The Unknown: The Blue Line.
  W: I mean, are you gonna let the kids read the hypertext?

S: Ah… I suppose we’re gonna have to. But first we’re gonna have to give them sort of a background in the Beat movement of the 50s and 60s.

W: I see, so that they’ll know that it’s all just a carefully manicured parody of a drug-fueled American literature.

S: A fictional device, essentially, that allows us to venture into the territory of Magical Realism, that allows us to capture the full sense of 80s decadence and greed that we’re really not all about but that we are in fact using art to combat—

W: Magical Realism—

S: —And the drugs also provide us with a nice Miltonesque fall, which as serious literary scholars, we of course need to use drugs in the hypertext.

W: The Magical Realism, it would be good to explain that to the kids, because then you could get into the South and Central American experimental fiction, give them a background on their Borges, Cortazar, give them a chance to get into their own literary heritage.

[Dirk finds a dollar bill on the street.]

A: Lucky you.

D: I always find money, because I’m always looking for it.

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Magical Realism
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