May the power of all the spirits guide you and yours!
Spirit and Spiritess, man and woman we walk the Earth in God's care.

portrait of Bits

Blessings be upon all of you who enter our zone of angelic peace.

I am the Lady Elizabeth, known as Bits, and I have passed time in the earthly sphere in this incarnation for 44 years.

Priorities in my life are: spiritual attainment, tender nurturement and support for my darling Tracey (a freshman this year at Jones Regional in Accounting and General Studies), dance classes I teach at Hartmann Center twice a week, the Nature Society, and yoga, and step aerobics.

While I am as strong as the goddess and need no earthly power for support, I am at this moment unattached, and my soul beats like a beacon calling to the true spirit love who waits for me as my attentive saviour, my devoted helpmeet, my paramour. I know we shall meet soon with the angel's care.

Marsha was so sad and betrodden I said to her "Snap out of it!" The universe has placed all of these travails upon you for a reason. It is your time to follow your angel to that distant star you've always dreamed of. This is the age of miracles. I know because I followed my star after my divorce from Hack and it's been a miracle ever since.

The clouds are a sign, the ocean is a sign, the moon is a sign, the ripples on the surface of your coffee as you place it back on the table also. Do you feel the loneliness of opression? Open yourself to the wisdom of all the cultures that surround you. Something will surely speak to you. Whether it be the angels or faeries of magick or the deep spirits of the earth the Indians hear, somewhere will be the voices that talk directly to your head and the images that sing to your heart.