece. Next month. The video about me reading my work. It's very good, isn't it? Did you go see my Too Jewish exhibit? You're staying right next to it. Remember I gave you the card? The Jewish Museum. When are you going back anyway? Uh huh. And that's it? You're flying back from Buffalo? Great. Too Jewish. The card that I gave you. Oh, no, it has my image on it, yeah. Where are you staying. I won't be insulted. I haven't been to the show. No and and I probably don't like it for the same reasons you do. You know, it's the high highlight of the show. You got a Z on the line. Tituba. Where was Tituba from? Yeah, she was in like like The Crucible.