Yeah, it's a it's a play for respectability and he wants to be loved. That's not a good thing to be when you're an artist. Yeah. Was Kevin Landers there? I just worked on Sally's poster. It was nice to just work, turn it off. Just do some sort of dumb work. Yeah I just needed to just sit down put the radio on and. Is there a mouse in the trap under there? Yeah, um, let's look for another set. Not till late. It's going to be a long concert. I would say it would be over about six. Wasn't the Berio almost that long? I think it's gonna be like a big a big long show. You don't have to stay for it all. Do you, well, do you why don't you just skip Vedanta and go over there? Just go go I don't know. Sometimes you have to what you have to do. Anyway, it's up to you. Think tomorrow's gonna what time are we eating with those guys? No no what time are we eating with Stefano? Yeah, somebody should make a reservation, though. You know that place is not easy to get into. Why don't we call now. No, we'll just make a reservation. He's got openings, why don't we say, like, 9:30? The openings don't finish until about 8:30 really by the time he can get himself over there. No, I think that's fine. Let's say he's got a bunch of openings to go to that means, you know, how many times have you been in the gallery you finally leave the gallery about 8:30 8:55 the last opening that you're at am I right? Well, ew, you someone's not in a great mood. You alright? It is. Hi can I make a reservation for tomorrow night? Four, four people. OK, thanks. They don't take reservations for parties under six. It's probably gonna be packed at 9. Huh? How you doing, baby? Yeah. What about me? Ah, you know what? I didn't go to Aikido. I was too depressed. I slept. When you're depressed you have to sleep. Really? What was the most depressing part of it? What? Like why? Why did you feel compelled to go? Yeah. No, but I think the real question ends up being the real question seems to me to be why why, you know, why do you think he's a friend? Why did you feel compelled to be there, you know? I'm not being critical of you, but... I'm sitting here trying to be critical don't put these in the fridge they get hard. They're very good when they're when they're fresh. Um, you know, I think it's a good, you know, it's a good time to if something makes you feel this way, you know, maybe you don't go back for more. I mean, that's kind of like why I stayed away. You're very pretty. You are very pretty. Did anybody tell you how pretty you look tonight at the opening? Why? They make nice cocktail lounge. Yeah, Hollywood, hey, maybe they're the one's that'll buy that crap. Was Gavin there and was he that's the guy that chased her. Yeah, Alix told me. That's the guy that's been trailing her ass for five years. He wants to have an affair with her. He offered to have an affair with her that night. I mean, utterly ugly way. I'd like to, yeah. He proposed that they have one. She couldn't deal with it. She was flattered, she wanted to. She's so insecure. Yeah, but it's very hard to resist an offer like that. I think she's entertaining it. From Alix the other night at dinner after... Yeah. Monday Monday. No, but I have to be honest with you. I have to be honest with you. It hadn't it hadn't even crossed my mind ever since then, not once. Not once until you mentioned his name. Well, I don't think about Andrea's affairs. I don't give a fuck really. I know, it didn't even cross my mind. I can't I don't think about these things. My mind is preoccupied with loftier thoughts. Like my dog and how much I love her. And how much everybody loves her. Everyone loves this thing. I love the picture to grandma. Wish she could come. I love this heavenly hand, yeah. Gee heaven, mom and dad. Look at the monkey nose. This is such a good. She was cute today in your studio when we were reading and we told her to lay down and then like she understands English, look at her now. I am in heaven. I am in heaven. Oh, I'm in heaven right now. So, were there any calls? Ah, good good. Good good. I feel I feel better. They're nice, they're so nice. I did a this poster I'm doing for Sally is just, I'm actually doing a straight poster. I thought I was going to do an art poster, like shitting men and everything? I'm just doing like a poster design I. I had and if had and thought and realized I was gonna do that I I would have given it to you. I didn't know, you know, until I sat down I just didn't feel like dragging out all those Jewish stars and shitting men. I, it just didn't seem appropriate. Uh, no I don't think so. No, it's a nice design. It's like based on it's like based on a Viennese poster, you know, like Viennese Modernist poster. Yeah, oh I have a question for you. I have a Quark question that you can answer. When when you bring in a TIFF from Photoshop, and bring it into Quark and you print it out, just just out of your regular old printer, you know it looks really jaggedy and shitty? But when you really bring the file the the Quark the real file to an output place it it comes out looking like the Photoshop thing. Is that right? Or is it always gonna look dithery and shitty and. So what what what so how do you bring it in so it's not dithery and horrible? Oh, I know what you didn't bring the file in with you. You brought the Photoshop file? Oh, TIFF is a ghost image of, it's a ghost reading of that's why it's so small it takes so little memory. It's a ghost reading of a very big file. If you don't bring that in you're just gonna get TIFF but if you bring in the full file, I think, you're gonna get full resolution. Yeah. So, I like scanned this Viennese poster and then just altered it and then, it looks pretty good. The poster kinda looks like Sally. No, you didn't bring the actual file, you just brought the. How about I join you in bed? What do ya how about a little activity? Can I? Why? I thought it was O.K. to kill myself un unless I fucked you first. Can I put my finger in your ass? All the way up? Why? That's on tape. Just to spice the tape a little bit, right? I said that just to spice up the tape. I love you hoo ha? Ew, it's not my fault that your in in in such a bad mood. Really? Really stop or, yeah? You actually your body's so good now. No, really, you're so thin and so good. Strong, muscular, and pretty. And soft and smooth. Mmmmm, I'm getting a lick. I'm gonna get it's even more soundtrack to Head. OK, alright, I'll turn it off. OK. I'll turn it off. I'll turn it off. I can't turn it off. We already had had one! Of me! Getting blown! That was all on tape. Sure it was. I started the tape first thing in the morning. So it's all so it's all. No, it's over and I'll tell you another thing, there's no part of you that's on this tape. Your voice or your actions or nothing will appear. It's all me. Oh, big deal! It's something that I never heard before! It's noises that I've never heard from you before! No I don't! No I don't! You too. You too. Yeah, all. It's a good thing I get my way. You love your pussy licked and it's a good thing that you get your way cause you get your pussy licked. I get my. You get your pussy licked. I'm not saying anything that I don't normally not say. Why? Oh, well be on the tape. I can't turn the tape off. But you're probably not gonna get anything cause there's no language. The tape will shut off if there's no language. I have it programmed, I mean, it was slurping. It won't catch you. I mean, why? Come on, this is art! I mean, look at what I do for your art! Look what I do for your art! Look what I do for your art! Look what you do for your you get naked in front of audience of thousands and you're crawling around and you can see your pussy and here she says I don't want to be on the tape. It's so contradictory! And it's O.K. for your art but it's not O.K. for my art! And I in in in the one with The Bordems and your crawling under the plastic you can see your vagina! And yet... you can see the whole pussy. Of course you can when you're crawling around but do I ever say anything? No. It's for your art. And so this art is like our life and then you're saying no, we can't have it. Oh, it's only special when it's like like Art and when it's like life you can't have it. I get it. No, I'm making the most ridiculous argument because you're because you're like giving me a hard time about my art project. Why don't you say that instead of saying I don't want that on the tape?! I mean, is that a joke? These tapes, nobody will ever hear these tapes, Cheryl. How can you say you're self conscious when you're like the nude the nude artist of the century? It's pretty close. And Head? So, this is simulated to. It's it's mediated by the tape medium. I can't believe... look, if we had no language. I will, if there's no language. No. There's no language. I want to give you a demonstration. Watch this red light. See I'm talking now? Now I'm talking? See? It's like magic. And you have the highest voice of anyone. I don't. Speak. Do you have the highest voice ever? Call me Harpo. I'm gonna go clean up. Good night. No, fuck it. I hate sex. Especially with you. Go to bed.