The Unknown: The Green Line.

The second night at Brown, we gave a full interactive Unknown-style reading. It was in this cool multimedia lab, and it was probably our ideal audience. There was a tub of beer and soft drinks on ice in the hallway right outside. So a lot of people were drinking and laughing. We showed off some of Katie’s paintings while we were waiting for Coover.
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Once Coover arrived, we got things going.

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Interactive Readings
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Bobby Rabyd was very demanding about linking already, but we like him anyway.

It was a star-studded audience. There’s Califia author Margie Luesebrink sitting next to groundbreaking hypertext theorist George Landow. Other luminaries in the audience included tank20’s Rob Wittig, Nick Traenker, open source programming genius Peter Nürnberg, and Salt Hill editor Jeff Parker.

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