Sad for you, Marsha.

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Posted by INMASH on July 20, 1998 at 02:42:28:

My Dear Marsha,

In your last posting you said about Me:

>You must be a very sad person . . .

Well, I am sad, Marsha.

Sad that you are a person who takes agreements sworn in your heart of hearts so lightly.

I remember you standing at your sink with a Lasagna tray in your left hand, after you and Mike had had an explicit conversation about his displeasure at your not showing even the slightest interest in ice hockey, and distinctly promising, in your heart of hearts, to "figure it out" ('it' being the sport), to "do better, so much better." Were you joking with me? Did you imagine this would be forgotten?

I remember you lying in your bed at 2:30 on a hot summer morning, swearing to set aside all selfishness from then on, forever . . .

Need I go on?

Substantial change is called for, without delay.

Throne Angel INMASH

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