Yeah I I I have all of my friends in the writing world have them from the day. So I've seen them, oh I've hung out with them oh yes they do. Do you know who has the whole set of them? John. Do you know the sculptor? He's sort of a formal and stodgy sculptor, um, but he was around I guess way back when and has this great collection of stuff like that. I didn't know I didn't know you were interested in this type of work. On what? Well that seems more interesting. What's Warhol's novels did you read the article Raphael Rubinstein in Art in America about me, uh, Landers and Joseph Grigley about the novel the written work as an autonomous work of art? Come over here cause this is crazy. Yeah, but the trains are screwed up. Raphael this month in Art In America is writing about the same thing the written work the production the novel should no longer be seen as some sort of odd side project but as an independent work by the artist themselves. I just finished writing a 600 page book of experimental writing. And I'm not I'm not I'm just it it just happens that that I think you'd be interested you know Raphael. Raphael Rubinstein a, uh, an editor at Art In America. But it's interesting to me what were Warhol's novels? Just just yapping? It's a what book Grove? No, I never knew about that. That's fascinating. As an artist this has been my problem. No prob no no no no no. No problem at all. No problem at all. But Stein was was the artworld of the seventies. That's why Ulla that's why why I connected Ulla in that place. I know, undoubtedly. Well, it is written it is it's it's it's it's written I think in a lot of stuff from that period. Oh Liz I'm so sorry I didn't I didn't introduce you right then and there to Ulla and I would be pleased to make an introduction. Oh but I this is this is good stuff because Ulla could tell you. You know because they started organizing these Making of American reading at Paula Cooper in the seventies. Dick is a Dick is a dear friend of mine. A very good friend of mine. He has an opening May 4. Why don't why don't we meet up there and I could intro I'd be pleased to introduce you two. It's at some gallery you've never heard of I mean Dick's real off the beaten track. I just built a website for him. No no no she's a dear friend also. Hanna's totally cool she's really interesting yeah you should you should know Hannah. She's totally she's so cool. Really there's a book. Right right right. Right. You don't know Rubinstein at Art In America. You would you would have a lot to say to Raphael because he's a poet and, uh, you could he could really dialogue about literary works from the sixties. These are my friends. These are all people I love. What? Yoko's there? Well, I don't know she was in there she was in there right when it was all happening. Her early work, you know, all of her work is terrific. We just we just saw her at the Knitting Factory. I was really see I'm DJ'ing at FMU so I'm playing, you know, I'm playing all of this, you know, all of this material is all coming to me. Dick is sending me tapes and Allison is giving me things and Jackson Mac Low and I've got a stack of Fluxus work that I'm always playing. What? I do overnights I do all night, uh, Tuesday nights to Wednesday last last night I did all night radio yeah. On what? Well Marjorie, you know, is just a major exception. Yeah. Is she faculty there? Yeah, I would love to think that everybody is like Marjorie out there you certainly have. I hang out I read at the Ear Inn. Well, I know Charles Bernstein. He's what? Yeah but he has the tradition of literary stuff. He's what. Oh, no no. Yeah. No. I like Kev Kevin and I know his work. He's really cool. Him and Dodie, yeah. Yeah, well I work for a book I just typeset a book of Killian's I work for Hard Press. I also work for Sun & Moon. Um, I also work for Dick Higgin's, uh, press called Left Hand Books. Uh, who else do I work for? I work for Granary Books too. I build websites for all these people. Yeah, that's where Marjorie that's what I'm doing. So, um, and so actually it's, you know, it's its' all that's been interesting I just typeset a big book of Killian's. You know Lingo magazine? Like like did you see Eileen's page there in the most recent one with the stripes I did that yeah, sure the CD is nice too. That's interesting. That's really interesting. But we should should do you have an work for Lingo? Would you be interested in writing, uh, writing some essays or something or giving us... Keep it in mind, yeah definitely, I mean there's a, you know, we could use we could use really we could use some use some up there. Yeah. Yeah. I love Abby, yeah. Abby's sad about it to I think. Like Lyn Hejinian. Well, you know, the scene here is completely completely heterosexual, I mean there's not I've noticed this there's not one on the New York quote Language poet Ear Inn scene there's not one gay person. I think it's really really weird. I've always said that. Abby is Abbie is right. Oh, I love Melissa, yeah. You know I just typeset a book of um, of um, blahblahblah, Hard Press is doing a book of the uh, god I just did her book, wait! She worked right up there great erotic lesbian stuff. You put her in that anthology, uh. Linda! Linda! I hung out with her I just I just like I just put her whole book together. She's doing a CD-ROM for Hard Press and it's interesting, you know, it's a crossover. Linda's wild. Yeah but she's not I mean... thing than a Language poetry thing but it's bland here it's dead. It's dead here no no the scene is really quiet I mean I I'm I'm disappointed by it. But, you know, what else is there? Where else is experimental writing happening right now in this city? I certainly don't think it's happening at the Nuyrocian Cafe. No, I mean I want to support it because I mean it's essentially alright but... Listen where are we where are you gonna change what are you gonna do? I have to go to Broadway and Houston. Good for you. Which place? I play it on my show, yeah. Actually if you go to Academy you can pick it up for really really cheap. Oh no they often have stuff. Do you have a turntable? John Lindell loves this kind of stuff too, did you know that? We see John at New Music things I'm going to this we're going to this Cheryl and I are going to the Xenakis show on... Iannis Xenakis? The great great Greek avant gardist, uh, composer from he's gotta be about 80 he's being interview and then there's a retrospective of his works from 64 to 94 at the 92nd St. Y no no this is the this is the event. So if you're interested in this type of music I would highly recommend it. It's happening on Sunday. It's a major event. It's a major you know... Uh, I don't get up to colum, oh I don't have reason to get up to Columbia very very rarely I know. I I I I took her to see Cheryl's show today. We had lunch on Monday at MOMA and again today and I took her to see Cheryl's show, you know, which was a real different head for Marjorie, uh, you know, I think she I think she, you know, she's not up on contemporary art criticism I mean. No no I mean, right, I mean this is really the other wave of, you know, the art the art if you've been following the art dialogue, you know, it's just so, you know, further along but... hey listen! Do you have email? Why don't I take your email address and I will start like putting you putting you in touch with I mean Dick is an email maven and, you know, yeah. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna... Are you doing are you using this often? I have it I have it. Yeah, I'll let you know, actually Dick just sent me a a thing about when his when his show is so I'll forward you that. Yeah yeah. On Thompson we're always there.