We want something actually we may want something built for us actually. I like what you were saying about those like a nice big cherry wood cabinet. We really need more room. You I don't know what Cheryl in a nutshell we're gonna stay where we are for probably another two years at which time we're gonna think about having a kid and getting a bigger place. In probably three years we're gonna have a kid. So we're gonna start thinking about having a kid in two years and we're gonna but so we're gonna we decided we're probably we just gonna stay put for another two years here why it serves us well. But if we're gonna stay put here we're definitely gonna need a little more closet space well, you know, you know, we don't have much--we don't have anything--in the way of furniture so a nice chest, something we can take with us, a nice cabinet, something we can take with us to the next apartment, um, you know, that's going to be bigger, uh, and will look nice anywhere, uh. No, if we get a beautiful, very simple like a cherry wood, you know, thing I don't even know what they're called, you know, with doors that open. Armoire, we're you can hang things with some drawers that pull out. You know, it's just gonna be a classic thing that's why I don't commit to any, sort of, real style with it. I want it just to be a really beautiful piece of cabinetry, a piece of, uh, cherry like you talked about the cherry and the piece of cherry cabinet that will look good in any room with any with any style. I wanna commit to, you know, if I got if I get something from Eileen's, you know, then we kind of got to commit to a country thing which, I'm I'm getting a little burnt on so to make the next two years more tolerable, I think this is what we'd like to get. I don't know. Yeah. If not you know of a good cabinetmaker? Your guys in the country are very expensive. Well, we'll go look around. I don't want a piece of junk, though, I don't want like a piece of plywood. Yeah. Why don't we start shopping then when we come up with something we'll let you know. Yeah. Yeah we have so little I think it would be nice to have a... yeah. It will just make living there for another two years tolerable. Can he do fine cabinetry? Really, when is he leaving? If he could bang it out in a week we'll take it. No, I mean I'm talking about something with really nice drawers that gently pull out, things that close, you know. Standing closet, no. Here's what I want. Ma, I have opinions. Ma, I want a tall thing, about seven feet tall that that the reason I want it so tall is that so you can have a rare, like the top will be sort of a shelf and then a little below it will be a rail and you can hang your your clothes in that like extra closet space. Then below that is kind of a, uh, a shelf where you can put some where Cheryl can put some of, you know, Cheryl can put some of her jewelry and stuff on top and the a few, say three drawers underneath. Yeah, and suits, not not and right. Right. The long coats can go in the closet. I mean we've got one closet we've been living like monks for years and we figure, you know, this is a nice step and we figure, you know, in a direction that we're gonna we're planning to move in a direction that we're moving in anyway. Yeah. Yeah. It won't be it won't be that huge because we don't have that much space. We'll have to measure where that green thing is. So I was thinking in that yellow room a really nice piece of rich kind of cherry furniture would look really really pretty. Um, yeah yeah yeah we will we will start. We will start looking. Thanks, Ma, that would be that would be a great anniversary birthday gift. That would be excellent. That's a good one. Well, we don't we don't have well, yeah, we never have these kinds of things. What's a matter, you're not eating your food? That was good. I'm gonna I'm gonna pick. Did you drive in? Where are you parked? Yeah. Are the babies coming? Both both the babies are coming? I think we're set, thanks. It's really good. Cheryl I'm gonna need to take to go home to get your computer and use it today. Yeah. And I have to say. I said to Cheryl the first day it began to get warm in New York, maybe a month ago, I said I'm not gonna be here again this summer. We've been here for five summers the last five Augusts and I said I just cannot be here. We started to think about renting a little place upstate, you know, somewhere for a few months if we couldn't do this but then this came up and I was like let's do it and it's free and I wanna get the hell out of here. I don't want to be in New York for another summer. Yeah, we're just using it as a base for traveling. You know, we'll we'll work sometimes but then well take a tr we'll go down to Italy for for a week go to go to Spain. OK, yeah, we'll have a nice time. We've never traveled we've never traveled to Southern Europe. And and then we'll just hang around at at this place and just work. I've got plenty of writing to do. Yeah, nobody's nobody's chaining you there so we'll give it a shot. What the heck, I mean, it sounds it sounds like they have a place in Beaujolais. It's in Beaujolais. It should be nice. We've also got Edmond as our good friend in Paris. We know enough people over there. Edmond has promised us that when we come to Paris he's gonna, you know, he says. You met Edmond. He came out to our house for dinner. Remember the young French guy several years ago maybe five years ago he came out? He says oh, he was just in town last week with his sexy, young girlfriend and he just said, you know, whenever you guys come to Paris I owe you a major one because of how good you treated me when I was in New York that summer we we took the man from from the Bronx Zoo to Coney Island and everything in between, I mean, we really showed him the town. OK, you guys, I'll tell you what. Here's what I gotta do: why don't why don't you guys sit for a second let me run up to my office, let me get Bets she's been locked up and I gotta get I gotta go home and get your computer we'll walk Mom down to the car I'll be five minutes. Let me just run up and get Bets. Oh, yeah. Here, Ma. Here's this two treats. First of all, you'll laugh. You'll laugh at this. This crap. This crap is you know the little postcards they give out for free in restaurants? Have fun. Send them to all your friends. And the other thing. The, uh, my book was, uh, written about in this issue of a magazine. This critic wrote an article about writers, so I want you to have a look at that. I want you to just take it home and read it it explains my book, you know. Explains the whole thing. I'll be alright, let me, uh... OK. Ma, send those to your friends. They'll like that. I'll be right back. What's up? Alright. She recognizes you. OK, that's it's nice. OK. Hello, Ma she totally knows you. Hey Ma, I have a question: is this your key? Oh, that's what it is. OK, OK. I thought this was the place your friend owned. What can I say? Pretty, isn't it? Cheryl? Check. Oh, yeah. She's so clean. No, we're working. We're working. I'll be back. Alright, I'll see you again. Yeah, you'll enjoy Bruce. He's, uh, he's the guy who got me into opera in the first place, yeah, you'll Bruce is a great he's like our best friend now, I mean, he's he's great. He's, what is he about 48 Cheryl? He'll really appreciate this opera. Do you like that one I gave you that Madame Butterfly? Is that right. No, this isn't it. Yeah, I like that one you like his voice? You like Jussi's voice? That's Cheryl's favorite. What are you looking for? Wait, what is it what are you looking for? Oh, yeah, I got a I got a I'm not going to be able to hang. I've got lots to do. So, I'm gonna run home and get your computer. I'm having a system upgrade which means I'm gonna lose the next three days trying to get my computer back together again. Uh, just updating it which just means that everything's not gonna work again, so, until I start to get it straightened out I just know this is gonna take a big portion of my life Cheryl what are you doing tonight? Are you gonna go to Richard's? Yeah, alright, yeah, I'm gonna go to Aikido tonight I hope. Could use a little exercise. No we don't have belts. Then he's not doing Aikido. There are no belts in Aikido. No there aren't. There's black and there's white but there are no colors so he's probably studying studying some other some other sport. Hey today is Margie's birthday, isn't it? What's she doing for her birthday? Why is Max staying home? Is he cute, Ma? Do you think this is all because the new baby? Yeah, we'll take a day and actually start to look. Today is not the day. Listen, I was a nice guy until Margie came along. I never got over it. Does he scream a lot? Well, what does that mean he hit you? Listen, no, seriously. I want you and Dad to read just you don't have to read the whole article it's boring but just read the the part about me and so you'll understand what this book is all about. This summer. Probably we'll have a party for it and in June in June, I'm sorry in August September we're gonna be out of town blah blah blah blah blah blah. So, I'll let you know. OK. So, tomorrow at eleven and then Ma I'll find out the name of this restaurant I'll I'll research that that we'll all meet. You'll you'll enjoy meeting Magda she's really sweet. She took me to her mother's house so I mean I, you know, you're gonna get along with her she's really lovely. What is she, about twenty? Magda's about twenty or nineteen, something like that? She's real fat. She got real fat now. Oh I don't I don't think it'll be in there. No, it's it's not a world class restaurant. Oh, is that right? How's my dog looking, OK? Yeah, we fed her senior food. Bets sit. Babette, sit. Oh, look at her face, Ma, look at how gray she is. How's Seymour? Is he cute or is he a pain in the ass? How's how's The Judge? Yeah before traffic gets... yeah, just make a right and swing right around. It's not this street it's gonna be the next one. See Avenue of the Americas? It's gonna go, it's gonna hook right around. See you tomorrow! OK, so Ma we'll see you tomorrow at eleven. I'll I'll call you and let you know what train actually if it's nice we'll just walk from the station. Is it supposed to be nice tomorrow? Is it supposed to be nice? We'll call Marge. OK, and maybe we'll get her a little something, OK? OK, we gotta get Grandma a little something. What, yeah, what would she like? Oh, 30, 30 bucks something like that. Yeah, OK, we'll look for something, we'll look for something. Alright! We'll see you tomorrow. Bye Mom. It's fine. Bye. Yeah, let me have opin let me have opinions. See ya! I'm exhausted from that. It's another one of those exhausting ones. How did she how did she do in your show? Alright? OK. And Stefano was nice to her? Yeah, I guess, you know, people and their parents and their in laws people are very nice to them now at our age. We're sort of past that thing where you're embarrassed when your parents show up, sort of not really. Cheryl, one of the main reasons I'm doing this upgrade in the computer is so I can see your piece, so we can access your piece. Uh, Sunday night. Thank god, it's a pain in the ass. I still got lots to go. I got dinners and concerts, grandparents.