Right. Right right. Yeah, I did. Yeah. Yeah. That was good. You've aged beautifully. You know the only time I saw you was on the Cage video. No, you look much better now and and no you look much better now. I think it was a weird angle. They were like shooting from below they were like sort of yeah... yeah, I mean, I'd be too if like, but but... when you walked into that guy Mitch. Corber. I know and you I said like oh she looks great. I was I was I hadn't seen you. Cage. Made this big Cage, yeah. Ah. You know it's not a David and Eleanor Antin it's not a David and Eleanor scene is it? Or a Charles and Susan? Is it better is it better than that? Is it better than that? Yeah. Yeah. It makes me feel better. We were gossiping the other day. Hey Michelle, how ya' doing? Good. What? Twice in one week. Wonderful. You have to go over to Lex, yeah. The 6 train. Yeah. I have an appointment. What are you doing? But Marjorie, the new work is better better than the old stuff, don't you think. It's more complicated... Yeah. I'm I'm glad. Yeah. I'll see you tonight. I'm coming to I will not miss that tonight. Let me let me walk out with. I'll talk to you later. I'll be in my office, yeah. You're not mean, you're honest. We we can talk about this. That's putting it nicely. Horrible. Yeah yeah. Right. Yeah Johanna's great. We we'll walk over to West Broadway. We'll catch a cab there. It's fine it's fine no it's fine. So he's like sacrificed his own work for this? Yeah. Is that right? Huh. All for all for the collaboration with her. Oh Cheryl, yeah. Listen Marjorie, I'll see you tonight. Taxi! Taxi! See you tonight. OK? Talk to you later. Marjorie, see you at 7 OK? Hey thanks for the coffee guys. Testing. Hey hey c'mon c'mon now. She still here? OK. Yeah. Oh god, whew! Oh boy, that's exhausting, yeah. That's why that's why I had to get drunk. I mean she's so intense. Oh, she loved your work. Oh yeah. No no I meant no she's so excited to see you no she she just said as we were walking out she said she's brilliant and she loved the new piece. This is going to, uh, this really gonna have legs she said she really loved it, you know, she loved the earlier works but she really thought these... Yeah yeah. She's so excited she was just in her cage at home. Yeah she destroys the house if we don't lock her up when we go out, yeah. Destroy things. Usually Cheryl's shoes. Listen, I've got to get going, uh... Um, so what are you doing? You're... she's such a charmer. She's such a charmer isn't she. I'll roll at your feet, Margaret. I love you. I'll doing anything for you. She's such a charmer. Look at this. Yeah. That's a good story. Yeah. They're all different. They all have their own personality. Yeah. So listen, so anyway Cher what what are you up to you're just gonna talk to Stefano and... what's going on. OK, what time is your thing? Did you sell a couple of videos? Great. Good. Good. You'll make it back. Yeah, it's great. Gut. She is intense, isn't she? They're both intense. My friends, they're both fucking like... Was I going crazy with her? Was that like... Alright I'm gonna take her. I've got an appointment at 5 in my office. Oh, that's Hard Press nonsense. See you later. Ah, I'll see you later I'll letchya know what's going on. Ah, I'm supposed to go see John Zorn. I'm not sure if I'm gonna make it. You wanna come see John Zorn at midnight. I don't know if I'm gonna make it. Let me let's talk later OK? OK. I gotta get going I to get... OK. Bye. C'mon Babette. C'mon. Bets, come. C'mon. C'mon. How you doin'? Do you sell microcassettes? How long do you have the... Only 60 no 90s? OK, I'll take uh, uh, just the cheaper one, whatever you have. I'll take the TDK. Uh, sure. I don't need a bag. Thanks. Uh, what kind of muffins are these? And that one? OK that's what these are too? Uh I'll I'll have a, uh, mi, uh, I'll have a choc, uh, a mixed berry. Thanks. It's a boxer. Babette. You got it. Alright. Could I get a regular coffee please? Yeah. Thanks. How you doin'? Alright. C'mon. Alright. How ya doin'? Just like your hot cells. She really this elevator. You guys get any packages for me? Did Jimmy drop did Jimmy come by yet? Oh he hasn't been by yet. I got Word 6.0.1 you want it? Um, I bought it I shared I split the cost with somebody I'll get the original discs back and give it to you. I got here you want the program now, you want the Word? Oh, you're working with someone. Oh, I had to buy the whole thing because my mine corrupted so... 6.0.1 on a Power Mac it flies. I heard yeah yeah no this is good. See you later. Hello. Hey Jim. What a howl what a howl she's got, huh? How you doin' man? Pretty busy pretty busy man. I'll catch you later. Hey there. Hey c'mon in c'mon in. Watch the dog food. How you doin'? Pretty good. Pretty good. Trying to figure out a little trick on this thing hold on a second. Let's try this. I got new shoes I'm breaking them in. Oh boy, I guess I'll pick this up some other time. I don't get it. Did we book bookmark your we did not bookmark the, uh, site. Do you have the URL on you? You don't. It was a little complicated, uh... OK. You don't mind the dog, do you. OK, great I can't believe I didn't... OK law. Is it NYU law? I don't think it's gonna be law edu. It's probably gonna be NYU dot law dot edu. OK. Law dot NYU dot edu I know, uh, no 'cause it's got to have a, uh, slash. Slash expert, uh, this is crapshoot, let's see... Look at that! OK, so you you. Yeah. Yeah. Let me. OK. let me also correct that for you. It's http OK now, it's a colon oh OK, well, I should do it for myself www NYU edu dot expert underscore evidence OK, so how you doing? Oh, OK, well. It's tough. Well we tried the sound. You know somebody can just just just toss it under the door, you know, I don't even have to be here if you want to come by somebody wants to come by or I'll come by your place it really doesn't matter. It's gonna be fine I should be able to read that. You know what happened it's it's it's attaching a document now did you configure your Netscape mail remember we were looking at that? And you don't use Eudora, you use some other system, right? Do you use Eudora to look at your mail. Yeah, alright, so we're not speaking the same language here. Let's let's let's not worry about that for the moment. Let's let's focus on conceptualizing the site. I have to be up at Columbia by 7 so, um, let's do that. OK, so. Here's some books. There you go. This so nice with Netscape mail you can get your mail in Netscape and then any time anybody puts a little http there it you click on it and you go. Yeah yeah. Nice? So I can just go oh here's the site this is my work site and if I click on that this is what we were trying to access it WFMU that you could ac hold down that time. I don't know why you couldn't get that. But this is sort of like my company home page.