Yeah. Yeah. It's good. How did you like some of the... Well, I think she's a little uninformed about about visual art as well. Right. You let her know? Huh. With him, yeah. I can I tell you what she said to me about Susan? She just thought it was like real gotten had gotten real soft and real romantic and she was extremely disappointed with what's happened to her work. Uh, her work whatever I believe it's probably poetry. It's good I think in a weird way she seems to be getting Cheryl there's pasta honey. It it seems, you know, it seems like she's she's getting a lot harder core in some way maybe, yeah? Well, she always loved your work. It's good no it's good, I mean, she she well she constantly sort of over the last few days came came down real hard on people that were quote soft. Real real hard. Loved him. She mentioned him tonight. This is good. Yeah it was it's it's I've got to digest this all this little jaunt with her I mean I don't know where she gets the energy I mean it's just unbelievable she's just crazy. But she's fun too and she's warm and, uh, yeah. Yeah. This good. No, this had been really interesting for me. Uh, so, I'm just kind of a little burnt, uh, but I'm digesting everything in my own way. So, what's the next event, babe, Xenakis? Did you get tickets? Great. OK, great. So, why don't why don't we plan on seeing you there then. I guess... Ah, yeah we could do that or we could do it before. No probably after. OK, that sounds great. Yeah and I'm gonna be working on Sally's thing this weekend as well if I can find some time but everything's good. Alright. I heard. I heard. Alright. Oh, I tried to give away the, uh uh, tickets for for uh for Fulkerson at Roulette last night on the show and nobody wanted them. I played his music. I played his tape piece for trombone which is great and uh, I didn't get any calls but I did give away a pair of tickets to Zorn. Did I tell you this? Well, I was, right, I was doing I was doing this, uh. Him and another guy it's it's its' a one year anniversary of Tzadik records but uh, yes he is yeah I just. Yeah, well I'm too burnt tonight I, but anyway um, so I forget the name of the person. Somebody I never heard of. Um, I gave away the tickets I said guess this famous anti-Semitic great Modernist composer I played Three Orchestral Pieces and... well he was. I thought Alban Berg was. Who was it Webern was the anti-Semite? Oh, what are you gonna do? Oh, no I will OK. Oh, I got them mixed up. Right right. Did you talk to Marjorie about your Lulu treatment by the way? I did. Really, huh. Huh, no. You can't know about everything. Yeah, so what are listening to in the background there? Alright, so listen I'm gonna get off. I'll talk... yeah, I will and I'll, great, great. Sure sure. Great. Sounds good. Hey, you know. Hey listen, I'll, uh, I'll see we'll talk this weekend. Later, babe. Hi, how was howdja do? What oh god. I I know it's on Gramercy Park South I've seen it. Oh it was a panel? Yeah. They're nice aren't they. They're like split toe, but cooler. Yeah. Hey new shoes. You got 'em. Good. 69 dollars. They're really nice. Fantastic, yeah. OK so she what is this is this a, uh...? Do you have a shoe horn? We need a shoe horn. Anyway go on so she had a video thing set up? Right. Right. Yeah. Really? Really? Really? Good. Huh. This is good. Wow! Good. Good. This is good. Tell IBM it's just a trend, you know, I mean... Oh god. Oh yeah there was really good video art sure sure there was. There was some really neat stuff done in the day, sure. Vito Acconci. Yeah yeah yeah. No, I got it. Yeah yeah yeah. So, did she show your piece? Yeah. Wait did they show your piece. Oh, god. OK, so what happened? Right. So how was the response? Sounds like sounds sounds wild. Were you the only artist there? Oh god. Yeah. Yeah I know. Oh boy. What are you making there? Oh god. It's exhausting just listening to it. Well, Bruce said that Marjorie really loved your work and she came up to me and told me that she really loved it tonight she's she's really behind it so. I'm burnt. I had I'm burnt listening to that. I can't I almost can't listen to what you just told me. It's too painful. No no no. Not any fault of yours, it's just too painful. Makes me sad and... Yeah, you know, it's exciting in one way, we're fighting new battles but on the other hand... It's great yeah. In a very nutshell cause I can hardly talk. Watch that cup sweetie. In a nutshell she just talked about Beckett and the Resistance and encryption and Wittgenstein and how it all kind of fit together and and and the novel Watt. It was pretty it was it was remarkable I mean she went on for an hour non stop it was fascinating. I just. It was so intelligent I mean I was just I was I was I was I was in heaven you were in hell. I saw the most I saw the most intelligent talk I've ever seen in my life tonight I mean, you know, regardless of the fact that we, you know, hang out with her and all whatever but I mean I'm just talking like I've never seen anything like this. She was just... I'll tell you about it when I can find words. Oh it was so good Cheryl. And then Liz Kotz and I rode the subway down together. She she was so nice. Everybody has a really nice side to them and it's just a matter of getting her off of her position and she started talking to me about her dissertation and like all these people who are like all my friends you know, she wanted to know how to meet Hannah Higgins and Dick and Allison, you know, I knew Vito's writings, you know, I knew, you know, all the all the Language people knew Abby Childs, you know, it was like she was talking my game she had a Cage CD in her bag and a Feldman CD she was so happy she had just bought so she's just kind of getting into this. She was battling for like Language Poetry. It it was really neat. She was really quite quite interesting. Well she knew she was like so you've been reading at the Ear. It was remarkable I was almost it was just amazing she was like a different person, you know? Uh, you know, it was it was really neat. She's writing she was telling me about Warhol's novels which is almost exactly what I'm doing this week. He just had endless conversations and had somebody transcribe them. I mean, who was to even know that he did you know that he even wrote a novel? It was great. Anyway, I'm I'm pretty well exhausted I had like 4 hours sleep and of course I'm not going to see John Zorn and... uh, we just emailed but, you know, I mean just hearing that story just took whatever life that was in me, no I don't mean I don't mean it as a as sort of any kind of dis to you I just mean it like it's painful. Is Mary Boone just really stupid too? Ew, we should have anything to do with that. Good for John. I mean, you know, oof! When did Sandra's gonna have your piece on her gallery then? Yeah OK, well I wish we could get it. John said you can't have a stand alone can ya? Is he going to Cybersuds tomorrow night? OK, so we'll all go, yeah. Hey there was pictu did you see there was a picture of Andrea? I wonder if I cached it if it's in if it's it was on it was on the web. I I logged off I don't know if I'm gonna be able to... to pick it up. Mmmm. Here, here it is. It's cached, look. Look at this. That's Andrea? Yeah, isn't it? That looks pretty good. What is that orzo? Where did you get orzo? Oh man, there's a lot to talk about. There's so much to talk about, you know, we've had like a helluva week. No. I'm so tired. Ah, well, there's I think it's good to have the other side represented. I think it's good to represent both sides. You know I do because, um, I I think it's OK for the intelligent people it it it it brings out the points better. What? You know when he does this kind of stuff it's great. It's good Minimalism. I'm trashed. I'm just trashed, you know, I have a lot to say about what you just told me believe me I have a lot to say, god, do I have a lot to say. I've kind of got the day off tomorrow. I have an appointment at 3 but until then I never heard from Jon Gams spaced out stupid wife again thank god. People are so spaced out. So, I I maybe I'll sleep in. It's early. Maybe if I go to bed now I sleep till, you know, ten or something it's not gonna be bad. I kinda like when I'm getting back to normal. I could use some exercise. Bad, really bad. Yeah, I'll call him, yeah, it's just as bad as it was last year. Terrible. I just see a huge purple circle in my left eye. If I go like this I can't, like I can't tell your eyes are blue right now it's just your blotted out by a big purple circle. Now I can see your eyes are perfectly blue I see, you know, you as you are. Now all I just see is like right in front of your eyes a big purple circle, yeah, that covers covers the better part of your face. This is exactly what I had last year. Yeah, I think I'll give him a call. What did you do between the time that I left you and the time that you went up to this thing? Oh, who did you see? What do you mean writing a paper on you. Oh, just on you or...? Oh he's with a lot of artists and you're included. Yeah, right right. Oh, that's good Cher. I have something for you to read. It's very interesting. I'm gonna take Bets around the corner and then I'm gonna I'm gonna crash. C'mon girl. OK. Who wants to go for a walk? C'mon. C'mon Bets. Who wants to go for a walk? Good girl Bets you make. You make. You make. Good girl. Uh, from this guy's site. Bruce, he's a friend of John Schlenck's. Pretty interesting, isn't it?