Oh, that is really happening. Good. Corchran’s only fifteen pages? They don’t know. If somebody doesn’t know the web they... It’s what he didn’t do. Uh, impotent. Who tried to, yeah. She was beautiful too. Somebody you don’t know. Somebody out of the artworld. What’s Steve really famous for? I can’t I can only think that he can’t he’s impotent. What else is he famous for. Oh, he crashed our wedding. I forgot about that. Asshole. That’s right. He came to our wedding, can you believe that? Oh my god. So you so they’ve got fifteen pages up sorry. Just like weird pictures. No. It’s amazingly busy. Yeah. Cool. Wow. So are they what are they using the people at Total New York to do to I took it to mean or. To make these to make these sites. The whole the everything. No, but all the projects that you’re working on. Yeah yeah. Sounds like an enormous task. No I mean don’t I mean can’t you just see the caliber of people’s work by visiting the sites? I mean that I can’t imagine a better a better thing. Just getting a list of URLs I mean it’s it’s... Huh, I wanna go. He says it’s the most crowded thing he’s been to in 5 years. Who is that? Steven. That’s Steven! Ahhhhhh! So if it suck we’ll just go, you know, I mean we’ll just hang. Yeah I live right around the corner. I love it. I love it. I love it. It’s great. What? Yeah. So Andrea, have you heard of what Claudia is up to? This is amazing. Have you heard of... no no Primary Group. Yeah. Yeah. The whole thing though. It’s kind of amazing. Yeah, we should. Where are we on? Yeah, it is. It’s one over. So, have you been collecting URLs and people and... He’s not joking. Look at this crowd out in front. Email her. Why don’t you just why don’t you just go downstairs and. Andrea. She works. She will be. They’re making her a space in the back. Oh, god. He wasn’t kidding. This is good. This is like Woodstock, I mean. This is good. This is very good. I could have brought the dog. This is like Woodstock. I want the I want the brown acid. Brown acid. Andrea did you say this was a total pick up joint anyway? Ah ha ha she’s got she’s got. You guys must know everybody here. Claudia, you must know people here, do you? Cheryl, we we must know a thousand people here. Why don’t we. The whole. Have you have you been in the Knitting Factory? Well, let’s let’s why don’t we try to go let’s try to squeeze in and see what’s going on. I did. I did, yeah I think it’d be fun look at these guys wearing a tag. It is it is a pick up thing, huh? See the way see the look he was giving you guys? Or maybe it was me. Yeah, maybe nobody’s inside. Maybe it’s dead empty inside. Let’s give it a shot. C’mon. Oh, OK. You guys wanna come back in a little while? Wanna get a drink and try to come back again? Who is that? Oh, I love her stuff. I know her stuff. OK, let’s let’s just try. Let’s give it a try. I don’t know her. This is not so bad. This is not so bad. Why don’t we go inside? Let’s see what else is going on? Maybe we can go downstairs. This isn’t so bad. What do you think? What? Hot, but... Claudia, do you know anyone? Cheryl, do you know anyone? Well, what should we do? They’re upstairs. Should we go back and find them? Yeah OK, yeah. I like this. It’s not bad. Cheryl it was much more crowded when we came to see Yoko the other night. Yep. She was so good. She was great. Did you you didn’t get to go, did you? You’re with Total but you didn’t get to do it. Oh, aren’t we... You know anyone here? That’s you. That’ me. I mean Alfred Jarry but but this is my this is my company. Um, well I make web sites. Check it out. You already know. You already know, yeah. Put your money where your mouth is. This guys hogging the scene. Who are these people? It’s occupied. Is this your card... Hi Alex, you wanna come have a drink with us? Around uh uh uh at Teddy’s around the corner. We’re gonna... see you around. OK, we’re going we’re going to Teddy’s. Come to Teddy’s with us. Ay. Everybody’s so white. It’s really if this is a portrait of. It ain’t it ain’t a multicultural, uh, I don’t see I don’t see I mean. Well, I’m Jewish, does that count for anything? Alix, give her a card. Kenny. Hi, nice to meet you. Hi I’m Kenny. How you doin’? Are you not enjoying this? I mean to I go to shows here all the time it’s always this crowded, right? I was here for Yoko. It was more it was much more crowded. Yeah, it was packed. I couldn’t move. Yeah. Did he work with these guys or no? How do we know how do we know these guys? I think I’ve been there. You gave me that, yeah, you gave me that. What’s your URL? Do you know Alex? Look, I’ll tell you. They’re an art site. It’s all art, like, uh visual art, fine art stuff. It’s very cool, very hip. It’s all like artists it’s all artists designing. By what? Who does we know? Give us some names of these friends. Oh, I get it, OK. Kenny. Ubu. Kenny. Same thing. Ubu is shit in French, right? ShitWeb. Yeah no no no, it is. I mean, you know Alfred Jarry, right? The great great Surrealist Dadaist wrote wrote Pere Ubu Alfred Jarry wrote Pere Ubu uh Ubu Roi and you know the band Pere Ubu they took their name from that as well. Twentieth Century French Surrealist stuff. OK. So, uh, it’s father shit Pere Ubu or King Shit. So wanna you wanna join us for a drink Alex? Let’s go. Let’s go. We’re gon you’re c’mon have a margarita, uh, a margarita with us. There you go. There you go. C’mon c’mon Alex. Join us later. At least. What an asshole. I know. He didn’t he didn’t know who Alfred Jarry was. He had he had never heard of the band Pere Ubu I mean, I was like we’re in other worlds, you know? Wait a minute we lost Cheryl and... Ubu’ed? Yeah it was Ubu, yeah. Oh really? That’s cool. We’re going it looks like Cheryl and I are going to spend two two months in Bordeaux this summer. Oh, in Beaujolais! Well, you know... Claudia grew up in Paris. Cheryl, yeah. It was excellent. Is that nice? Is Beaujolais nice? You can be honest. Is it a good place to spend... is it a good place to spend the summer? We’re thinking of going for July and August. Yeah. Uh, around? Well Cheryl they’re giving us artists in residence there, some woman whose got this big chateau and the government gives her money if she here she goes she’s she’s describing it. So anyway, the government gives her money if she has artist’s come and hang out. We were thinking that would be really fun, you know? Um, Cheryl has shown in France and she’s got a dealer in Paris, so so, uh, so through her French connections like oh, OK that sounds really good. I’ve never been to... did I say Beaujolais? What does it look like there? What does it look like? Wow. Wow. Um, do you still have family in Paris? Oh, where did you go to high school? Oh, hmmm. So like you’ve just been in New York or Paris pretty much your whole life. Where’d you go to school? In Paris. You went to Parsons in Paris? I did foundation at Parsons. Uh huh. I had a good time, um, I don’t know, it was a long time ago. It was OK, yeah and then I switched to RISD. I went to NYU then I went to Parsons then I finished at RISD. Uh, I got out of RISD in 84. RISD was cool, yeah. RISD was really fun. It was a lot better than Parsons, I mean, you know, I studied sculpture. Parsons is no place to study fine art, that’s for sure. These people are someone we can sit here. OK. Yeah. Liquor Store Bar, let’s go there. Oh, that looks just as crowded, Andrea. This looks just as crowded. We can try it. I hate New York. What we’re thinking, yeah. Hey, you know, we’re just gonna be hanging out. This is part of it. Yeah, no, we’ll get some chairs and stuff, here here’s a stray chair. We’ll get a table. Where’s she going? It sounds like she’s got a lot of work. Nice nice move. Nice move. What’s she say NYU Law, pal. She’s really nice this woman. She sounded kinda crazy but she’s really really bright. Did you meet her. She’s like like this very intelligent, black, hip, feminist professor at NYU Law. You know. Quiet, you know. I always expect her behavior to be awful. The creeps I’ve worked for. You know, really. Who, Claudia? How come your name appears like nowhere on your site? Yeah. Yeah but Robert Atkins works for the Village Voice. Yeah, he writes for the Voice so where does the Voice get the money, I mean, yeah yeah. I like I like this guy. He almost got us a table at Teddy’s. So, uh, how did you like that Cybersuds? Yeah, this one in particular. Oh, boy. Claudia, how’s your French. Is it good? Cheryl you should talk French. Hey this good. She’s Cheryl’s at Alliance Francais right now. I I don’t speak a word of it. I don’t speak a word of it. Are you kidding? I’m like most Americans. I speak one one language. This one. Did you see that thing that they had under the Cyber Times article about how English is the lingua lingua franca of the Internet. Did you read that? I like that cyber I like that section actually. I think it’s better than the regular paper. Yeah, the business section. Who ever thought I’d be reading a business section? Yeah, PDF. Are they still making that? Wait a minute. Do you just have it emailed to you or or. Where do you I I thought I remembered when it first came on, no when they first came on it was that. It was only PDF. Yeah I did yeah they have a website. Have you been there? You love this. How long have I know you? How many years? Uh, I want a beer. Yeah. What do you only have 4 bucks? We got some money darling? You got 4 more than I have? OK OK. My wife my wife my wife only has a hundred bucks a hundred dollars on her so let me give you like about 8 bucks here. That should buy us about 2 beers, shouldn’t it? Is that an is that an anti-Semitic comment? Huh? Oh Beth. Beth, yeah. He doesn’t seem Canadian, does he? Yeah, you’re not. We were in Banff for three months at the Banff Center. Hey, there we go. Yeah, that’s what we did. After Banff we drove to we drove smack out to Vancouver. It was fun. You know it looks like a Banff earring, yeah. We lived out of the back of a truck for a long time. It was fun. There were animals, I mean, there were like these big animals that came right up to you. Is that what they were called? Frightening, these things. How does that sound, Claudia? Interesting or? Where did you go? Where did you go? Where do you live? Nice place to visit. Horrible place to live. I liked your email. You can they can stop the hammering in the street now thank you. She she can she really gives good gives good email, doesn’t she? Are you I’ll bet you’re a good typist too. Is the tone of the office there sarcastic? Benjamin seems just like a totally silly guy. Well, I know that you are and I’m learning that you are. So he he I hope he wasn’t taking my offense at my windows comments there. No, it was a joke. Claudia, how do you like Benjamin? Oh, well you guys go do the French thing? You get you get along with Benjamin? Is is Total New York like Benjamin or is he kind of how is he viewed at Total. I met him. I met him when I was talking to you. The new the new program guy the guy with the really big nose and the really short hair? Yeah. We met him when I was talking to you he came in and Andrea said, oh here’s our new... You like him. What’s him name? Andrea, you had a crush on Mateo? Yeah, well I like guys with big noses. What can I say. It died? What happened? What happened? Who? Who? Mateo was flirty? Email? No I mean when you just said to Claudia you’re gonna mail email her instructions to get on the WAC list when she’s downstairs. What are you you guys have no email nobody really to email? We went to... Excuse me? She’s not what? How is she getting paid? Is she well paid? Uhhhh. Do you know do you know we went to check Viv’s email on Monday, she had 85 messages? Can you believe that? Oh, I thought that was all for one day. I was really impressed. How many how many messages do you get a day? Is that it? What does this mean. Oh, I’m so so glad my Mom isn’t, yeah. That’s wonderful? Oh good good. Where are you from? And how long have you been in New York for I know at least since 89 when you went to the Whitney Program. Um, did you go to school here? Where did you do school? At Madison. We were there. Uh, Long Island. Of my 35 years on this planet I’ve lived 34 of them within twenty minutes of where we’re sitting now. Not to say that I haven’t traveled but if I had my way I would never leave the city. I would never leave Manhattan I love I will live here the rest of my life. I love it here. I mean this is the only place I really feel is home. I it is I got my family’s here but also like I feel really, like any other city in the world I don’t feel quite like, oh this is this is where I live. I haven’t no. We’ll get there. I’ve never been to Italy. I’ve never been to Southern Europe. I’ve been to India but I’ve never been to Italy. Yeah. No that weird like like place like where they have sort of that weird art sidewalk. What is what do you do there? What? Oh wow. Wow. Are you what do you do are you a programmer or are you...? Yeah, what is that what do you actually do? Oh, I see. I was and he’s Canadian and he’s Canadian. We like him. We like him. Oh right, Cheryl. It’s not so inner. Do you like John, Claudia? Imagine if if Claudia worked on on your office when the sun came in you’d be blinded. So do you act at all? Yeah. No, but we saw Rent. Really, she’s spending all her money on fashion or is it family money. What do you think? Something’s not something’s not right right. Where do you live? Oh, I live on Thompson 32. Between Broome and Grand. Are you 170? 170? Right right right. I love it. I love love it there. I’m on the wes I’m on the east side. We are on the east side. And I work in the Cable Building. Did you know that? Oh, it’s great. God, it’s such a cool building. I’ve been there since 90. 5 is the other side of 7. They’re connected, right 7. It’s like an artist’s building. It’s like a lot of artists are in that building. Yeah. Who who were you with? Who were you with? And Spring and Lafayette in the East River Savings Building? That’s an expensive building. The Ca I I was gonna look to move from the Cable. The Cable’s really my office is 275. I’ve got such oh, it’ pretty small but it’s big enough to do what I need to do there. It’s like probably, I don’t know, three hundred square feet, something like that? It’s fine. I mean when I was making objects I had a bigger space and uh, then I downsized I had like 5, maybe it was 600 square feet there maybe more maybe like. I downsized. Maybe like 600 and I was, yeah it’s cheap it’s always less than a dollar a square foot there. It’s really not. I love it there. I can bring my dog with me. They love dogs they encourage dogs it’s a great address everybody loves to go there so it’s it’s, you know, it’s good people watching cool people in the building. I mean like the people that I my computer, you know, where all my computer things happen in the Cable Building. I use NAFT. Do you know NAFT? Nobody knows them. They’re Naft International. It stands for Not A Fucking Thing. Right? And these guys are like they’re a dealer of they’re a Mac dealer and they provide service on premises it’s like amazing. I buy all my equipment from them. Yeah no I buy everything from them. Every if if if my computer just flips out for a moment. Yeah they come right up they don’t charge I mean, you know, they’re really they’re lovely. I’m nervous. No no I know so I do do not expect you to do it but I I’m nervous I’m nervous. If I couldn’t figure out how to turn the warning off on on on Aaron... Well let me know because it was funny I had it configured I wrote you I looked my machine looked looked just like Windows. Well, maybe it’s the way I configured it but that kind of 3-D thing, uh, looks. Well, it sort of has a real my Microsoft Word looked exactly like Windows. It was really bizarre. It was like like blue and I actually got menus to kind of like stay down, you know, like on Windows when, you know, lower on Windows things they drop but I’m working on Word 6.0.1 and you can also kind of hit your. It’s nice. But you can you can hit you can hit in Word you can hit your command key and and you can then the things get underlined, you know, like like little I love that it’s very yeah like no I love which I really like, you know, you can hit an e and. I was using Quick Keys until it crashed my system too much. I love Quick Keys. Did you have trouble trouble with it? I did everything with Quick Keys, man, it was bitchin’. I didn’t have to use my mouse ever. No it was bitchin’ I mean for every little thing for every little thing I could have Z Term dial Panix just by doing an Option P and it was like zap, man, and it would dial it for me. Oh yeah. It’ll do it. It’ll do it. It’ll definitely do it. I love Z Term. I mean I I I can’t stand, you know. No, I was prostelatising for Netscape. Cause well that’s that’s just just about as easy. Yeah, I know. I I’ve been reading about this. It doesn’t up what do you mean it doesn’t upgrade the mail?