I've got I've got a workout at 6 and actually my computer is in the shop I've got to go pick it up before and, uh, and so... Yeah, I'll put that stuff on the web on the web page for you and when you get on a graphic browser, I mean, I make the pages so they load really quickly, um, so, uh, you know, I'll let you know I'll get to it next week. Yeah, you'd like you'd enjoy some of the other work on this site on the visual poetry site. Yeah, no. Yeah. I scan scan something for the net it's got to be saved as a, uh, gif or jpeg. Or it's a compression format that makes the pictures really really small but, you know, if you send me a raw Photoshop document those are usually pretty big and they'll take forever to mail so you've got to stuff something down so let's let's but one thing at a time. Yeah yeah. Alright. Where are you headed now? Alright. Right. It's New York. You're heading out this way. Alright. Good to see ya. Good to see you and let's we'll be in touch over the email and the yeah yeah. I'll do the. I'm around, I'm here. I'm not a great correspondent but I I'm always glad to see ya. Oh, believe me, believe me, I'll get you a copy. Ay, you know, what's it gonna be about fifteen bucks. I love this, you know, I love this because it's like art, you know, it's art like fifteen thousand dollars, hey, this book is like fifteen fifteen bucks. Believe me, ay. Ay, you'll see it. Fifteen bucks, huh? OK, Jod, see ya! That's it Bets. Ay, is that done? I know I know all you do is think about me, that's all. Is that done? I'd like to make an appointment to bring it in. I'm not gonna be at work on Wednesday so if I can bring it in Tuesday before before I leave about this time Tuesday so you guys hold it all day Wednesday and do what needs to be done without any problems? OK. Yeah. OK and that might be. You know what happens on the net I get I go down I can't get back on the web. I hope 1.1 fixes that. You've heard this problem before. Hey Matt, can I bring can I make an appointment to bring this thing in Wednesday? Uh, just to replace a SIMM and to put Open Transport 1.1 on it. Um, I can drop if off Tuesday night. Wednesday I'm out of the office. That's great. I I'll be back to pick it up about 3:00 Wednesday. OK appreciate it. OK, will do then. Do you like it? Babette. Hey, how you doing? No go on this machine. Yeah. 7.5.2. works well for me. I mean, it really seems to be stable on my machine. You know, I remember this, you know. So, you know, you got a point. When is 8 coming out? Yeah. I guess I'll if I can just get Open Transport 1.1 which I can't get on the web because it's part of system 7.5.3. So, all I want is that small bit installed and I'll be fine. That'll 1.1. will work with 7.5.2, won't it? Yeah. Yes it will. I appreciate your time yesterday, that was really nice of you. This is what I brought down. Right. Yeah, it starts but you've got to know the trick. You remember the problem with my wife's computer? Have them put Apple memory in this thing. Last time we put third party software, uh, memory in this. We should know always to put that Apple in. OK. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Oh. Listen, have a great weekend. I'll see you Tuesday night and Mary Ann, thanks again for your help. I really appreciate it. Yeah, thanks a lot. See you later. Thanks a lot. Bye Pamela. Thank you Pamela. Hi is can I speak to Mary Ann please? It's Ken Goldsmith, thanks. Hi, is Mary Ann there? No. OK, uh, I just had my computer down there. I had the Power Mac 8500 and it it it won't start at all, um... anyway, it won't start at all and all that was done was a memory module was removed and replaced and put right back. I mean nothing was altered. I'm just a little bit stuck here. I'm not sure what to do. I'm upstairs. Yeah, just carried it up the elevator. I'm in 702. Yeah, there's just it's like like dead. It's like, naw. I mean it was weird cause like you guys just had it down there and it was it working. I mean, it's the same old the same old configuration as I I've used for years and it's worked fine. Uh, it's just like the machine's not responding. Uh, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah no I I right no no it's never started up from the keyboard anyway I'm I'm pressing the button from the bottom of the machine. Yeah it does on my machine it it never starts otherwise. M M Mary Ann has been is familiar with the problem eccentricities of this machine. So, I don't know what else what else could be the problem. Uh, I I unless I'm overlooking something really simple. Yeah. Can can somebody just just jump up quickly, uh? Either that or I've just I am not doing something right but I can't imagine that. Yeah, well at least somebody would have an idea of what's happening, I mean we're basically nothing was done to the machine today. It was supposed to have all the stuff done to it we did nothing. It should be doing exactly what it did this morning which was at least start up and and run, which it isn't doing right now. If somebody could just just come up and quickly look at that. OK, I'm in 702. I appreciate it. Thanks. So, what's new? Did you just go all the way to Connecticut? What happened this just happened last night not even. It's not even doing what it was not working to do before. C'mon Bets, come. Boy. You know what happened. Oh, no no no no but why it's not even turning on now? Yeah, he put the memory back in. Oh, why? I can't be used at all. Oh, but it worked. It was bad but it had been work, you know, this machine has been working for me essentially well. Yeah, and you guys found that it was like the third—party memory. Don't we always seem to get together late on Friday afternoons? It it it was a repeat of, like, four months ago. The machine has been working really decently I just had this crazy idea in mind to get that 7.3 put in today. Do you have any replacement memory? Do you guys have any temporary memory that you could loan me so I could use the damn machine this weekend? I mean my idea Mary Ann put it in so I could I could get, uh, so I could use this thing. What's the extension? It's Ken, Chris asked me to give you a ring. Hold on a sec. You guys don't have any? Oh, no, so I can't use this machine at all this weekend. That's not working because Chris is up here it's not working at all, it's not even turning on which is, at least this morning it was turning on even though the memory was bad. That's not what I brought it in for. Yeah no I understand that. If there's nothing lying around from another machine that I could borrow for the weekend so I could work? Shit. Might might as well just bring the thing down since it's of no use for me here. He can't even turn the thing on. What am I gonna do? I mean. Uh, alright I'll I'll talk about it with Chris. Shit, man, why isn't it doing at least what it did this morning? Alright, well, what the fuck? I mean, it's of good no use to me now, right? Can we can I boot it up? I mean it's not even booting up right now. Um, what will that what will that do, uh, can I work, can I at least temporarily run applications and do what I was doing with the virtual memory? Oh, well, alright I just need a quick, you know, something so I could keep keep trying to pay my bills. Alright. I thought you'd have some... I understand that you guys were able to, uh, switch memories with other machines and stuff and find out that this was just a bad piece. So Danny's not with you guys anymore, huh? Daniel? So what do you think I had too much strange little software on there to throw 7.3 on 7.5.3? Right, well that's yeah. I mean what... yeah. I was just using the sort of native Power PC stuff it would be fine. You understand this stuff. For you, yeah yeah. What was it I mean I the big applications on my machine are all native software. Anything come to mind I'll... Yeah. Right. Yeah. Huh. Huh. What else didn't you recognize, I'm curious. Can you recall? Hold on hold on hold don't go away! Did isn't that interesting that it's actually starting up that's the first time it ever started the way it's supposed to. Right. I have a question though so so without with a virtual memory on and without a SIMM what shouldn't I be doing, oh, look at that it just oh, that's the timing thing again. Yeah. Yeah. See look at it's not odd that it stops and starts that's not, is that right? OK. What what what what is the bag? Speed Doubler speed copy? Put that, what is it? I have the latest versions of Speed Doubler. That's that's that's from the Zip it was just installed with the Zip software it was the backup. Mac IPX that came with the that came with the, uh, uh, MacLink. That's MacLink stuff. That's translation software. Uh, it just, I. I don't have Conflict Catcher. I think I might have downloaded a demo version. I have I have, uh, I have the latest version of this stuff. Just throw them on my desktop for a moment, would you? It's the newer one 1.0.4? Not. What is IPX? It's translation stuff. You don't it didn't come with MacLink Plus? I'm sure, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Can you just go to the apple menu and pull down about this Macintosh? We went from we went from, right, I was like up up at forty right I had eight more megs I had 24 and now it's down to but everything's gonna run OK until we can get the new new software. OK, that's great. Oh, and they didn't know that it would still run even if we took the goddamned thing out. Now if I shut this thing down, right? I can just re this will always start with this thing, right? Alright, so listen, I'm gonna drop this. I know you're not bad. You're really great. Thank you. I appreciate it. Um, listen, I'm gonna drop this thing down this time of the night like Tuesday cause I'm out of the office on Wednesday. Mucho appreciated. Have a good weekend, man. I'll see you. Alright? I'm here how you doing? Yeah, what did you get? I'm glad you got something for her. Where are you gonna get the picture from of us? Yeah, I think it sounds good. Where have you been all day, babe? How's it going over there? That's pretty, yeah, it's really pretty. Right, oh no, that's beautiful. That's perfect. How much was it? Ha ha, you can't beat that, huh? It's really nice. What are you up to? So, what happening any any news at the show? Where are we gonna go? OK, they like it? What what's happening. See I I can't, Cheryl, I can't get your. I can't get your piece. I mean I have, aw fuck me man! This is killing me. No, somehow it's not not Java enabled. Ah, it's really beat. Fuck, man. I'm having all sorts of problems today I had the hell day with the computer. You know, I'm trying I'm trying, yeah, yeah, I just, yeah, it was just a nightmare so. It's weird I can't I just can't seem to get your the the Mac, you know, thing going. I'm sorry. I want so badly to play with it, you know? It's funny, isn't it? Yeah, I know that but, you know.