What what do you mean you would? You could do it? You'd get on to the LIE and take that car into on? What would you take the side streets then? Yeah. You take the Southern State. But you could if you had to drive into the city. Yeah, yeah. How's how's your reading? You know what I'm reading? Thomas Mann. Yeah, it is that's why it going slow. Doctor Faustus. That's why it's going slow. But it's good. It's a slow book. What the hell? Next up is Émile Zola. You like him? Gertrude Stein? You like her? She's a Yid. She's a lesbian. You never knew any lesbians in your day? You did? Who? What at Comfort? Really? Really? But you do approve. What? When am I gonna see you again? Next next month I'm gonna see ya? We saw you what, two weeks ago at your house we had a good time. It was two weeks ago. You kicked me the hell out. You said I've got to take a nap. Get out of here. Get goin'. You know what we did? Yeah, we went to Roosevelt Field. I'm a big boy. I haven't been to Roosevelt Field in years. That place has gotten enormous. Yeah yeah big mall. When was the last time you were there? You like the mall? You like some of the local storekeepers in Cedarhurst? Who do you like? How... Ask my father about those games he'll tell you about it. What do you mean you're gonna look? For what? What you're not gonna live here forever? Go to Fayetville. It's a nice place. I was almost born there. When I was a few days old I was in Fayetville. My Dad was called what up when, how old was I a week or two old? Oh, is that right? Are you actually thinking of, uh, going to down to Carolina? I thought you loved the cross country skiing. Why don't you go why don't ya why don't you live in the country and then drive up to Amherst Dad? But you got the country house. Why don't you retire up to the country house you got the lovely snow in the winter. I mean, you could drive over the Amherst. What is it about 45 minutes? Yes, eight years he's saying. What is it the Gross's are looking to retire in North Carolina also? A lot of Klan activity down there. I wouldn't move down there. Lot of you got what do you want some crosses burned on your lawn? Hmmm? Periphery? The center. Gabardine. I got. I got every I get all my attitude from him too, my outlook on life. Yeah. I wish I had a sunnier temperament. I'm a little dark, you know. Slightly dark. I don't know where I would get that from. Yeah. I tell you, aw, I'm gawna sit out here all day and watch the goddamned fisherman. Why not? I hate the goddamned birds. Right. Yeah. Aw goddamned birds, aw, the goddamned birds you see the goddamned birds out there Phil? I hate that goddamned guy out there, yeah. Aw, he's watching the rich people. I romanticize him. I romanticize him. Aw, so do I. I have a million friends. Uh, looks like 5 to me. I love goddamned people too. And animals. We both share a warmth for Maria, right? How is she doing? You hear from her? What is she she gonna make it? Get the goddamned car over here, will ya? Ma did. Get the hell out of here. I've had enough of you too buddy, pal. Aw, I had enough of you, enough socializing, enough animals. Goddamned sea! I hate it! The goddamned birds, to hell with them! Aw, the hell with them. She is really accident prone, isn't she? Ay. Don't do that on the... Max. You don't like her? Do you not like her? You don't like my wife. Why are you leaving? Why are you leaving so fast? Good-bye. All right Grandpa. David good to see you. Good to see you. I was just there recently. Good place. See ya Ethyl. Grandma, I'll talk to you soon. Good to see you for your birthday. All right, you're gonna get in the back here. Let's see if the car... No they're done. Look at them splitting wood there. Where do these go? Ma, where's the domestics? I can't believe that we're doing this stuff. Cheryl's a domestic. I knew I married her for a reason. Ja Ja Mrs. Goldshmiths. Mrs. Goldshmiths. Where's the baby? Ah. What's he been doing with himself? How's he looking? How's Jackie 2? The what? Who's that? Hi. Who's that? You like her? She's cute? Who's kid is that? You know her? Glad it's over? You came just for the baby? You did? Michelle, do you know Max? This is Margie's other baby, Max. Watch out. She's got two babies. Was he cute? Want a puppy? What kind, a mutt? I hear him. Cheryl this is Michelle. She's from across the street and she came to see the baby. Michelle do you want a piece of cake? She's so cute. You take a little home with you. Here. This is for now. You're welcome. She seven. My god, she's big. Max. Where? Need anything else done? Those chairs stay out there or they come in? So are you gonna come back here? We're just gonna tool around see if we can just blow a little. Where does this chair go? This one. We're just gonna take a little ride go a little try to find find some thrift go see some tag sales blow off a little time. You gonna be around? You gonna stay here? What? All right. Yeah yeah all right yeah. It's a nice day we're just gonna enjoy the day before it starts to rain. We're gonna be gone about 45 minutes. Roaming around, me and the wife. Where's the towel? Where's Cheryl, in there? Just just the food was good. The company was lively. Where's Max? Is he sleeping? Why is he sleeping? Really? He needs the he needs the sleep? Like my new shoes, Mom? See them? I just got them. Pretty, aren't they? I'll wear them Monday night. They're nice, I mean, they're weird, aren't they? Yeah, they're like loafers. Kenneth Cole. Good name, huh? Kenneth Cole. It was fun. I like Ethyl and David. They're nice. Ma, why is Max sleeping? It's kind of weird that he sleeps in the middle of the day like this, isn't it? Is this baby do anything but sleep? OK, you you wanna make a plan for... you wanna lunch is probably easier for me than dinner. Let's see. Well, I got another job for NYU Law School. I'm doing a web site for them. A section of their law school so, that's good. NYU can certainly pay. You got a piece of paper you got a scrap this is a different wallet. So that's good. I went did Cheryl tell you about our Cybersuds? The cyber network event we went? Cheryl's trying to get involved in it too now. So, if I can get enough work no she could come work for me, she is very good. Oh, I don't like it. OK, 11:45 on what, Thursday? Huh? Thank you though, I'm all right. I don't like to carry more stuff around I've got a calendar at work. I I usually have a wallet my wallet usually holds these things. I wear t-shirts most of the time I don't wanna carry another thing around with me. I carry too much shit around with me as it is. Why don't you get an electronic one really...? You'll be waiting a long time for that. I know, yeah, you're gonna wait a long time for that one. Why don't you just carry a little tape recorder then with you, a little dictaphone? No, I know I know I. Why don't you have one where you type it in? You take your pen and go choo choo choo. Forget it, anyway, so we'll just do that on Thursday all right? Cause night times are just kind of booked. Kind of a busy time late spring May late April May and June in the artworld are the worlds were in are a very busy time. Always have been. OK, that'll be fine. You understood it, huh? Did you get a sense of what you were up to? Did it give you a sense just a I know you had a little trouble with it as a reader did it give you a sense of what I've been up to? Yeah? Good. But you got the idea of the book? Well Geoff's publishing it, you know? And it'll be out, well, he says this summer but I I, like I said, we're not gonna see it for a while. But it's good. You know, it's very good. Yeah, it was nice of them to write it up, wasn't it? Well, he had been following my stuff, you know, he had just he likes it and I guess the time was right, you know, there were a couple of other artists that were doing stuff with words and they figure that's, you know. I was happy. I'm glad you read it, though. It's a good magazine. A lot of people see it. It hasn't done any, there's nothing to do really. I mean, there's nothing to sell. John and Karin got a call for a couple of people asking if they want a copy of the book but. It was great, you know, I was disappointed with the artworld's capacity to take in language, that's that's fine, you know? It's honest I I I think that's good, you know, it reveals how an artist goes from doing one thing to another. You know if that show was successful and I thought it was successful, I'd continue doing gallery stuff. What it says is we get from one place to another by not always by the good things but the bad things lead us to other places too. Disappointment and failure and misunderstanding too can also be an opening, you know, a blossoming and that was what he was, I hope that's what people would get that from what he was saying. People would get that, you know? You think so? I sent a copy to Grandpa Philip. Anything long enough, you know, get people. You've been getting written up for years and years. An executive coming into the industry would love to get the press you get but, you know, you know people you stick around, right? Camel you're not doing Anne Klein II anymore? Is that a were you a licensee for that. So you got business canceled, huh? I'd love to see it, I'm sure. Well, well oh look at that little thing that little is that new that little is that new that little chest of top of the chest on top of the drawer? Is that yours? What's in it? Who got you that, Mom? You happy about it? How's Max, is he cute? Cool cool kid, isn't he? Yeah, so was I. I was a good kid until Margie came along. Yeah, Mom told us yester hey did Mom have a good time seeing Cheryl? They get along, huh? You know, this is good. Well that one talk the talk that the big talk we had this winter did it. I'm I'm happy it's a lot it's a big load off my head, you know? Get along. You too. Let them just, uh, let them get along for god's sake. Neither do I. I don't hear it either. I never hear it. It's so easy they're both so easy to deal with now. It's very nice. Oh, we had a good time with Mom. I'm gonna go to the opera cause Cheryl can't make it. No, no, this is another, believe me, this is not the not the girl. This is a dopey high school assistant that was was really my assistant she was really sweet, no it's not. I wouldn't believe me I wouldn't wouldn't take her to dinner. Well, uh, this is a really sweet, actually about nineteen now she was kind of a this girl who who was very straight. She hate hated every all the art I was doing but she's a straight arrow and, yeah, she took me to her mother's house for dinner in Poland and she's really nice. She's just a kid. You like that Max. He got a personality now, huh? Piss and vinegar? He eats it up, I mean, there are a lot of there are a lot of great kids that don't turn out to be such great adults, so he's got a he's got a lot of work to do. It ain't gonna be that easy. What's the story with Isabelle? She's so sleepy. Not like this. Is she cute? Oh boy, the grandparents. I can't believe they're still around. Grandma's 85 Grandpa's gonna be 89? They're gonna live a few more years? Yeah. One of them, huh? You think Rosalind's gonna go first because of her health? The lung thing? He seems to be doing OK. He seems to be the same as he has for several years. She's having trouble breathing, huh? What's the latest with Susan? No more therapy? Is anything happening with the guy? Amie's having a lot of trouble. Amie's getting into a lot of trouble. It's not good. See the same thing hanging around with the wrong group of kids summer is coming, you know, Don and Melanie are not forcing her to go to some kind of creative place. She's gonna stay around Holden this summer. She's getting really bad grades in school, like C minus. You know, a lot of C minuses, that's not good. She's not a dumb kid. She's just off on a wrong track. It's not good. Cheryl's really worried about her. It's bad thought. She was gonna talk to Kathy about it. Cheryl's especially alarmed this week when she spoke to her father about how poorly Amie's doing in school, you know, cause Amie's an A an A an A potential, you know, an A potential. Yeah. Yeah, but you but we reach her sometimes and then it's back to the same old thing at home, you know, it's you gotta be you have to have somebody there every day. Yeah, we'll they've certainly tried and it's not it's not working. Yeah, Cheryl's pretty upset about it. Listen I wanna go cause we got to get back into the city and I want to take a little ride with Cheryl. Look at these guys fishing, Dad. What are they you can't eat the fucking fish from there, can you? Do people swim there? What did they say? Great. They've said it's all right to swim. It's nice to have an alternative. Where's the pool gonna go? Right behind those trees? We it's gonna be next to La Rosa's or beyond those trees? All right, we'll catch up, we'll catch up. Yeah still, huh? We'll find out where the where the wives are. Cheryl wants to get back. We have dinner with her art dealer tonight. All right, let's we're gonna take a little ride first. Take a little ride I need to clear my head I've got too much family, thanks. No. Let's take a little ride, sweetie, before it gets too late. I wanna go to some yard sales, see if I can't pick up some records for my show. It wasn't me. Can we borrow keys to a car? C'mon Cher we're gonna take a little ride. Kenny G. needs a little a little family space here. To be honest, I love you guys, but I'm a little bit burnt. At least I'm honest. Come come come. OK, we'll be back in a little while. Dad, I'll see you in a little while I'll prob OK, where is it in the garage? OK. Where? C'mon Cher. OK. All right, we'll we'll be back in a little while. Ready? Oh, we're gonna go out this way, honey. Whoops! All right all right. It was OK, it was OK. Oh my. Oh no. Bye. Hey I'm Ted's son. How you doin'? You guys doing a little trimming? Nice to see ya. You look like you're doing a lot of work over there, huh? All right. Did you eat that cake yet? OK! See you in a little while. We'll be right back. Slight detour. She's so adorable, isn't she? Both the kids? Yeah. That was that was tiring, huh? I just wanted to get out of there for a little while, god, you know? You agree with me? Who? Make what worse. Like I wanna get out of here? It's OK. They know it and they love it. How you doing, you tired? I just wanted to escape with you for a while. I was just getting claustrophobed out. Monkey shine. Monkey goes. My grandmother, she's not doing so good, huh? All that huffin' and puffin'. See any yard sales yet. Just cruise around a bit. I would think that this weekend would be a great yard sale weekend, wouldn't you? Get some funky shit. Fonky shit. You remember Dave and Karen's wedding and we drove around with Nick and Elizabeth? Wasn't that weird? Isn't it weird how like a friendship can just vanish? I think it was that weekend in the country that did it, huh? You ever think about them? They're off somewhere. Now my father's talking about retiring in 8 years to North Carolina. What I, uh, much of this trip is about about is, uh, with the with the, uh, Gross's to see what's happening in North Carolina. Yeah. Yeah they're thinking of going to someplace like Chapel Hill, like a university town in the South. Yeah. Uh huh. The latest plan. What? Yep. Pretty wild, huh? Yeah. Look at that woman in purple over there in the sari. Look at that at that group over there. Colorful Indian saris. It looks like an Indian family, doesn't it? Yeah, so this is their latest plan. This is what they're looking into. They're looking into, uh, moving to North Carolina. No, they want to be in a university town, some place where it's a little bit warmer. Uh, they wanna be able to sort of take classes and be stimulated but be somewhere that's really pretty. Uh, what do you think?