I think he's sexy. Don't you? No Michael no Michael right. No Michael could. Yeah yeah. You're right. Long hair and suits don't work. You look like a dick. You're right, no, you look like a dick. If you're wearing a suit. I, but I felt it. When my hair was very long I felt like a dick in a suit. I really did. I really did. I just knew, no Stefano's right it's just. You remember I had my hair very long, don't you? Salami curls. No, I looked like I looked like Kenny G. I looked just like Kenny G. Wanna see? I'll show you a picture. I sure do. On my li on my driver's license. Babe! And on my radio show I am Kenny G., that's my DJ name. Is that my weight on there? Yeah, well I was. It was all heavier. Oh they don't? Yeah, they used to. Stefano knew me back then. I was fat and I had long hair. It was a pity, yeah. I get all this fan mail. People on the Internet think I'm Kenny G. cause they do a search for Kenny G. and they come up come up with like my homepage and a mailto and I get all this email like the one the best one was from Korea. Kenny G. I think you sexy you do for me. Remember that? That's, uh, broken English like you're really sexy. Yeah, my homepage is called Kenny G's homepage. So they think it's all I got fan mail from Mexico I mean it's really weird. I saw you in, you know, in Chihuahua or something. People on the radio they get so upset at FMU because FMU is all hipsters so that the fact that they have that they have a DJ named Kenny G., you know, really rubs people the wrong way. They get so upset. Yeah. Right. Like hi, I'm Kenny Goldsmith. I mean or is it hey, I'm Kenny G. at FMU, I mean, what's cooler, you know? Ken. I never was called Ken I because it was it was it was. When I was a kid I got so much of that I would never be Ken. Like for work or something? Yeah. Hi, it's Ken Goldsmith. Like you get in. Steve. Do you ever do people ever call you Steve? Steve sounds like, oh, Stef is nice. Steve is like like sounds like a male porno star. I'm sure people over the years have tried to call you it. What does your Mom call you? Who called you Jane? Janey. Oh, Jan, right. That's our age. We're plagued by these things. Kids coming up now have a whole new group. Did you guys read that article on Mason Reese in the paper? That was the saddest thing. Cheryl almost cried I mean we all read it! That was the best article ever! Cheryl what was the what was the. Babe, yeah. Yeah. I said to David picture analysis here is a she club and he still looked like an asshole. What is what what what was the saddest line in the article, Cheryl? Cheryl had the saddest line in the article about his fingers or something? His stubby fingers? I know, do you think he's getting laid now in the club? You think he's getting laid at all now in the club? You know have you I walked by that club the other night and actually the door was open I kind of peeked in. Yeah, the Milk Bar, right. Well what about what what was the name of like Gary Coleman what was the name of the show he was on and also the old Willis also got fucked up and Kitten Kitten robbed stores. What was her name, Kitten, right? What happened what's going to happen to Macaulay Culkin? About his parent. Yes I did about his parents. I loved that. It's it's so sad, like, horrible divorce, yeah. Right right and and the younger one the younger like sort of sinister, yeah, it's bad news. Yeah yeah. I think it's bad news. Yeah. Oh yeah. Well what was the younger the younger kid's name, like he was sort of a star? I mean Macaulay Culkin. Right right right. Yeah, he's got a they're trying. I thought he was in his day he was adorable. I love it. I love both of them. I scream. Really? How could you hate that? It was the best movie ever. Does she like children's movies? I love them. Did you see Babe? Wasn't that great? Bah ram ewe? I loved that. Bah ram ewe. Yeah. You are. He's a babe. Take your jacket. Does that mean we're together? We can share suits. Ken. Tacos Stefano. No, that's it. I want my jalepehildren's movies? I love them. Did you see Babe? Wasn't that great? Bah ram ewe? I loved that. Bah ram ewe. Yeah. You are. He's a babe. Take your jacket. Does that mean we're together? We can share suits. Ken. Ta How did they make the duck talk? Wasn't that just incredible? It was unbelievable. And animals. Oh no they were real animals, they were. Many animal trainers. Oh Stefano, you're so cynical. What do you mean there were no animals? They were all animals. There was a little bit I think less than you'd think. Two tamales and some rice and beans refried she's got. We both got oh Cheryl's got the refried. No Stefano's got the refried and I got the black. I did. I got two tamales. The ser I guess they weren't ready for the New York Times crush. I want my I want my jalepeales and some rice and beans refried she's got. We both got oh Cheryl's got the refried. No Stefano's got the refried and I got the black. I did. I got two tamales. The ser I guess they weren't rea. You enjoyed that? It was weird, wasn't it? No. What a weird what a weird movie. Can OK, any other beers besides my Tecate? Thanks. What did you see? Oh, I'm going tomorrow night no, I'm going Monday night. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, we do, yeah. Oh, that's great. I'm glad to hear that. Great great great great that's a good rec yeah. Yeah, we go we go to the Met all the time many, like I'm an opera freak. Stefano, you can actually go and understand it, can't you? And we go. No, it's something nice for us to do together and she pays. Oh, that's one way and the other we have orchestra seats and the other and other way I get to go is. I like the Grand Tier that's where we saw La Boheme the first time. Oh, it was great. Yeah we just get 20 dollar seats and we sneak down and the other way I get to go is that John Lee, his father is like 80 and he had a stroke he's been a subscriber to the Met for about 50 years so he's got row D orchestra and he never wants to go and John can't stand opera so he calls me to ask me all the time if I want tickets. Which is amazing it's I mean you're really you know you're really I mean you're we we sat next to Renata Tebaldi when she was in town. We sat right across the aisle from from La Tebaldi. Nope nope. Yeah we saw her in Makropulos Case. She was good though. The food is good. Yeah. Oh really, where was this? You don't do that. Did you actually tie it and untie it? Greek. Stefano, like did you ever hang out in the clubs? Not even in the late '70s early '80s or? Oh, rock clubs punk clubs and stuff in the late '70s? Yeah. Where we you hanging out in in '79 '80? No, you were working in Soho, right? Yeah, I graduated high school in '79. Weren't you and Bill Arning friends in high school or something? I mean cause Bill was in a rock band hanging out in like Club 57. He what? I remember them. I remember you told us this. Yeah. When I went to NYU in '79 to '80 I worked at The Jack Gallery. Perlow, she's now got her own gallery. She was god she was really we were selling like, yeah, she she was the director, yeah, and I was the shop boy there, yeah. She has a gallery, right, yeah. She has a cheesy gallery selling the same kind of crap she was selling at the uh, and it was where NaNa shoes is now. Back in those days West Broadway, you know, remem I mean it was there was hardware stores. There was a lun a luncheonette on the corner of Prince and West Broadway, yeah. Huh. Yeah, I got fired from there because I lied about my age. I said I was older to get the job and somehow she found out and I was fired, yeah. No, she was a very severe Austrian woman and we did not get we just did not click. Yeah, no, my hair was down to my ass I was tripping on acid everyday, we just we just didn't get along. No, I remember Stefano that back then West Broadway, I remember one day being really really high on acid and it was a bright sunny afternoon and I remember walking down West Broadway and then like West Broadway between Prince and Houston on the left side of the street where they have cheesy galleries now they had like the Vorpal Gallery which was just as cheesy back in '79 and I recall seeing these Plexiglas sculptures and seeing the sunlight hit these cast solid Plexiglas sculptures and they no but I also remember cast resin, yeah, right and it was also the the and I remember though feeling that it was cheesy that it was cheesy then, you know, I knew nothing about art but I knew SoHo was cheesy even in '79 and then they we would go down to the Holography Museum. Yeah. Remember that place way down on Mercer? Yes it was. Yes it was. No it was like Howard, right where Howard blows into it yeah. Right right. SoHo was still cheesy. That's my point it was still it I don't remember SoHo when there wasn't the Jack Galleries or Food. I mean Food was a cheesy place. Right. But you must gone there. Well. Matta Clark opened this gallery, uh, Food? I didn't know that. Yeah by the time we all arrived tour buses rolled in there, yeah, it was bad. It's not like the Vorpal Gallery resin sculpture. Yeah well there was time when Fanelli's was hip too. I can't remember it. You don't remember it. It's always been hor. Did we see that Cheryl? Yeah. All right. Oh wow, that sounds great. Yeah. That sounds good. Which where's the Spring St. Bar? On the corner? The one that's been cut in half? Yeah, but I'm sure it was different looking maybe. Mel and who? So listen Berry's. Nick Sheidy, uh, where does Nick go now? I saw Nick today, man, for the first time cause we live near Berry's I used to see Nick, man, I used fucking as recently as a year ago I used to see Nick literally crawling out of that bar. I mean it was. Nick is so sad. Nick was at our wedding as a date as Kathleen Cullen. No. What is what is it for? Ah! He fucked her! He fucked Keiko. He is a guy who she fucked and she said his balls smelled like Cheerios! This is pure Andrea Scott. The circle has come we've come full circle. We've come right back we met we met with Keiko. No, she's said... What? We were in a restaurant with her and he walks in and she says oh here comes Cheerios! What does that mean? Whatever that meant that nutty taste! Yeah, they were real nuts! No wait wait. Now who's fucking Keiko? Oh, Nick. Oh that's so funny. Keiko swimwear. It's so funny. Oh, my god. It's terrible, it's awful stuff. She was a client of his and they they slept together and had this big falling out. And then he gets these total babes, like Andrea. Dan goes out with models. Yeah yeah. I mean her bathing suits are... Nick Nick is a well, I mean, I can't talk about it you can talk about Nick. Nick Nick's a nice guy, you know. No, I don't know what Nick was like to work with day in and day out. Probably sad. Was he just dysfunctional at Sonnabend? No, we always thought it was bizarre. He had all this history that he was married to this black woman in the Seventies and they lived in Fort Greene and. Kathleen Cullen is the wife of Robert Mahoney. Nick by Nick? I wouldn't I wouldn't want to go in because I'd have to talk to him for an hour. Is he still work there? I haven't been there in a while I haven't been there since you left I used to just go for Stefano. Now, I don't know. Does he still work there? Is that gallery still open? He's the 60 year old boy at that desk. Which was when it was in 420. No, you were working in galleries that was '79. We went to a party once at Ron's. At one point at one point he was sort of powerful. His skin getting all dried out too, Cheryl. Yes. Stefano, I remember Karin Bravin adapted her little system of triangles and circles in the date book. I said some really sick thing where you color in you you make a triangle and then for for a date that's to come and then if you've confirmed it you divide it in half and color it in like halfway. And I said to Karin, what what is this? She's like oh Mary right right taught us to do this. Yeah, she was there with you wasn't she? Who? The older guy that Cat goes out with? I think Cat's kind of sexy. No, seriously I do, I really do. No, she's not my not my type at all. I like small, dark, ethnic women. However, she's tall but you know what, I mean, and I'm never I'm never even look but Cat for some reason she hits me right, yeah, she hits me right. I don't think that guy she's with I don't know him and I've seen him a few times. He's kind of older, kind of like forties, mid-forties. Kind of established, I mean, together they look pretty lovely. Very tall she's very tall. Yeah. I think Cat's sexy. What does he really? Really? He strikes me as such a successful looking he looks just like a businessman, yeah. Cat's boyfriend. So long ago? You are. You know what? We are. We don't we don't look old but we are. We have a history. Really really? Where at Friends? At Collegiate. Oh my god. Really? Is he a good guy? Do you like him? I can't believe that the two of you are connected through George York. I like George. Yeah. Was he gay then? I mean, I know he is now, yeah. That's funny and he came into your show but he has he followed your gallery? Really? Really? You mean that over all these years... He's so nice. Of course he has he has to. That's so cool. George. George was like actually he was really nice I mean, he's like really neurotic and has bad breath. Cheryl and I didn't... His breath would just get horrible. How was his breath today? No kisses or... That's funny that he hasn't been in before. Was he proud of you how well you're doing? We we all have somebody like that in our past. I know your. Tom Moore. No, over all these years, you know, that's what people don't realize, you know, kind of, you know, some some dopey high school teacher is always influencing and shaping minds. Yeah, he's in it with his heart. Ah no, he did a great job at P.S. 1. He loved it, yeah. And look what he did. Obviously it influenced, you know, you in a really positive way, yeah. Yeah. Cool. Good for George York. That's very cool that he came in. I like George. So listen, I could use a coffee. Should we go stay here or go elsewhere? We... Yeah. Where is that, yeah. Well, we could do both. Oh, it or at, uh, wait. Oh, at Orleans. Bleecker, wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute, Bleecker. I know Bleecker between 6th and 7th you've got like like Faicco's pork store. OK, so where is Orleans? You wanna go over there? Is it happening now? Why don't we stop by, say hi. Sure. Now, do you have to go take your show down tomorrow or what? Starts at two and it's gonna go at least till six and then Bruce and Sally want to go out and get a bite afterwards so. Tomorrow afternoon. Two in the afternoon until six. Why don't you just go in the morning? Well, are you gonna be there in the a.m.? Like, what time. And you and if Stefano lets you in at eleven, you take down your show and then I'll meet you at Xenakis. Cheryl we're gonna go to Michael Joo's party. I mean, he's not what he was but but. Oh, it's for Aki too. I've known her for a long time. She's wonderful, she's really nice. What? It is parallel, especially the art circle. No, I've know her for... I've known her for so many years. Uh, we were, then we talked about like Mary Jo and Allan and the involvement there. With Andrea. That's good. Yeah. Good for Allan, good for her. I don't know, good for both of them. She's ripped through guys. I mean, I've met I've known several people who have gone out with her and she's just viscous. She's a man-eater, she really is she's completely a a she spits them out and chews she spits them up and chews them out. What do people see in her? What do guys see in her? No, I have no I have no. I can't tell you. Two guys that went out with her that I knew were weak characters. She's not sexy. Right. Is it the same shrink? Was it the same person you saw? Yeah. Yeah. Right. She never spoke to you again. She hates you to this day. Monique hates you. You'd never even know. Wanna bet? She couldn't deal with Cheryl after that the fact they saw the same doctor. Yeah, it's like seeing somebody at the gay bath house. Would that be an embarrassment? I mean, well, Stefano you're here?