OK you wanna let's do this. Let me get the at this stage let me do this much. Let me look through let me create these five icons. Let me create sort of an opening page and and and offer them up to you as sort of suggestions. We'll maybe modify we'll need to change things will need to be, you know, but I'll get a visual sense of the site and then once we decide on the top layer the top two layers the first one layer will be the opening page, uh, the second layer will will be, you know, going to each each one of these things. And after we kind of get that then we can go to the next layer deeper. Instead of me trying to comprehend everything, you know, I think let treat it like layers, you know, and we we can just continue to kind of dig a little bit deeper and and a little bit deeper. This is, you know, this is how I I did the other the other pages as well so let me before, I don't want to confuse myself I wanna remain real clear and I think that's a big chunk of work to just get that far, in other words for me it's like visually I want to get the color scheme I want to get the feel of it, um, also offer a few different ideas for you and and then once we say OK I like that then we can start to go into the next layer and look at images for the next layer and feel for the next layer. OK, so, um I feel like. Well, um, I feel like I don't know how much more I should take on at the moment. I think I should that's like a big it's a big thing to get that done and in the back of mind I'll keep uh, uh, a tech--I want to have a tech meeting, um, and see what's possible I mean I want to the foundations for the lower levels and how we're going to make the whole thing work. But what I can do sort of over the next week is to create a mood for the site which is what I do best, which is what I'm best at. And, yeah, I I'm I mean this is really rich and there's a lot to mine here and I kind of have a have a strange sense of how it might work, and you know, it'll take a lot of, kind of, just work to kind of get that right. So let's just work on the very surface for the moment. OK. It's great, yeah. Right so it's a, uh, what is it sort of a promotional tool for students, uh, prospective students and faculty? Let me just store that. Let me store that, you know, look, any anything's possible, um, that's the way I I like to work, you know, we can anything's possible here. Why not, you know? Really it's like why not, you know? I have let me just see if I have make sure I have the... I know where it is. Here they are. Uh, this is Nichol. Nichol's email address. Why don't we let's send him an email right now. Eudora. What's the name of... OK OK, um, I'd like to... OK? This is too much fun. That's good. We'll get that we'll get that going. As a matter of fact it'd be great great. He's at NYU, right? So he can just come down here or I can go see him. Let the two of us like like meet and get it together and stuff like that, OK? OK, yeah yeah. Will he know? Nichol? Alright. I I think, um, we've got enough to start. I've actually just finished a, uh, big update and a large job so that I could I could get I could get spend some time to work on your stuff. So, I'll be starting this I think, probably probably it it looks like it looks like Monday I can get I can really get going on this and I'll letchya know I'll just kind of keep you up to date and, uh, I'm really excited I'm really I just... Oh oh! I have a question for you the Workways logo the word Workways, is it do you have any kind of idea of a logo for that? Do you guys have a logo already or OK. So, maybe I'll just have it in with the site something that looks kind of hand drawn and hand done maybe a little smeary. You know, something that looks like it's been worked on, uh, you know, like something beautifully, uh, you know, constructed, handmade. Try to have the site have a slick, yet handmade look. User really user friendly really beautiful but also looks like it could've, well like Daumier's drawings, it could be done by hand. Yeah, this is going to be really new for me. I'm really excited. OK? OK. Good. No problem. Look, let's just let's just let's just, uh, get going. I'll take good care of these books. OK, great. Well, this is really exciting. I'm very excited and I've got this material to look at and I'm all set. Actually, it'll become more interesting as I move into it. Right now I I just have a rough sense of how things are, you know, how things are... I always start this way then I end up in the middle of it and I'm like. Sure, sure, it's just more material. I'm going to need it at some point it's the sooner the better so, um, if you want to drop them by if you want me to come by, um, the best, um, a student or something to come by... This is great. They can they can just throw it in the mail slot here. There's nobody here but me. OK Peggy, um, I'll be in touch and I look forward to getting going. See ya. Go on, get in your box. Good girl. I'll be back soon sweetie. I'll be back, well, I'll be back in a few hours. Kenzo. Hey, listen, listen, I lost that slip where she's talking what is it called Philosophy Hall? Yeah, I know. Should I just wing it? I I lost the fucking thing. Oh I can try to call her but, yeah, that's right she's probably at home. Yeah yeah. OK. Yeah, no, I know I got to get going. We'll gossip about this later but it was fun. Yeah she's she's really crazy. She's nuts. You guys had a good time? Yeah, she's just like, she's so weird, isn't she? Later. I'll call I'll call ya later tonight or something. Or are you around tomorrow? Yeah, later. Here we go. Yeah, yeah thanks. That's not us. Doin' a little bit better now, hey. This is luxury. How you doin' I'm looking for the Philosophy Hall? Alright. I go. A left. The library? Next to the library? Thanks a lot. Marjorie, it seems like it seems like, um, the type of encryption that you're talking about is happening today daily on the computer networks and, uh, there was a, you know, the type of encryption that you're talking is about is like an analog encryption, a physical encryption, as opposed to a digital encryption now. There is there was a Fluxus piece that was done where a gesture was substituted for an alphabet so that a theatrical piece was composed, you know, by way of letters and sentences. And it seems like with a simple program today an entire meaning can be shifted either randomly or very specifically, you know, with just one keystroke. Really if you, only if you were, you know, on the end that had that key. This is specific communication, direct communication but to a very specific, you know, point. Yeah, yeah. We were just down there today with Marjorie, yeah, for lunch with Bruce and... How are you doin'? Yeah, I haven't seen you in so long. Cause I saw Bruce today and he said he hadn't seen you in a while either. Enjoy this?