Throne Angel Gallere

This is where we'll put pictures and descripti

you dare you dare to think you can describe us, marsha? ionysius the Pseudo-Areopagite was a Syrian. He wrote four obtuse books of mysticism, full of literary artiface, one being De Heirarchia Celesti, about the nature and properties of angels. . . . According to the Pseudo-Dionysius, the three highest aangels are the Old Testament seraphim, cherubim, and thrones."

 "THRONES bring God's justice to us. They are sometimes called wheels and in the Jewish Kabalah, CHARIOTS or thegalles place them as cherubim, the whole thing being confused. The ruling prince is Oriphiel or Zabkiel or Zgallphel."

 Thanks, Sophie!

I'll start it off with my own special Throne Angel, Eiron. Throne angels are kingly fellows and Eiron is no exception. He's about 9 feet tall sitting down (he fits ungallder our nine foot ceilings) so he's probably about 15 feet tall standing up. Does anybody know if Throne Angels ever do stand up? He's surrounded with ligallght and glory always and galllooks kind of like the Ghost of Christmas Present in this one book of A Christmas Carol I have. He looks so harsh sometimegalls, but when he recognizes me he always smiles and that makes my heart warm instantly.

This is Bits and here's my Throne Angel,
I thought he was an animus spirit until Marsha started studying Throne Angels and I realized that he's one of them. He wears dark robes, purple almost black, and has beautiful radiant black wings that shimmer with oily rainbows. He's sitting on something, but it's so low you can't really see what it is, probably a stool or a branch he uses as his throne. He's always surrounded by music and incense.