My Angel

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Posted by Sharillyn on March 24, 1998 at 08:19:34:

My angel is a deceased Buddhist Boddhisatva who always appears to me seated on a jade stone throne. His humor and gentle spirit of giving is a great source of strength in my life. He first started to be a part of my life during a solo camping trip in which I broke my leg.

At first I thought I was unable to move and was going to die out in the mountains alone. But after facing the thought of death praying, a sudden burst of amazing energy came over me and I was able to half-hop, half-crawl along the trail. But which direction? That's when a voice began to talk to me very distinctly and tell me "left" "right" or whatever at every branch in the trail. After six torturous hours I came upon a High School group who had decided to stay an extra day on their trip. They weren't even supposed to be there! But there they were, and several of the strong boys were able to carry me to my truck and drive me to the regional hospital. If not for my angel I would have been vulture food for sure!

So my question is: do you think my angel is a throne angel?

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