Yeah, that's a hassle. Yeah, no. No, huh? Ay, there's plenty of them need homes, right Jody? Hey Mike. How you doing? Yeah, everybody should bring their dog everywhere. I love dogs, right? No, dogs are much more colorful. Bicycles just sit there they don't... See you around, alright? Love 'em. That's why I stay here. That's one of the main reasons I stay here. Rover! Rover! So why don't we get a why don't we get a coffee and take it outside there's a nice there's a place to sit that's alright. What do you want, Jody? Can I have one black coffee one regular? One black coffee one regular, please? You want anything else? You want a muffin or anything? Doesn't this look good? Piece of shit, doesn't it? Ay, this one's on me, big spender. OK. Aggressive much? Thank you. OK, there's black. Hey, I like those catalogs you sent me. They're beautiful. Boy, nice work. That's, yeah, that's great. God, I can see you're good I mean I I know how to use those programs but not nearly as good as you. It's a good way to make money, isn't it, working on the computer? The what? I thought that was what's his name that that yeah but I thought it was the, uh, Grimes. And this is the collector out there that Keith used to talk about all the time, what? How? No. Hey Robert! Good to see you. Very good. Jody Zellen Robert Morgan. It was nice to see you the other day. Well, I'm going out tomorrow for my grandmother's birthday, uh, and and yeah, so we'll miss each other tomorrow. I'm going to see Xenakis at, uh, at the 92nd. St. Y. 2:00. I believe so, yeah. I can't, I've got to pay for mine, I paid 25 bucks a piece. Student discount, yeah. My radio station discount. So do you. You know Robert, you're looking very young. So, anyway, have a good time and it was really good seeing you. Keep Cheryl in mind for the subbing gig. The substitute gigs. Yeah, definitely do. That that'd be really helpful. I'll see you soon, OK? The problem with this city you know everyone, you know? Well, I mean it's such a scene I don't know about if parts of L.A. are like that but. I guess if you go to gallery areas, right? What in New York you've been there oh yeah I know, it's really insane I mean I can't walk anywhere. You know, it's like people I don't know where anybody gets the idea that the city's not friendly it's too friendly, if anything. You know I know so many people here it's really insane. All I do you see how many people I know by just walking out the door it's like blah blah blah blah blah especially with the dog, you know, then it's even more. Some people don't even know who I am when I have the dog. It's fine. Especially SoHo, I mean, I live on Thompson and Grand I work on Broadway and Houston and, you know, that walk, no matter what way I go I run into people I know, so. Yeah. Get 'em Bets. Ahhh. I've I've got all winter. You know, again, if you've got you're oh, and here comes the guard, man he's gonna kick us out. Son of a bitch. What? If the dog's not allowed here so this guys gonna come and throw us out of here. We're gonna have to go sit what? Yeah, then he'll come and take the dog. Ah, shit. Bets sit. Stay. He does. He does. Alright. No, I don't know whose dog that is. Nice, though. What? Yeah, he should be more concerned about this guy. Alright I think he's nice. Hey, come here. C'mere. Sit down. Bets you sit. Not on me. Bets. Babette. Come. Sit. Babette sit. Sit. Sit. Come. Good girl. So, at any rate, so those are really nice so you doing more? You sent me Lisa and Fred's. Oh, what with ceramics? I don't know who that is. Are you just working at home then? Yeah, what do you have? I have an 8500. I love it. It's great. It's like a Cadillac, I mean, I. So you're not working at all in that photo place anymore. That's great. I'll bet the money's much better too. What happened with subway piece. Oh, you didn't tell me. Oh, you you last time time we spoke it was just sort of underway. We spoke last, yeah, we spoke last yeah, didn't we have lunch at that place like about a year ago and you and the subway thing was just it was sort of it was it was gonna happen or it was underway but it's done now, huh? And they're up? Oh, I bet it I bet it does. This is for that wall, right? Oh so Paul's running like home. What is he the eleventh? You got heroin, huh? And you worried and you worried about a dog? This dog has never done drugs in her whole life. She clean, cleaner than anyone. She's never drank drinks either. You can pet her if you want she's very friendly. It's good. Yeah. Yeah, she's this one's very friendly I like to let her get a get a little smell of the grass, you know, make her think she's not in the city all the time. It's quiet here and I know she doesn't bother anyone. If she ever, uh, does any business on the grass, I'll take care of it. I appreciate it, you know, I don't like that concrete dog run over there because, uh, it's not fair to the dogs. They need a little they need a little place to run around. You have a dog? What have you got? Yeah, is that one of those big ones? What color? They're cute, aren't they? all. This one is this one is a hero around this neighborhood. Just because she's so beautiful and friendly. I take her up to Washington Square sometimes when I can get up there. I work right in the Cable Building here so I usually it's usually a bit of a walk over there if I can get out I take her to work with me I like to let her roam around the grass a little bit back here and then put her on the other grass that's taboo. This one we can get away with occasionally. Horrible. The people are crazy. They're insane, yeah. They're really insane. Well, you gotta worry about the heroin guy I mean I guess he's not really gonna hurt anyone. But it doesn't look good for the neighborhood and I don't think it's good for the kids to be around that either. Alright. Alright. Well this one there's nothing to worry about with this one. She doesn't deal drugs and she doesn't do 'em either. And kids like her. The kids like her. Yeah. Good. Hey thanks a lot. We we appreciate cuttin' us a little slack. Much ap, yeah, we were just joking with you. Much appreciated. Thank you. He's great. Have people graffittied it? Huh. It's really beautiful. This would look great in like I mean it's just so amazing how it's finally in a site relating to the architecture, I mean it's just terrific, Jody. I see it I see it, yeah. I think it's quite successful, really I think it should be like in an architecture magazine. They're gonna give you more money? Did you make money on this? Good. That's unbelievable. It's great. Yeah, this is a beautiful one this one of the city. Perfect. It looks like you're gonna, these are great. It looks like you're gonna need a bigger machine. Wow! These are beautiful, really. Oh Jody, these are these are, oh, I've seen this I've seen something very I saw some of the ones you sent me oh I love this one of all the pictures on the wall and the salon. Jody, these are terrific. This is a real breakthrough, huh? Oh, god they're so beautiful. Yeah, where is this? You sent. Right. I love these. I love these. Now, I've always loved everything you've done this is just more it's it's a little different and it's just as good. This is beautiful. Isn't that great? Smart. Oh, well, you will, you will. Well, but I you know, I don't know the show Paul curated this month it's a bad show so, you know, I have I have some doubts. Yeah, who wrote it? That's great. Well, I'm just still sort of so out of the loop I'm certainly, I know I'm never we never do that but I I certainly don't don't really know what's going on too much. Go on, now you can go back there. She's so human. Yeah, I just finished a big, yeah, the book I've been working on for three years I finished it's being published by Geoff Young this summer. You wrote me about Geoff you saw him, right? Where, in L.A.? Yeah, oh he's a great guy and he's. She's protecting it all. How do you know Geoff? Oh, we right right in Washington, right I think we talked about him, that's right, we had this question. Yeah, I'm really I'm really pleased, yeah, he's publishing this book, should be this summer. Ah, 600 page book of experimental writing, yeah. Yeah I'm really happy about that. I've done a lot of readings over the years, I mean, I really've been working on this for three years so but, you know, it's just kind of an ongoing thing but it's finally done, I'm so happy it's done. Yeah, it's in the publisher's hands. Yeah, he he says it's the summer but it'll probably be the fall. It took years to write it so if it takes another year to get it out it's fine with me. So, yeah, so that's that's very very satisfying, that was really good and really happy to do that. Let's see, I had already come back from India when I saw you, right? Oh, it was that we haven't seen each other since then? I just it was the fall. You were in, no I was in Caracas in November. I was in India no a while ago. We met last spring and I had been to India then, no I was in Caracas in the fall. I'm DJ'ing at WFMU which is a good radio station out here. It's freeform which means you can play whatever you want so I do a I do an all night radio show, uh, every Tuesday night, it's really fun. It's about what I'm playing. I'm playing, it's a real mix of stuff but a lot of, uh, experimental and twentieth century classical. You saw Joan, that's right. Some of 73 Poems, the whole thing? When was that? Was she good? Was the piece good that she did of ours? Yeah, it's really nice, I mean that piece has really got got kind of legs. It's very interesting what what happened to that. What else did she do, do you recall? She's very good, isn't she. She have did she have a good crowd? I thought LACE was really famous. Uh, it... yeah, Joan all that music that I'm into never gets any respect. I mean, all what I read and what I do, what I play on the radio. I call my show Unpopular Music I figured, you know, it's mostly a pop station. I I put some pop stuff in but not a whole lot. Well, I'm not, well most people are not, well what whatever I can get my hands on.