The Unknown: The Green Line.


DAC '99 Technical Notes

There are still a few bugs in the system at Georgia Tech

Technical problem.
Technical problem.
Technical problem.

Friday, 2:30 p.m.
I am sitting in the conference room where Professor Rabyd will be explaining his psychedelic hypertext novel, Sunshine 69.
I just smoked a cigarette with Tim Ryder from Melbourne, who, last night, led Scott and I on a drunken taxiride into purgatory. I awoke at noon, the conference in session, I unregistered, the glass table in the hotel room shattered, cigarette butts trampled on the balcony.
At this point, I am registered but still unsure why I'm here or what I hope to learn or achieve, beyond giving what will hopefully be a good reading. In the context of what I've seen so far, a fresh breath of art—practice undiluted by theory—will be successful, I hope.
I am proving so far unconfident and inept in the face of meeting interesting people. The conference is, however, crawling with interesting people from many countries. As I walk among them and allow them to observe my name tag they will all silently note that I am someone they have never heard of from a part of America they have never heard of from a school they have never heard of, a school which helped make the Web possible by introducing the prototype web browser Mosaic.
The session is in session.

This is a sketch of the conference session for trAce.


William and Scott talk to the Marriott Bartender
4: Volleyball

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