Hi. Did we get up too late? Wanna do it tomorrow. Oh shit, you're right. Alright. OK well, then let's just do this. Let's like grab food on the way, just blast out of here immediately no coffee. We'll just we'll just get going, OK? So all I wanna do is shower and then... OK? How does that sound to you? Good. Hi. Yeah, there's no food. Anyway, we're going and she's not gonna eat it anyway. She wants to go out. Cheryl, sweets, I'm not gonna join you for lunch because I'm gonna be doing lunch with dinner with her on Monday night and you you got the day off. OK, I'm ready. How about you? Do you have that guy's card from the kid's world or whatever? There's no URL on this though. I guess it's mama media dot com. Alright, I'll try to find him. I got that one. It's so nice out. Bets stay. Good girl. She listens so well, doesn't she? When she wants to? Cheryl I'll wait out here. You had no problem? So we're gonna have to get some coffee somewhere. Ugh, I'm so out of it. Cheryl, what what are we gonna by the time we get to your studio and set up, we're gonna have about 45 minutes to film. OK. I mean I can come again too. Right. Oh shit! Hold on! Bets! Babette! Go! We can just get something, you know, at, uh, at our coffee at the deli downstairs. I gotta go run across the street to Liquidators to get some more tapes too. I'm just about out of tapes. OK? No. Uh, not really. Uh, you know, it feels really cramped for time, doesn't it? I have. I think we should just say no, I don't know. Corporate assholes in rented cars. Oh, he's in a good mood today. I'll tell you what, Cheryl. Why don't you immediately right now just blast to your studio and go set up. I'll go get, you know, why... You can stop at Connecticut Muffin you get your coffee, you get your muffin, I'll get mine and I'll see you at the studio, OK? Yeah yeah. Yeah, let's let's just do that. Yeah, it's easier. Are you gonna wear your new shoes to my mother's tomorrow? Oh, I had a hunch that you might. You look cute. I like your outfit. You look very spring like. I have to get some new clothes. I guess I'll buy a pack of new t-shirts. Here here you go. See you momentarily, alright? I'll be right over. How you doin'? Do you guys have ninety minute microcassettes? Yeah, what else do you have? Four dollars apiece, huh? Uh, no a few, a few, uh... OK, then, why don't I just take the three 60s from you? It doesn't matter. Whatever. Whatever, uh, give me the TDK, yeah, TDK's fine. Right right. OK, then this is fine then. OK thanks. She's home. Hi Pam. Hey Chris, how you doin'? I just want 7.5.3 put on this? Why? Barry Barry told me told me he liked it. But the reason being. Let me hear. I wanna hear. But wait a minute, the thing I really would need I think is Open Transport 1.1. No we had 1.0.8 on there and I can't run things and... Are you guys like having major problems with, uh, 7.5.3? Well what do you like I can tell you off the bat. OK, but you're going out or someone else will. OK. I only like you, Chris, you know. Yeah. Uh, Ken Goldsmith. Should I, um, give you a call? I'm having a timing problem with the startup it's not starting up from like from this key. No, I have to push this button three times in in order to get it to go. Have them fix it. I've lived with it but I'd like to get that corrected while I'm here. Otherwise, you know, the machine's been run running really really beautifully, you know, it's all it's all worked out. I hope we're not from this key it's only I have to push this button three times still. You guys have this new phone system. What's your direct phone so I can call right in. Well what's the what's the direct extension to get it to get right in here? Pam, what's your? I'm trying to call you guys I'm getting some kind of weird voice mail. What's your regular number so I can hit you direct? 9800 but I get this big voice mail nightmare. I know how do I? Hit what? And someone here will pick up? Alright. OK. OK. OK, so Chris when should I call you on this? Later on today about noon or so? Could I at least know what's going on about noon? OK. Alright. Thanks. Yeah, can I have one of these, uh, blueberry sugarless muffins, a blue one of those blueberry sugarless muffins? Oh, you got it. And a regular coffee. I'll take it just just like that. OK. Thanks. How ya doin'? You all ready? OK, hold on a sec. OK. Why don't you shut your door up? Babette! Hi! Babette! Hey Babette! Babette! Yes, hi baby! Hi Babette. Hi baby yes yes yes. Hi Babette. Hi Babette. Hi Babette. What do what will be better for you to paint. Should I wear my shirt or just a t-shirt? What's better for you? OK. Alright. Let me hide. Let me hide the mic then. What what section do you want me to read from there once was a man from? No no seriously, you tell me. Do you want longer things or...? Longer or shorter. Do you want there once was do you want to start with that? Who. So do we want do we want there once was a man who and then and then who dah dah dah dah like I did last time who da da da daddle da da da? OK, we'll start with that? Is that what you want? Bets who is it? Go get 'em! Go get 'em! Go get 'em! Go get 'em! Who is it? Who's there? How do I look? Clean? My hair look OK? Good. Do you want me start? Do you mind this pen? Uh, probably no more than this. OK. Should I look at the camera or should I look at the book? Alright, can you bring me some water? Cause all that talking is really and I'm gonna have to change my tape too, do you mind? Yeah, I got a good ten minutes or more on this. I got probably twenty minutes. OK? So it's like interesting cause we're taping the taping, you know, this is becoming a hall of mirrors. I can put it I can put it down on the floor. Good girl. Oh, I should have my sleeves down. No no no. It's OK, I should have them down, it's easier. Alright so I'm gonna start with with the words leading into there once was and I'll finish that chapter and then we'll take a break at the end of that chapter. About, you know, if not I'll just go on. Bets. Oh, it's... Is the door closed, honey? Does she bark every time someone comes to the door, honey? That's good, though in the end. I mean it's inconvenient now but you should be glad she does. Bets! Go on, get in your bed. Get in your bed. She's a good girl. Sit. You sit. Down. Down. Good girl. You stay. OK, let's go. What time do you have to meet my mother? You meeting her at the gallery. Ugh. OK, so, yeah yeah I'll do much shorter chapters. How's my reading is it OK? Does it does it sound good? Am I reading well? Any suggestions? Yeah. Any suggestions or just like the way it goes. OK, so we'll just do chapters. Why don't I just pick any chapter, you know? And and you know when they're just two pages. They they should take about it should take about five minutes or something or. OK so you I'll I'll how about a two and a half page chapter or a little bit longer? Oh I got two I got two. Let's see, I can get a little bit longer. OK, let's just do one. What? Bets stay. What's what's hanging from her, Cheryl, what's hanging from the dog's mouth? There's something really weird can you look at her mouth? Stay Bets. What is that? OK, so I got two and a half pages. You ready? It is this will not take ten minutes to read. I mean it's gonna take I'll say it's gonna take seven minutes. Yeah. I mean I just read like like ten pages or something. Uh huh. Why don't we do do one that's in the I can also do one that's like really I can do like the first chapter the the sounds which will take about seven minutes. Well, why not get why not get a. I have a long one here. I have like one that's about five pages that's. OK, then I'd like to do the first one too just for different sounds, OK? I like the idea of doing this according to chapter. I I think that's a really cool idea. OK, wait this one I mean the other one was so short I had to do it right. Yeah, but around once it started to get light out I had a really good sleep but I didn't sleep well at all last night. Uh, I just got up to pee. OK, let's go. Oh she understands English. Bets, down. Down. Down. Ah sa. Bets down. Good girl. You stay, honey. She's so good. She's such a good girl. OK. I love this dog. Oh, I have to do one or the other. Can I change in the middle? No it cause you're gonna paint me. No I'll I'll keep my feet. No, I'll just stay like this. Sure. Sure. Sure. I mean, yeah. How was that one? Does it sound interesting to you? Is it can you follow it or... it's easy to follow or you kind of fade in and out different things catch your ear? How's my reading? Alright? No Cheryl, it's not. It's 12:00. It's twelve on the nose. You want me to do the first chapter? Sure. You like that? OK. OK, the first chapter is just. The first chapter is, uh, two pages but it takes a little while to read. Well, I don't know it's about seven seven minutes or so. Listen I can always come back and do more. OK. You ready? Me, I'll get there. Do you like that that last one? Ahhh. Oh boy! I gotta make one phone call. Ahhhh, it is exhausting. Well I like the idea that we're getting a rhythm according to the chapters of the book, you know? That book is just so so much fun, isn't it? It has so many moods in it. I love this book. I know, I love it. I love it so much. The future who? Lars Movin. Oh yeah. Oh, hope. Hey Pam Pam Kenny Goldsmith. Does have a prognosis? Did he do a diagnosis on that computer that I brought in this morning. No I'm not. I'm just I wanted to know if he if it's gonna be possible. I'm not asking if the job's been done I just want to know... OK can can you ask him if it's going to be possible to install 7.3 7.5.3? Thanks. You know when you're talking on this phone, it feels like you're not talking to anyone. So have you gotten to listen to the Cathy Berberian yet? Do you like this one? It's great. Isn't it? What do you think of this one? Have you listened to this one. O, OK, he doesn't OK.