My Angel, Eiron, Part 2 "Heavenly Light"

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Posted by Marsha on March 10, 1998 at 09:18:03:

Part 2

So one clear, warmer, end-of-winter day Margaret down the block calls to see if I can take her two year old Gerald to the park for her and I say "Sure!" but she calls back to cancel. And I'm so disappointed I cry.

Then somehow this strength, an inner voice, comes into me and I say "I'm going to take Myself to the park, ding-dang it!"

And so I go, and it's beautiful, and I'm sitting there feeding ducks when all of a sudden everything gets quiet and a beautiful warm bright feeling folds me in its arms.

YOur best birthday ever, half way through opening your presents. Camping with your Mom and Dad where they're happy and you're all sleeping in the same tent cozy in the dark before the other kids were born. The boy you like best crosses the whole basketball court (it can't be! it can't be!) and yes comes straight up to you, and he's standing in front of you and asks you to dance! Your favorite song by your favorite band and you're right in front of the stage and they look you right in the eye (everyone you know is there) and say "We'd like to dedictate this to MARSHA." Your hand in your fiance's hand, except it's a hand as big as a couch. A giant puppy as big as you to sleep in your bed and love you and lick you all the time and make you laugh.

That's just the BEGINNING of the list of how my Throne Angel Eiron made me feel.

OK. Eiron is about 9 feet tall sitting down and when I saw him at the park his wings were folded behind him (angel-lover's note: no feet!!!) and he was wearing a white robe shimmering like satin and rippling like water with almost these CHUNKS of light dripping off the folds like honey. He's about 45 or 50 with the kindest face you've ever seen. He's so friendly! He looks like he's just about to kiss you.

You see his big hands so caring like if they touched you every muscle would relax, and his lap, I felt like if I crawled in it I could fall asleep forever like a cat in the sunshine. Finally, Marsha, finally, it felt like.

Behind his head was a wheel of fire (THrone Angels's symbol is the wheel) Maybe I looked silly to the other people in the park, but I don't care.

Walking back home I felt as tender as glass with everything so precious, every little patch of mud or yellow Denver Boot clamped on a blue scoff-law car.

This truly changed my life and I sincerely hope you will one day have this experience, too.

With love,


P.S. This experience really kicked me in the butt along with Bits and convinced me not to feel sorry for myself and get in gear and here I am! I have 14 resumes in the mail as of today!!!!

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