The Unknown: The Blue Line.
  W: Coming to you live from the basement of the famous Myopic Books bookstore near Wicker Park in Chicago.

S: The crowd is pretty large. I don’t think we expected this many people, this big of a turnout.

W: Yeah. I hope the tape comes out.

S: Um, I mean I’m a little nervous about going on. The gathered literary community of Chicago is pretty much—Hey Studs. How you doin? Hang loose. Yeah. Ah, so, ah, and we got, ah, what’s the name of that lawyer guy? The lawyer guy with the—Scott—Scott Turow.

W: Oh, the guy in the fur coat.

S: Yeah. And the—I don’t get the feather boa.

A: And the wrap-around sunglasses.

S: But, hey. He’s a lawyer, he’s a writer, that’s cool.

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