She finally met Lisle's daughter, Samantha, who wasn't half bad really, just a little artsy and pretentious, though Beth supposed she probably seemed pretentious in her own way to her. They listened to records and talked some, each of them aware that the visit was therapy in their father' and mother's eyes respectively and so a little too much on guard. Predictably enough Samantha liked the Talking Heads and actually the CD really wasn't all that horrible if you had to listen all the way through it. She probably had a tattoo on her shoulder or thigh.

Speaking of tattoos, for a long time Beth found herself doodling the same thing again and again. She would fill sheets with the blue glyphs while she talked on the phone to her boyfriend or someone and sometimes made a variation of it on the back of her hand with a felt tip.

She knew it was meant to be the Blue Stag. If she had a tattoo she would put it on the underside of her left breast if she could stand it. She didn't see much of Samantha and sometimes thought of giving her a call but she figured it would be best to see what developed between her father and Samantha's mother before making any gestures she would regret.