It's got that, it's Alfred Jarry and here you get all the links to oh you got through... Got it. Got it. OK. OK so this let' let's do this. Let's look at pictures. Let's think about oh this is terrific. Wow! Right. OK. Terrific. Huh, aren't they great. Look at the size of these things aren't they just lovely? So now here's like the third class now these look like paintings these look like mostly all paintings. I think we... I think I you know what I think I'd like to do? I think I'd like to make it very lithographic. Um, because paintings, unless you have real full color plates aren't gonna come across but this is gonna look terrific in grays in in tans. I've been actually thinking about this and I've been really into it and we can sort of colorize it and sort of tans and browns and cream colors and. Make the whole thing look like a like a portfolio of drawings, you know, I'm really excited I'm. This is gonna be something really brand new for me and I was like been working on it in the back of my mind. They're amazing they're all so great. Some of them to me it sort of looks like an image of power I mean I'm sitting here just just objectively. Sure, I mean if you don't have the commentary. This is this is just bizarre. But now it kind of looks like she's like the strongest one there and these guys are just grouchy. Let me bookmark that. Oh, you did OK. No no these are all all law this hat signifies lawyer, huh? Just put a hat on them. What do you what do you see what image do you do you, let's see, to you what image here is is is reading the strongest as a matter of fact you'd like to see a variation on the first thing you enter into the site. Um, what what could what image or face or just just sort of an iconic, um, thing that has meaning to you in relation to this work in relation to this site. Maybe we can start start with with something that that means... OK, um, was call a work by. You know what you should, yeah, just keep keep marking those. Those faces are pretty terrific see this is what I was thinking of doing an icon is like cropping this and putting it behind a a really a a colored background that will take us somewhere. Or or, you know, something like this. If we begin to just let's OK, let's do this, lets always in this scene in this site, um, the hat will signify lawyer I believe, right. So each, whether we put a woman's face or a child's face or a dog's face, let's use the cap. Does that sound like a good idea to use these caps to connote... Yeah yeah. Yeah. God, they're so beautiful. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna I'm going to intuit through the through this and I think what I'll just do is I'm gonna spend a little time looking at this and feeling this. I can come up with some sort of roughs and I can actually put them on the web so we don't really have to so we don't have to meet because I mean that's I mean we can meet but I can throw them up and say check this out and put them on a private in a private place where nobody knows about it but you and I'll say oh, have a look, you know, is this the feeling we want, um. I think we're gonna have to go from there I think we're we're gonna... what if we took an image like this and put one of the hats on it there, you know. You know? This is this is terrific. I mean, look at these images, these are really great. I mean look at this this this character. Is this great? This would be a terrific icon if we put a hat on her. Some can have hats and some can not. We have theoretical foundations 2 3 4 5 6 7. OK, so we've got 7 areas, right, uh, on the next level? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Let's come up we will come up with 7 separate character icons for each one. Um, and those will kind of be our our guiding lights to each one whether we decide to put a a scroll bar down the side. I mean something like this is really great. You know, I mean, speaking out of several sides of your mouth, I mean this this is this would make a wonderful icon, wouldn't it? Great. This is something we're going to want to have on the site, I assume. Right, OK. You like that you know it's funny because well I saw I actually I kind of went over a little bit to your side too. I'll I'll show you I found another place where a friend just started a discussion group and he opted not for an email but for a discussion thing like you're having so maybe I can show you that and... You're going to have to talk to your technical person about that. Um, I'll show you this. My machine is so screwed up Macintosh hasn't perfected their system communication software so that I can only get up on the web once and then I've got to restart my machine. I mean it's it's just it's a big it's a bug. It's a big bug I mean I can, yeah. I can go on forever but once I'm down if I want to get back up again it's configuration doesn't work so I'm constantly restarting my machine and it's it's a bug I'm sure they will fix it because I'm not the only person having this problem but it's, it's so annoying I'm telling you. What happened was it all came in in like code. They should be send as attachments and for some reason it it came in as raw code. That's that's that's complicated right now. I agree with, you know, I agree with that I still agree with it. Let me show you this one this one place that my friend just got up. Actually I, you know, I checked in there a few days ago and there was some responses and I don't know, I'll look, and I was like OK some but we'll have to speak with, um, with the technical person. Have you been in touch with him since our meeting other than just to send him that email? Great great. OK, I think we'll we'll set up a tech meeting. You you don't even need to be there for that, um, I can just meet meet with these two people and, um... I can just, you know, connect with these two people and then we can kind of see what's available and and, uh, and then we can all meet after that. OK, so so we've got these seven large categories. OK so these guys these two are gonna fall fall under this one. Ongoing is gonna be one of the big ones and then proposed and co... Ongoing will fall under. This is actually going to go under here and this is going to go under. OK then we've got our header our big ones are going to be theoretical, proposed, research and then proposed? Oh well, a lot of people are actually talking about this. Here here it is. This is the uh what we were discussing. This is an ongoing discussion about these things about Deleuze. People are really participating. Huge. The elements on this... the URL. Right. You can poke through this I'm not quite sure how it's all working but it's it seems it seems active it just it just went up. OK, so... OK. That's gonna be hard. I think we're just going to have to pick some colorful characters and add some text just where it says that yeah. Why don't you read me off just the five categories just. I just want to write them down for my own to be very clear about it.