So when when should I get back to him do you think? OK, alright, hon. Bye. Ah, well I may end up meeting you guys for lunch after all. You want me to? I mean I don't really have anything going today I just gotta go down to J&R. Let's make a time and a place to meet for lunch so I don't have to go to the gallery with you guys spare me that. No, some place more interesting. You know where my mother wants to go? She wants to go remember remember that Korean that Korean place that we went to that night downstairs she wants to go to the upstairs. The guy that runs that place that guy that runs the. Yeah, the guy that runs that place is is a friend of her designer. She wants to go there. So, why don't we meet tell me what time to meet you there, um. OK, we'll meet upstairs there at 1:15 and I will have dinner lunch with you guys. OK? Do I wanna come to the gallery? No. No no no no. That's not necessary. Yeah. That's good that that didn't ring during. So you you probably, OK, you wanna make it 1:30 for lunch? Are you meeting her at 12:30? Yeah no it's it's just totally totally right. There's no two ways about that. It was really fun. I liked making a video equivalent we could do a few more chapters any time. It might actually be good to try to get how's the reading was it did it? It got better as it went along. Was there some funny parts in it or not really? That's the first. I'm actually learning to read the first chapter much better. It's weir weird, isn't it? Bullshit that follows. Is there some bullshit that follows? Yeah, it's really good. Isn't that funny about may watch may not watch? Yeah. Yeah. Well, we'll have a good time in Greece. That's for sure. And we'll have a good time in France. That I'm really excited for. I mean, to get out of here for the summer ________ is gonna be good. Don't you? ________ Las Vegas. I'll pick an Art In America for my mother, OK? __________ bib im bop. Eat and Drink? Bibim bap. Bibim bap! Alright! Tell your sister bird. He call your sister a bird. Yeah. They is the they and your sister a bird. What? I that is the way it happens. Are we looking like the dog too? Bet! Yeah. She's been so good lately. She's been such a little trooper. Yeah, look, she's smiling. You're going to spend a week with your friends. Starting I guess, yeah, starting I guess Sunday. Bets. Yep gonna stay with them, yeah, that's right. And then maybe we'll pawn her off on my sister this summer when we go to France. Say, Margie, howd'ya like a. How how would Max how would Max like a dog for two months? I'll bet actually they're gonna do it. Do you think? Leaving her alone but we'll give them the box. Look at these two trendoids. Ugly clothes. Yeah, give her to my mother. Give the dog to my mother. Yeah. I don't, yeah, I don't well see I don't know, maybe we'll give her to Tarasuk. Maybe Bob can take care of her for a couple of months. Ah, we'll wor we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Or we'll we'll take her with us and we'll just leave in the in the on the chateau when we travel. She can would that be funny if, like, Bets went to France and lived on a chateau? Ask her. Maybe we'll do that. Look at this little this little one. She's cute. I gotta pick something else up first. The dog's a shit machine. This dog takes like takes like six shits a day. Huh? She eats one bowl of food a day. She doesn't eat anything more than that. Baaaahh Ram Ewe. So let's say I'll meet you at 1:30. Cause I gotta I gotta run down to J&R I gotta buy some more cassette tapes? OK? So, you're gonna be there at 12:30 that means. That means you probably have an hour to kill with her? So you can go poking in some shops for a little bit how's? No no no I don't think she really is. I don't think my Mom's got a whole lot to do. Not today. Even if she's coming into the city at this hour. Well that worked out well. I couldn't read for that much longer. Uh. I brought my computer down quickly cause I knew I was not gonna be using it today to see if they could put 7.5.3 on it. Well, I just brought the box down. See if they if they're gonna get to do that I know I'll lose all afternoon and the next while trying get the thing... anyway. Yeah. A new update, not a whole new system. Look how thin he is. You look so great, Bill. You've lost so much weight. You look so good. Wait, Richard's and who? How's your keester? Small. Look at you you look so good, my god, you've lost so much weight. I'm still cold from the winter. Look at you've really lost so much weight. You look great, Bill. Jesus Christ. Where are you doing it? Wow. Where's that? Wow. That's interesting. When are you doing this? OK, OK, let us let us mull it. Also, what about what about dinner for coming over to our house for dinner? When? Yeah. But we're here before then. How about the first weekend in May? Oh, you're right. How about... you know what's quickly, yeah. Tuesday's no good. Tuesday's no good because I got my radio show. How about the Sunday before that? Sunday nights are nice. That's fine. Shut up, you guys won't won't won't I was sitting there waiting for you guys for like an hour, sitting there sipping two Jack Daniels getting sloshed. No wonder I fell asleep. Nobody showed up. I felt depressed. OK OK OK, quickly. Did Andrea's did your show get reviewed? I was there when I was there. That's fine. Or Wednesday the 8th is good too. Bye. I just dropped her back in my office she won't do it. Yeah, don't dawdle. Just walk right over there. Well that's alright. She'll probably be late too I mean getting in driving in parking. Yeah, Stefano's really good with mothers. It's 12:30. I'll see you at 1:30 at upstairs at Eat & Drink, OK? Huh? He's so great. He looks good. He really lost weight. Jesus, he used to be so big. He's got I mean he's still got got some to go but he really looks good. Baaah Ram Ewe. Hey Babette! Bets! Baaah Ram Ewe. She's smiling. Cross that street. Goodbye I'll see you at 1:30 upstairs. OK. C'mon Bets. Anton, how you doing? Good, what have you got there? The face of Africa. How you doing? Good good good what's going on? Oh he is good and it's all about my book. You know, it's really the nicest thing. Alright I don't want to hold you up with this thing. It looks heavy. I'm right here on Broadway and Houston. You see you saw Cheryl's show? Yeah, I saw you at the opening, didn't I? Yeah yeah yeah. So many people. OK, yeah yeah. Let's hang out or something. Alright Anton. Pam. Ken Goldsmith. Hey, I'm actually calling cause Chris called me. Alright. I'll tell you what? He just wanted to know when I purchased that computer and I purchased it on, uh, I think it was like November something. OK? Yeah. OK, so what's you don't know anything anything about it yet. OK, I'll call you guys I'll stop I'll stop up a little later. Oh, I'm gonna be out. OK, I'll see ya I'll see ya later this afternoon. Thanks a lot, hon. Bye. No, you can't smoke in your office? Yeah, I'm telling ya. Yeah. Well they're, uh, oh well. The guy with the long hair. I gotta run. I'll see ya. Ah, I'll see you before that I'm sure. Take care, man. Hi, can I get some small microcassettes, please? Uh, the 90's are the longest you have? OK, let me have yeah. Then you don't have 120's do you? That's it? Can I have like 5 of those? Uh, 5 packs. Where did you guys move the magazines to? Alright. Thanks. Uh, if I can walk out of the store with these in my hand that's fine. OK, thanks a lot. How you doin'? We're gonna be two, uh, three, I'm sorry, three for lunch. Non Smoking. That's great? Your restroom is back there? Guess. Hi. Hey nice to meet you. Yeah. Well, guess what? My Mom and Cheryl are meeting me here for lunch. I had such a good time. He was a deadbeat? He was cute. I liked... I met him. I met him. We told him we told him you were there, yeah. So do you think something's gonna happen with him? Yeah they I actually saw their site last night and it looked very, well, it's information, yeah. So is she she going on about the Cyber thing to you? Yeah, it's all we had a really good time last night. It was fun. She was like really weird woman who's probably like 23 going on 29 going on, like, 65. I didn't get that though maybe I mean she was so kind of I don't know, WASPY and cold and, you know, I mean I couldn't even relate to. It's not my it's not my thing. I like something warmer, a little, you know, I mean Cheryl, you know, I like Catholics and Jews. It's so corporate it's strange. No no no it sounds good. I'd like to work with her. Yeah, and I actually thought that guy was really nice, uh, I guess I didn't have to have dinner with him. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah we're gonna meet what have you been up to? What have you been doing with yourself? You were doing Israeli art? Yeah, you were, yeah, right you were where John John and Karin weren't you in John and Karin's old building on, uh, is that 578? I've been to your gallery before. Yes. So, it's still going and things are good? Good. Good. Well, alright you guys, I'm gonna let you do your thing. Maybe on your way out you'll stop this is terrific. I'm not I'm not as interested I'm going to go to another friend of mine well, here you go. Yeah, well, there's much I've I've got lots to gab about. I was gonna gonna give you a whole rundown cause I have lots of thoughts on that. OK, you guys I'll nice to see you again. Yeah, they're sitting in the post postcard rack. Yeah, my Mom will love these. Sure, you can have a bunch. With you? I, you know, can I tell you I haven't been to see the show yet? My Mom is I'll give her a bunch of these. I haven't seen it either. There's a lot of good great artists in the show, I mean, you know. I haven't got we're going to see it Sunday we're going to see Xenakis. We're gonna go to Vedanta then we're gonna go to The Jewish Museum and then we're going to go see Xenakis. Oh, was tonight that? I'm just not that I'm not a not really a supporter of that work, you know, what can I say? I know you do. Anyway, have fun you guys. Come say hi on your way out, OK?