Support Networks
These organisations provide confidential advice and support about HCV and related issues.

+ Australian HCV Support

 Hepatitis C Council of NSW
Confidential free telephone Support line
1800 803 990

The Hepatitis C Foundation (Victoria)
(03) 9280 2316

The Queensland Hepatitis C Council Inc
Information and Support line
(07) 3229 3767

Hepatitis C Council of South Australia

Hepatitis C Council of Western Australia

or contact your Area Health Service
who may have a HCV support worker.

+ Global HCV Support

Check out this great list of
Support Groups all over the world.

+  Information on the Web
HCV information and support availabe online is not intended to be used in place of professional medical
advice. Get your own information and ask your doctor, or several doctors, before acting on any advice to be sure it's right for you

The Best
Frequently Asked Questions
Resource on the Net

Hepatitis - an epidemic for everyone

Medical Information at Hep Net's
Hepatitis C Directory

Information and Activism
HEP-C Alert!

Support and Information at
Hepatitis Mutual Support

All types of Information at the
Hepatitis Place

Hepatits C
Outreach Project

Mailing Lists & Newsgroups

online communities of people supporting others with HCV, and great sources of information,- if you dont mind getiing lots of email.

+ HEPV-L Mailing List

HEPV-L is an unmoderated discussion list primarily intended for people who have chronic hepatitis, but also open to people otherwise involved with this illness, such as doctors, nurses, family members... We welcome personal stories, as well as medical and scientific information which is pertinent. Suggested topics are things like the pros and cons of interferon, alternative medicine, nutrition.

Friendly suggestions on keeping our spirits up. Explanation of medical terms. Questions from those newly diagnosed. How to cope with consequences like cirrhosis, liver cancer... How we find hope.

with SUB HEPV-L yourfirstname yourlastname in the body of the message.
For example: SUB HEPV-L Jane Smith

+ Alternative Mailing List

There is a discussion group for people who have HCV and don't use medications but who follow Alternative Therapies like diet, supplements, Ozone, CS, Rife, Beck etc. The objective is to exchange results and experiences so we can handle HCV in a wholistic way.

If you want to become a member, go to the following web page
OR send email to agroexotic@cyberspace.com.br

+ Hepatitis C Forum Mailing List

Basically the same as HEPV-L, but originating in the UK
An open format list with a warm and friendly atmosphere.
To find out more go to:

+ HepCan Mailing List

A smaller online support group for Canadians.
Go to http://www.egroups.com/list/hepcan/
to sign up. or email hepcbc@iforward.com
for more information

+ Hepatitis Family Members Mailing List

Everyone in a family is affected when someone has the virus.
This is a support group for other family members. To join this list:
Send an e-mail to majordomo@bnatural.communitech.net
In the body of the e-mail type -
subscribe hepatitis-family yourname@yourdomain.com
for example, fred@ozemail.com.au
the subject line should be blank.

+ Newsgroups

for medical information try