The unknown: the blue line. unknown
  We played disc golf. Dirk won. Dirk always wins. It was very hot, and the humidity was miserable, and neither of us played particularly well. But it was good exercise. And Mount Airy, as always, presented us with splendid vistas.

S: I would say disc golf does make Cincinnati more livable.

D: Absolutely. It was quite a shock to learn, as I travelled west this summer, that Cincinnati is one of the premier disc golf areas in this damn country.

S: Which was quite a shock, because I think we assume that if there is something good in Cincinnati, it must be better in other places.

D: Yeah, I guess that was my prejudice.

S: That’s usually how it works. But there are—as I was saying, and a lot of the point of this discussion here is that—there are some really nice things about Cincinnati, Ohio.

D: Yes, I will admit that. Mount Airy is one of them, not only because of its fine disc golf course, but basically the large patch of nature that has been secured from development, we presume. Kind of a Central Park type of deal.

S: And it also has one of the best Ph.D.-level Creative Writing programs in the country.

D: I would say so. I don’t know how many of the experts would agree, but—

S: We have a lot of famous poets here.


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