My Throne Angel Brookatron the Magnificent

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Posted by Bits on March 18, 1998 at 16:18:03:

Brookatron the mighty, Brookatron fire from Heaven, smoke from earth curling wafting through my hair, Brookatron filling my nostrils and lungs with your peaceful powerful perfume, Brookatron stamping your beautiful boot and shaking mountains, Brookatron grabbing my robe and pulling me into your grace, Brookatron Throne Angel Warrior companion of Heaven's multitudes, Brookatron sacred trusted councillor at Gods' Round Table, Brookatron helmeted charioteer, Brookatron my own I humiliate myself before you!

My sacred Relationship with Brookatron began years ago, two or four hundred, for we have been soul-melded since I can remember, since before memory and time were one, although I did not see his earthward face until last Memorial Day Eve about four in the morning. Brookatron chose me his earthly companion in a dream night of ages after a day of prayer and self-charity. Brookatron recognized me worthy to stand representative to wo/man-kind in his graceful strength. He spoke to me with a voice of seven thunders and twenty waterfalls, he spoke words in the language of the meteors, sang me songs accompanied by the keyboard of the seas of be His thoughts broke through that language as lava shakes off its crumby crust, carving his ideas directly into the tablets of my heart with a diamond chisel, ideas known only to him and to me, ideas of justice and vengeance and the futures of worlds. These secrets I cannot impart.

However fear not, Brookatron blesses this web site, I assure you this, Brookatron showers on it fresh flowers and the winged creatures of heaven earth and wo/man, spreads before it a banquet of the sweetest meats and fragrant fruits from the Elysian Fields of celestial joy.

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