How you doin'? Can I have, um, you have that really good tea, right? Yeah I love that. Can I have that and a glass of water? Um, yeah yeah. Um, vegetable roll sushi grains, oh, what's like what's really neat? Are those I know what summer rolls are I know what spring. What is the shitake vegetable roll? Yeah, I have one, yeah, just let's start with that. And actually why don't you bring a, um, I guess these guys are gonna be... why don't you bring a dumpling? They should be here really soon. Maybe I should order a few apps before they sit down. Why don't, yeah, OK, forget it. Yeah and the, uh, and the, uh, shrimp and water chestnut dumplings. And why don't you bring some summer rolls as well. And when they and when they get here there'll be some things here for them to eat. Oh, well it's OK. Hi, I just ordered a bunch of appetizers for us. Yeah, hello. Glad to join you. Sit here Mom. Yeah, sit here, look out the window it's nice. I find this space is OK if you're sitting where we are. Cheryl and I had dinner in the back one night. It was very dark. This is your friend's restaurant, right? The the friend of, uh, the friend of... yeah. Yeah. Upstairs. Ohhhh, I thought it was a restaurant. That's why I took you here. Oh, the food here is is interesting I know, the food we ate here, the food here is excellent, actually. But, uh... OK, straight back, Ma, on your left the two women sitting there on your left the one facing us in the br in the blue shirt? That's Andrea Scott. Why don't you say hi to her on the way back. You guys go say hi. How was it? Like, OK. Yeah, you go say hi to her. Oh, we didn't realize that was soup. Oh, OK OK, great. Thanks. I was like, how are we gonna split soup between three people? Got it got it. That's great, that's great. Very cool. Thanks. Do you have a little hot sauce or some? What have you got? Do you have chili, like some kind of like red chili sauce, yeah. That will be good. Now the trick here is that you don't eat the soup. These are just like keeps it warm. You just eat the dumplings. Yeah. Well. OK, so this is summer rolls. These are summer rolls that are filled with, I guess, vegetables and vermicelli and this is shitake, uh, mushrooms. She told me I said I said oh how are we gonna how are we gonna split that? What do you like, Cheryl? Take take your your pick here. No, I'm gonna I'm gonna eat eat with you everything you guys have. Why don't you guys choose one of these and I'll I'll they're both, no no no just take one. They're gonna be too salty. Go ahead and I'm gonna take one of these. Great. You put these in this sauce I think? Plum sauce. Oh, this is so good. Interesting food, isn't it? So how did you guys go at the gallery? Great. Whoa! Did you leave that to someone else, Mom. You should have learned that. Which what were you on time? Hot sauce. And is Stefano nice, Ma? A celebration for Cheryl's piece. Well you have. I definitely need some water. We are not quite but we'd like two more waters and two more teas. Yes. Go ahead, try it. No, no. I'm gonna attempt to put this thing. I don't know if it's really gonna work. Looking good. Thanks. Looking good. I've never been there. Yeah. I'm devastated. Try this, Mom. I'm not. Right. I I gotta be honest. I don't I don't I never think about Grandpa Irving, rarely, and I never think of Grandma. Your parents, on the other hand, are are make I have much more of a connection to and will will, you know, when they pass away, no no, I'll feel I'll really feel the loss with them. I mean I really have a real connection to them. As a matter of fact, Cheryl and I were at a party the other night and there was a woman yeah, with a cane that had a fish on it, the same one your Mom has and I just, like, I was like that makes me feel really happy, yeah I got really happy. I thought of your mother. I was just thinking about her. So. Well, no kidding. Yeah, well she just doesn't want to be held down, does she? Oh, so why don't we look at the menu. If we have a daughter we're gonna name it Phillipa. Yeah, he's pegged. Not it will be Phillipa Finnegan Phillipa Finnegan Donegan Goldsmith. That's that's it. Phillipa Finnegan Donegan Goldsmith. That's it. I love it. That's what it's gonna be. Or Philip Finnegan Donegan Goldsmith. That a good, no no. I like it. Two for you. Two for me. Cheryl did you say hi to Andrea? Was she nice? Internet. Art on the Internet. Ma, what are you gonna get? Spicy grilled shrimp with fruit salsa? You making shrimp for us? Yeah I mean if you have shrimp tomorrow might as well have something different. Uh, that's oh, where do you see that? Ugh, yam noodles. I'm having, guess what Cheryl? Bibim bap is very good here. What did he say? Is that what he said? Ha ha ha. Life is lovely. I was a nice guy until Margie came along. Is she cute? Hooray for formula. I like formula. Look at me. Yeah, we're ready, yeah. I'll I'll just have a regular bibim bap. I find it so boring. And then we're going to Las Vegas. It should be fun, it should be, yeah. It looks like it's gonna work out, yeah. I'm gonna try to pawn my animal off on my sister. Think Max would like a little dog for the for two months? I'll bet he would. Yeah, we can't leave Babetter with Lois and Diane for two months. I did that when we went to India. It's a too much. I... She's an easy she's an easy one. They get along well. Yeah, we're gonna have to we're gonna have to... we can't take her for two months, so. Yeah, when is it when is it gonna be cooked by? Yeah, but my Mom doesn't go up there, well actually you go up there to the beginning of mid-July so you'll miss a few weeks. No, Margie. Cause it's all up to Margie, not you. No, seriously, Max Max would have a dog. It would be nice up there. I mean they don't really go any, you know, they're home this summer pretty much and all they've got to do is open up the door and let the dog out. She doesn't need. She doesn't need much. It would be what? Yeah, we have a vaccination. Yeah. Yeah, several years ago. Don't be too sure. So tell us about the house. What's going on there? What's the latest? Yeah, I'd say the nice the nice kitchen. Yeah yeah. Oh my god. Ma, what's happening with Port Washington? Did you get the trees from there? What? Uh, this is I don't think you're gonna see this thing, yeah, right. OK, do you have any, um, some chopsticks? Thanks. Yep yep. Uh, look at the baby egg, yeah. Uh, will you? Yeah, we got one. The food here is really good. It's really interesting, isn't it? Yeah, that sounds great. Yep, yep. Babies and travels and. With the Gross's? Where are you going? Where? Oh, I've been there. Right right. No. No. Yeah, but no it wasn't North Carolina. It was Roanoke, yeah. But anyways, so what are you gonna do there, Ma? Anybody wanna try some of this? Dig in. A resort? So Andrea. See you soon, email you sooner. Richard's got an opening tonight? By Marge. See you again. I don't know I can have some shit. Now, um, so you know what one of my my fondest memories is is of the Beaumont Inn. Well, I liked that because it was it really felt like the South and and, uh, you know, we had grits and it was very gracious. It was very... It was very gracious, I mean, I remember big trees it was really old, yeah, and I remember the food was really, like, Southern food. Yeah yeah I just remember it being extremely Southern. It was so different from the from where we were. Very much, yeah. Very old. Yeah. Thank god. What is this with golf? People just get so addicted to this sport. I mean, Norman sounds like Howard. Sounds like your Dad. It sounds like people get really obsessive with this sport it it does not it does not sound healthy to me. How the fact that Howard is now immediately looking to get out of the business and spend and spend his which is great but golf. I mean, it's very sad for Howard. Oh, it's pathetic. I find it I really find the whole thing silly, really silly. Even when Doovie got bit he went hard. Same with Todd Lerner. Who? Who? Irving. It got him the hell out of the house. Got him a little exercise. He never struck me as compulsive not in the not nearly the way that like these guys sound today. It was, you know, it was a sport. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. I think some passions are not healthy and some passions are better than others and I don't think it's OK just to be passionate, you know, you can be passionate about some pretty bad things like, you know. You know, I think it's a major waste waste of time and life. Really, you know, I think it's, yeah yeah. Who am I to judge? That's that's not saying much, Cheryl. You shouldn't be be out hurting people anyway. Yeah it's insubstantial. It's just a game. Games are good. They have their place. So why are you advocating passion for that then? That's that's not healthy. That's not good. Yeah, well. It seems like a total waste of a life to take the last 30 years of your life and spend it on a golf course. Really great, thanks. I'm not gonna... Yes, it's too bad. I would enjoy seeing him. You know, it's the same problem. It's the same problem, I like your Dad. Anyway, you know, it just seems pathetic. Who says I'm not judgmental? Me? Barbara is the lady of the arts and Norman has the intellect to become a golfer. They're already they're grandparents before, several times. Yeah. Yeah. I love you. I love something at the end of a meal. We're in love, my wife and I. Speaking of which, we have an anniversary and a birthday coming up. We have a request. We need something. Oh, have you already been through this? No, no. Forget it. It seems like you've already you guys have talked about this? We need a piece of furniture. So, what did she say? Did you say we need a piece of furniture? Naw, it's my Mom. She loves to give. Where where do you think we would get something like that? I guess we're going to have to shop around. We live near a million furniture stores. I don't want any old garbagey piece of nyuh-nyuh. I want something new and elegant and nice. I really don't want some chipped paint and nonsense anymore.