I'll I'll contact you and I'll I'll actually when I get back I'll forward you Dick's Dick's, uh, Dick's show. Of May. Yeah yeah yeah let's go and I can introduce you to Dick and introduce you to Allison and I mean I've been up to Dick's place and if you want an archive, man, Dick has a church. He lives with his boyfriend young guy who does Left Hand Books named Bryan McHugh in an old church upstate and the place is just packed with archival material and Dick is more than happy like to let you sift through everything. He's a total pack rat and he's he's, you know, he's crazy but sweet. I love Dick, you know, you'll love him. You can just go up there and hang out. They're lovely people. Oh Hannah is lovely. They fucked themselves up instead. By Liz, see ya. Getcher leash. Getcher leash. Good girl! Good girl! OK, you want to go for a walk? OK, oh Bets! Don't run over everything Babette. What are we gonna do for dinner, huh? Getcher leash. C'mon. Let's go. OK. You're cold right? Oh, we missed someone's food. Alright. Alright, man, you too. Seven years old. Uh huh. Uh huh. No luck here. Nothing doing. Yeah, they really are. The buck stops here with this one. It's the end of the line. Yeah. Yeah yeah. It's been years and years already. Take care now, yep. Oh what's the problem. Oh what's the problem? Alright. Oh, come on. OK. Thanks. Good night. Ay. Bruce how you doin? Got a sec? Well, I went to hear the lecture. It was pretty intense, man. If found it. I walked in a little bit late. Ulla was there and she's been really sick. I'm a little concerned. Uh, she had some kind of a flu, uh, she was like on her back for like ten days. And that's not good for a woman her age. No, uh, she's both of those things she has been on antibiotics. It's not good, though, she the doctors don't quite know what it is and I was she didn't look so good and she was yeah but she kind of dragged herself out to go to this thing and uh it was a little yeah I'm a little worried about her. Ay, you know? Ay, you know? You're 85 years old you get some kind of... ah, she looks it. You get some kind of bout of pneumonia you, there ya go, your fr, you know, your friends start to worry aboutchya. Oh man, so... It was good, man. It was about, oh here comes Cheryl, uh hold on. Hi, how ya doin'? OK, well I'll talk to you in a second I'm just on the phone with br with Bruce. No I don't think so Cheryl was it bad? Or just ridic? Oh, OK, it was just an art thing. Yeah yeah. So, at any rate it was it was a pretty good it was a pretty good paper, you know, about Beckett and the Resistance and encrypting information and the, um, yes there was, yeah, Wittgenstein saying that context was everything and where where where's the location of meaning? Um, so oh it was primarily about Beckett but there was a a a major, you know, Wittgenstein link made uh constantly talking about, uh, Watt mostly in terms in Wittgensteinian terms, uh, you know, the refusal of the location of meaning or co or context making everything, uh, mean something so you've got a book of people that, you know, nothing means anything they don't even know the name the meaning of simple words such as doorknob or key and, um, you know, even though we understand it they don't understand each other so that was the Wittgenstein link. Get it? You got it. You got yes yes yes yes yes. Marjorie talked about the sadness of the quote if lions could speak we wouldn't understand them. So she's still talking about Marjorie thought that was like an extremely, um, sad sad quote. But she was really, you know, on fire and it was a class of about 15 people. Uh, it seemed to be a little bit of both. It felt like a class to me. It was a real lecture. Cheryl are you listening? Uh, there was several faculty members there and Ulla was there and she was horrified that she was back in the institution. She was completely mortified. What it's it's it's what, well, listen she's rich. I mean, Marjorie, I mean in in terms of content and in money too she's married to a zillionaire surgeon. But no, I mean, I'm not I don't go listen to academics give papers, but I mean, honestly, I mean completely objectively and not, you know, because we hung out with her today or anything or, you know, I mean, her stuff I real lovable. You know I don't yeah. Yeah. I don't have anything against it. Why did you think that I did? No, not at all. I I'm I'm I'm interested, uh, it's just general I'm not interested in, you know, probably that many people but what she talks about I've always loved her writing. Yeah, well, I don't have any problem with it I don't I don't have a lot of reason often to go but I also don't have much of a problem with it so, yeah yeah. If it's good it's good, right? If it's a good paper, it's good. Well, I hope I've never given that impression. There's just nothing I'm real exposed to, um, you know, but no I think, you know, god, I mean, if it's about good stuff like your book, your book of critical essays I'm I'm, you know, I'm really excited to see that. When it applies I find it interesting when it when it's used as something, you know, for people to build their work on and. Yeah yeah I never had any use for... a number of issues that've that have recently crossed my mind. Whatever, whoever it was Wittgenstein or whatever it was so, so anyway it was pretty good. Anyway I I enjoyed it and, um, and so, uh Cheryl I met Liz Kotz was there and that that that's something that's a Cheryl story. She's a critic was used to promote Cheryl's work, right, when it was more explicitly, uh, sexual, yes. Abby. Yes, she's friends with Melissa. Yeah yeah yeah and she is friends with Abby. She's doing her Ph.D.., she's doing her dissertation at Columbia and she was really into Marjorie and it was interesting, yeah. Other than that I didn't know anybody. Just just Ulla and her. Oh she's writing her dissertation on on on Gertrude Stein as the motivating force between uh in in art and experimental writing in the sixties. Yeah yeah, she really had a change of heart. She used to be this really hardcore lesbian and she was real dry and she used to not talk to me, right Cheryl? Very recently. But it seems like, yeah no we rode the subway all the way downtown together yeah, it was it was OK. So, at any rate, yeah, so it was fun I had a good time and yeah, yeah. I walked in I walked in late she she was glad to see me. She mentioned my name during the question and answer session. So, I asked her a question, no, it was fine, um, you know, she's real intense. How did you guys do today? Yeah. Did you have fun? Yeah, right. I got her started on that. She's a... she should do something with her life. Right. Right. Yeah. Yeah she seemed to like Cheryl's stuff pretty well. Great. Great. Well listen I'm. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Well alright so listen what's... Right. Yeah. Well. Oh well of course I mean she does she does place a lot of emphasis. It's a yeah it's a big de I also think Marjorie's, you know, she's also into, you know, status symbols having a good show in the gallery having a New York Times review having an art art your name on the cover of the Art In America, you know, this is this is this means a lot to her on some level. That's professional.