Good wine, very good. Yeah. So, god one day. Get through this little nightmare. Yeah escapade. So, you guys are up one day down the next. That sucks. And you saved him like, like a million dollars and then lost. Right. Oh, man. So is that the way things usually work around there? They forget pretty quickly? That sucks. Yeah. Yep. Oh, man, it's nice out here. I'd say within five years, half the people on that porch are gonna be in the grave. What do you think? I was like I was thinking I was like about 11 when my great grandmother died which gives, what's Max, two? That gives Grandma another nine years? She could live. Cause Max was born later than we were. I mean I she she looks pretty good. She could be around for a couple of more years. I think both of them are. Where did you guys go for Margie's birthday last night? You didn't bring Max, did you? But you did bring Isabelle. What kind of place is it? No, the Japanese food was excellent that night. Very fresh, very good. It was really good. We're going to a place called La Paella, which is great, which is just what it sounds like. You get a huge dish of paella for about 40 bucks feed 4 people, yeah, should be pretty good. Yeah, when it's good it's good. We're hoping we're gonna go we're thinking we're gonna spend two months in France this summer and so we we're gonna travel from there. You guys have been to Spain and Italy, right? You've been to Italy. Never been to Spain. We figure we're gonna be sorta in the south of France for the summer, for July and August and we'll take take rides take trips down to Spain and Italy and up to Paris. I've never been to southern Europe. I've never been to Italy, I've never been to Spain. I I'd really like to go to Spain. And we're going to Greece, you know, in in. We're gonna go for two weeks. We're gonna do this performance in a gallery and, uh, it's a video show and Cheryl created a project for me to come along so it will be fun. I'm I'm really interested to go to Greece, you know? Have you been? I think, you know, first of all the food I'm real interested in getting good I love Greek food. Have you ever been out to Astoria? They have the best Greek restaurants, the most authentic Greek restaurants. They're terrific, they're wonderful, you know? So I can't imagine what the food's like in Greece. You you ever have retsina? It's Greek Greek pine cask wine. Kind of tastes like turpentine? We're you near, where are we going Cheryl, Beaujolais? Have you been down there? The wine country? Yeah. Sure. Sure, it's like the Monet gardens. Yeah, we're really excited to just hang out there, you know? Just just get, first of all, we've been in New York for the last five summers straight, you know, like living in the city I mean you guys are it's nice out where you guys are. It's nicer in the country, of course, but where you guys are, you know, it's beautiful. But we spent, you know, we I mean a couple, you know, like five years ago we used to spend the summers up in the country but we just haven't for so many years and I said to Cheryl when it started to get warm I said, I don't wanna spend another summer in the city. I just can't do it again. So she said, oh let's call this woman, she's got this place that she just wants to give to artists and they get money from the government if you go so I said great I'll go write and you go work in the studio and it sounds good. That's what we're gonna do. What are you doing? Singing? What are you singing. What was that, a big yawn? You like her? Why has she got why has she suddenly got so red? You like her? I touch the baby. It cries. What does that mean? Why don't you just pick him up pick him up and bring him down? Cheryl, go bring him down, OK? Just go pick him up. Yeah, Mom, after this breaks up, can Cheryl and I borrow a car and try to hit some tag sales around the neighborhood? I figure it's probably a good weekend for tag sales isn't it? Yeah. About that time. Yeah, but it's a nice weekend. We'll probably find something out there. Thank you very much. Many moons. Um, well, we're going to Greece next month and then Las Vegas and then we're going to France for July and August. To Beaujolais? Yeah, should be really nice. Yeah. She loves it there. OK, Sally see you soon. Good to see you. Say hi to Mickey. I'll get it for you. Why don't you sit down? Why don't you sit why don't you sit down next to your next to your baby. I will get your drink. Sit down Grandma. It's very nice. All right. I will get you your drink. Hold on. Peas, a cheese, and a drink coming right up. This is a beautiful cane. I like the dog, yes I do. I like it. That's what you wanted. Let me bring it in to her. She wanted one. Yeah. Yeah. I always spill. Aw, stop complainin'. All right, here you go. Number one, number two. You like her? Where's Max? Is he cute? You like the picture of Babette? Yeah, you want a pillow? What do you think of all these kids around. No problem? No problem? Did you go up to see the babies, up to Margie's place? How's the house looking up there? It's getting there, yeah. Margie or the baby. I thought you always looked good, wait, when did you look bad? When we came up right after the baby was born you looked fine. You don't I don't recall seeing you look any worse. So now what how old are you now? 33? Wow! That was the year 33 is the year Christ was crucified and the year Buddha found enlightenment. You'd better get to work. This is a big year. Did you know Christ was crucified at 33? You got a you got a lotta work to do this year. We're getting old, Grandma. We're getting old, aren't we? No no. And how old are you now? You're 62? When tomorrow? Wait your birthday is the, oh. Why are we celebrating now? Oh. How are they? How are the twins? Yeah, what's going on? I want something small like that, huh? What does that mean producing The Olympics? That's amazing. What do they but they... Is she do they both still live in New York? They can do this work in New York or they have to be in L.A. all the time? Good for them. Good for them. What's he do? Yeah, that's amazing. I mean, we don't have a T.V. We gave it up a year ago. Cheryl took it to her studio and I and we never missed it again. I mean, isn't that weird? I don't I don't feel like I miss it at all. I just, uh, I, you know, I wish I could say oh I've seen those shows. What are the name of the shows she's doing? Do you talk to them Margie? Are you in touch with the twins? What do you mean use it for... Really? Where do they live? Where are their apartments? House. Wow, they got views of the river? So she works right there at Columbus just one by Lincoln Center. Oh, Rockefeller Center. Right. Huh. A good seat, huh? I don't know, maybe you could be the GE dentist. Oh, we went to the Montreal Olympics in '76. Major it was so boring we I remember you you know it's so much better on T.V. they do such a good job. I mean, we saw nothing. We went to basketball games and they were like ants, yeah it was was so boring. And we couldn't see anything. Yeah, this was twenty years ago we went. Oh, it feels like thirty if you ask me. Dad, I think we're eating. Why don't you why don't' you bathe after I think. I think I can. We're gonna eat. All right you don't stink. C'mon. Don't hold up Dad, Dad, Dad. I think everybody's getting restless. Don't don't hold up the works. Let's eat. Seriously, I I think that's what's happening. So, Cheryl, did you know that the girls were producing the Olympics this year. Isn't this incredible? So you're gonna go down to work for them? Ellen is going down to work at the Olympics. Do they need flowers? I'm in here. Hold on a sec. Be right out. Looks good. David, go ahead. Why don't you get get some food. Do you mind if I just stay here like this? Can I stay here like this for an hour? Just kitchen? Is that OK? Save this seat for me. Ah, yeah. Yeah, what can I do for you? What what what was the stock Scott? Yeah. Yeah. So you brought them? And what? And how many what was the down tip? What did they close at? Easy come, easy go, my boy. What ever what happened with, uh, what happened with Yahoo? And what happened? Did they go...? And then how far did it go? Yeah to like what? Yeah, that's interesting, so what's it at now? There's no value. Who made this chicken salad, mother? Mrs., uh, what was her name? The woman that used to work for Marty? How's Mrs. Nicholas? Do you hear from her? What does she do now? What's she doing with herself? What? Ellen what does she do now, Mrs. Nicholas? What Main Street, Port Washington? I remember I remember her from the old days. I remember when she owned the Port. Ellen I remember when she owned the Salem Deli. No no Sal. But it was like right there. All right, all right. Huh? I can't remember what the crescent was. I'm gonna sit I'm gonna sit down here I never see you guys. Sit down here and say hel say hello. Being artists and doing what we've done for years. Doing computer. We're doing Internet. Have you heard about the Internet? Have you been following that? Have you looked around on it a little bit? What's Steven's son's name? Noah. Where is he now, Noah? And he's in computers? Oh, he's all right, oh. Yeah, probably since he was a kid. You know, I was probably the last generation that did not grow up with computers. I mean, I bet our education, the one I had and the one you had in public school was essentially the same. After me, it changed. Kids two years younger than me had computers and a different type of education. I've had to do a lot of catching up. That's a good field. A lot of fun. Marty, have you done any Internet? It's a lot of fun. Oh yeah? We're trying to get Scott online for years now. He refuses to get a modem. He doesn't want Max to see that pornography out there. So, you guys were in Florida for how long? You you hated it, huh? Where were you? Where? Where's that? Uh huh, what was it you find it boring or? Well, look up in cold weather. You'll like it. Are you still in Rockville Centre? Same in the same place. I was just you know I don't go there that much anymore since my grandmother passed away last year. I go through there with Cheryl, uh. Hey, I'm my grandfather's grandson, you know? The man teaches taught me how to dress. I was a slob till he taught me how to dress. Um, so I drove through Rockville Center two Sundays ago I guess. I went to see we went to see my grandparents on the way down we looked at my grandmother's house on the way to see these guys. It was sold every window in the house was open as if they were airing the place out. It was very weird. You know but, uh, I don't think I'm gonna have much reason to go back to Rockville Center. I mean my whole the whole family's not there anymore. Yeah there was. She is in Rockville Center. Where is she, she's in some condominium over there, huh? So what what did you do in Florida? What did you do there? But they're people you knew from Rockville Center? Really? Is Arthur Wolf still around? Arthur Wolf? Is he still alive. Dad, do they know Arthur Wolf? No? Is he still alive? He was Arthur Wolf was in the Battle of the Bulge. Oh yeah? Not bad, huh? Did you get down to Miami Beach when you were down in Florida? Oh, you were in, what do you mean live there? They were you didn't get down this time, did you? But recently you've been have I mean you've South Beach is crazy. It's very chic. I liked it. We were there twice over the last 5 years we've had occasion to be there. No, I liked it, actually, I thought it was a lot of fun. But back in those days it was nothing, right? On the beach? David you had no no desire to go there and see where you spent three years? Twice we had to go we were there twice for business in the last five years and it I was impressed by it. We stayed in South Beach both times. Yeah. Yeah. I found it fun. You know we live in SoHo. Not that much difference, to tell you the truth. It feels, you know, flashy, models. David, they're all topless on the beach down there. I like that. Yeah, I thought it was terrific. I said I said let's, I said to Cheryl, let's take a walk on the beach it was terrific. I like that. We like that. The beach to go topless. You know, yeah. Oh, you don't but I do. David, would you look or no? Oh my god! What is that from? You cut your arm? Marty are you still collecting art? Are you still collecting art? Ceramics, yeah yeah. But you had a good ceramics collection going for a while. Cheryl and I were collecting, when we had room in our apartment, we were collecting really junky 50's production ware. Yeah, like like like like biomorphic, uh, shapes, kind of, you know, all that stuff. Enjoyed enjoyed that. We'd go to flea markets. No, they're beautiful too. I bet that was considered junk in its day yeah, yeah. Yes. Yeah, well you've got well known artists. What are they collecting? Really, what's jazz sculpture? Really? Really? What do they like? What kind of jazz do they like? Oh, that's great, wow. That's interesting. I'm gonna have a little bit more. This is good, the food's very good. The chicken salad I think is terrific. Could I get you anything while I'm up? Grandpa, do you want anything? Grandpa. Can I get you anything while I'm up? Gram? David you all set? You want a little salad or anything while I'm up? All right. Hey Margie, have you been able to get my radio station in? Yeah, why don't you? Tuesday nights. You should call call me. Yeah, that's me. That's my time. You should give me a call. Tell me you're listening. David, I got a I'm doing a radio show. In the middle of the night. It's, uh, it's a, uh, a station coming out of East Orange New Jersey in the graveyard shift, 2 to 6 a.m. Yeah, you're broadcasting to New York City there's always an audience. It's called F WFMU, 91.1. Just think of 911. It's fun. I never did it before. They start you on they start you on the dead hours, so you make a mistake no one cares at that hour. I heard that. This guy's an idiot. I mean, that was really. Yeah, yeah, but then in the paper they printed all the other stuff that he had... did you read that? They printed all the other stuff that he said over the years. The guy's an idiot. Who, Bob Grant? Are we talking about the same, oh, Bob Grant? What an idiot, yeah. Yeah. I'm glad, he's thrown off the air now, isn't he? Yeah, he's pretty evil, yeah. I remember when he was just on radio. Oh yeah, oh yeah. South meaning Florida or The South? The food is good. Did you read about this Bob Grant? He's evil. Ethyl says he's evil. Scott, did you read about that? What did he what was his quote that he said. Cheryl listen to this. Ron. What an idiot, huh? Oh, there was a rumor that there was survivors, that's right. Right, and I'm a pessimist, right. And he's incredibly popular. Yeah. ABC, wasn't he on WABC? Grandma, what do you like? You watching Oprah these days? You still watching Oprah or not really? You used to know all the daytime talk shows. You like Geraldo. I know he is. And what do you think of, uh, what's his name, Bob Dole? Do you like him? We always talk politics. I know you love talking politics with Aunt Ethyl, huh? I you always have you play the devil's advocate I think you abused it pretty... A Leftist? I remember the two of you used to really get going. So he would play devil's advocate just to get you going. I think your political sympathies are very much aligned. Yeah. The city's a lot nicer place to live these days. He's doing a nice job. Yeah. You still got D'Amato out here, right? He's been a terror for years. Yeah. I mean wasn't his brother indicted on some kind of criminal charges? I like Guiliani I think the city is the is becoming a cleaner and, uh, safer place. I feel it. I don't have an opinion, really. I like Cuomo, I always thought Cuomo in the end he seemed he seemed a little bit inefficient. He wasn't doing a whole lot in the end.