Oh yeah, this is a this is a real a real week, isn't it? Hey, it's a typical week really. It's a real slice of what goes on. We have lunches and concerts and, oh my god. It is funny. A radio show. I've got my whole radio show taped. When I was out there yakking on the radio. Well, fucking words are cheap, man. They're very plentiful and they're very cheap. Gee, it never crossed my mind to think about men's legs. Did you call them? Would you deposit these two ch three your three checks? Tell you what, I gotta run. Would you just send the fax from my computer? It works fine. OK? OK, I've gotta get the thing and then I've got to start reconfiguring my whole system, my whole life and then I have to have coffee with Jody Zellen so. What are you doing? You're just gonna go to the gym, alright and go to Richard's? Alright. OK. All that jazz, huh? Alright? Are you the secretary? Why do I always find times with my family just really I feel so tired right now. Oh, I'm so exhausted. I wonder what that what that is. Ugh. You have those three checks to deposit, right? OK, lets if you can do that today that's good. Alright. Money is money, right? Money is as money does. Call. Why don't you call them right now? Right now. This is so important to call Dan and Lawre and and make a date to see them and I will go out any time to see them, OK? This is really important, OK? Alright baby, I'm gonna I'm gonna roll. That nice to give my mother those cards and that article? Yeah, you think so? No, we have no stamps. We gotta get more. I'll mail I'll mail away for some, OK? Alright. Goodbye. Good luck and I'll see you later tonight after everything maybe you'll go out with some people at the opening do what do what do whatever you like, OK? I'm gonna try to catch some Aikido and probably come back and work on my computer some more, you know, try to get it up and running again. Alright, I love you and I'm gonna take Bets. See you then. See you for an appointment. Alright, jumpy, let's go. See you later. OK, go on. Bets cats. Cats. Bets cats. Hey. How you doin? Alright. Can I get a small bag of food? You keeping track of this? Should we look at it or next... Can we can we look? Let's see, we took two big bags and two small bags and some treats. We should, let's write it down so we know. Alright, yeah. Alright. I took two of the large ones. If you want to scribble it down so we know to to keep. You wanna write it here? We took. I think I'm gonna need another big one. So we got two of the big ones so far and two of the little ones and some treats. You have it right here. Right. Good good good. Yeah. OK. And the that was you wanna write this one down and how much was the kennel? OK. Alright, so. OK, alright then we'll, yeah. Alright. Good. That's good that's good OK I'm gonna need this is this'll hold her for the weekend. OK, thanks a lot. See you later. It's happened to me before. Ah, there's another one. There's always another one coming, right? There's so many elevators all the time. Hi. OK. Go get em. Go get 'em. Babette's here. How you doing? Good, really good. Bets Bets, go say hi to Mary Ann. Is that my original memory? Is that waranteed memory? OK, do your thing, do your thing. She loves you every day, Pamela. She loves you every day, Pam. She loves you every day she's doesn't act too. The dog was just washed yesterday. She's immaculate. She really is. I know. You know you know she's got a lot of animals, doesn't she? No. What do you mean moose? There's no moose. What do you mean you're she's human, c'mon get up. She's also getting older. She used to just... Yeah yeah yeah. She gets love. She know's everyone in this building, I mean, she's like the mascot here. When I'm without the dog, no one knows who I am. Babette. Seven years. Well, she's middle age, she's middle age. Middle aged. Yeah, she's, uh, they should live about thirteen years. Twelve, thirteen years. Get another five years out of her, six years. No no, it's just getting gray. She used to be jet black. I only got everything from you, yeah yeah. Sure, I think it should be covered. Right, it's original memory. Also, did he did he put 7.3 7.5.3 in? Can you ask him? Can you ask him if it's possible to just put Open Transport 1.1 on and not the rest of the system? Mary Ann should I go get the should I go get the the invoice? OK. Did he say it's possible to do it? I'd like to 1.0.8 and it's not it's not jiving. 7.5.2. Yeah, OK, I'll be right down then. Thanks. C'mon, pal. What do you mean I'm lucky? Take the dog? I'm lucky that oh, you want me to leave her down here? Oh, forever. I got another five years or so on this one. I'll be right down. C'mon. Yep, I have the original I have the orig is the copy good enough? I have an original in the copy. Yeah, and it says it says 8 megabytes DIMM. OK, um, would it be possible for them to replace the SIMM and also throw Open Transport 1.1 by the end of the day? Would that would that be possible? Cause I'm not gonna be able to. Yeah, unless it can somebody just give me a copy of 1.1? I can throw it on myself, it's no big deal. Are you just OK. It's Friday, babe. It's Friday. Freaky Friday. You have such a good attitude for somebody whose life is a living hell. I don't know how you deal with this madhouse everyday. You got to be a people person. If not, forget it. You're right. You're right. And you're ugly, Bets. Bets you're ugly. She's cute but ugly. What do you seriously when can you, it's. You wanna you wanna walk over if not is the box open? My my machine, is it open right now? But I'll tell you what. You wanna walk over and see if they have it if they don't I'll just take it upstairs and I'll do this another day, yeah. Let's do it another day cause I could I could use the computer I can't lose it for the weekend. Unless. When are you guys moving? I'm gonna miss you. I know but it's this is this is. You do? You got a gym? We used to have a gym here. It's gone. Yeah. Oh, it's so nice that it's not here anymore. Oh, I never got that, thankfully. Oh, I hate that. Oh, I hate that. It's really stupid. Babette she wants to be near you. You've got a kid. They cute? How old? Oh, then they're not they're long past cute. I didn't know you had kids so old. When you have kids so old they're long past cute. Fifteen is... Let's, OK. Why don't I take my machine back now. It's functioning good enough. Oh, so can can we throw that back in so I can use it this weekend? And is it a huge pain in the ass? Causes then we'll deal with this all again next week. Hey Julio, how you doing. Pretty good, pretty good. No complaints. She what? She never kicks ass, never. I don't know, you know? I've never seen that side of her. She senses, like crazy people in the street she'll sense. And she'll get her hackles up and start barking at madmen in the street. Yeah, that's the only time I've gotten a glimpse of that. This is boxer style. I wonder if she really would. You know people... I don't know. I don't know. You know that she's enough of a visual deterrent on the street. Most people are afraid of her. Do you have a dog? Oh, they're cute. They're mean too. He have a purple tongue? Like black gum like black gum or black tongue? What happened to him? Yeah. Uh, yeah I have the original here, yeah. So she went to the sis she went to California? How how did it, yeah, so how is the dog now? Ah, yeah, aw. Aw. Did your kids like the dog? What do your kids do? She's finishing with school. High school. I got my sister's da, uh, my sister's my wife's sister is fifteen also. It's a rough rough time, man. You love that, huh? Where do you live? On what? Yeah, so what do you which train do you take to get down here? From 205th? Yeah, but but it's also the D the D moves. The moves from 125th to 59th and then from 34th to 4th. I live right around the corner. I like it down here. Well, we got, I mean, Cheryl and I have the teeniest apartment but it's just us and the dog, so. Yeah, we're gonna have a kid in like three years we decided. Just one. Yeah no no, I'm not that young. I'll be 35. Yeah, I'll be 35 in, um... She's major. She's then she's calm. She's like Zen. She's got the Zen vibe. We can we can all learn something from that attitude. Whoa, did you say damn the other day, Mary Ann? The office stopped. So, how we doing Mary Ann is there... for, old memory in is he gonna throw 1.1 in there today, we'll do that that... OK, when? Can I pick this up at about 5:30? OK, alright. I'll see you guys what time are you here till? Until 6? Until 6 so? OK. OK. How you doing? OK. Alright. Kenny, how you doing? Where's my animal. OK, I gotta run upstairs. Bets. What is she? Alright, I'll pick her up when I come get my computer. C'mon, pal. Let's go. I'll see you guys I'll see you guys in just a little bit. C'mon, Bet. C'mon, baby. Oh boy. Bets come. Good girl. Yes. Are you getting food? Uh, you are. Bets. Come Bets. Bets come. Oh boy oh boy. What a day. Hey. How you doing? Good to see you. Where's do you mind the dog do you want me to? Yes, it's Babette. Yeah, she's seven. How you doin'? Good. Where's Daniel? Brian. I kept thinking Daniel. I don't know why I just put my shoes on it's so nice out. Maybe we'll sit outside and get a coffee? Yeah. Where is he from? I see. Huh. That's good. Uh huh. I don't know her, no. Let's let's go outside I've got about a half hour and then I've got my my, uh, I've got all these. I just had lunch with my mother. Yeah, she's just in seeing Cheryl's show. What? Sure, I'm from Long Island. My whole 35 years, I guess 31 of them have been spent within twenty minutes of where we're standing right now. Yeah. Yeah, sure, we'll all get a fresh, a little fresh air. It's beautiful is it still warm out? Great. Great. Yeah. Anything to get out. Alright g'wan go ahead, g'wan. Go on, Bets. Babette go on. What are you waiting for? You waiting for your leash, OK. Here it is. Same old dog. No. Oh, one more thing. My sunglasses. Is it sunny out? Really? Oh here it is. OK you. You talking to me? You calling me handsome? I everybody's like. She everybody is like saying, oh you're so cute you're so cute I say you talking to me? No. Well, of course. The dog gets to do everything. What do you think, she's a dog or something? Alright. Back food, yeah. Yep, 100%. What are you getting? Are you gonna bring it to the office? Yeah, they love dogs here. That's the best part of this building. Oh, what do you take the subway a month. Oh yeah, that's a hassle. I I walk her to work everyday.