Browser Issues


Opera: I like the fullscreen mode of Opera (F11 toggles fullscreen mode, as with most other browsers). The essay 'About Lionel' can't be scrolled in fullscreen mode, so toggle F11 to regular mode to read the essay. Actually I prefer viewing net art in Opera to all other browsers because of its fullscreen-no-browser-chrome mode. Better than IE because in IE when you mouse the top or bottom of the screen, an IE menu comes up. Whereas Opera does not do that. You do need to remember the F11 fullscreen toggle key though.
Internet Explorer 4+: Works well except see the above note which makes Opera better.
Firefox 0.8: Can go fullscreen-no-browser-chrome. Have heard that the bottom-right nav arrows disappear sometimes in HTML pages.
Netscape 7.1+: Works fine. Can't go fullscreen-no-browser-chrome.


Internet Explorer 5.2+: Works better than the two below for Shockwave work.

Safari 1.2.3: Sometimes when you click, you have also to move the mouse in order for the click to take effect. This happens not just concerning Shockwave content but also plain HTML content. Also, sometimes when you proceed to a new page, all you see is a white screen. To remedy this, go back. Then go forward. These two bugs are annoying but if you know about them you should be OK to view the piece with Safari.

FireFox 1.0: FireFox displays two problems viewing On Lionel Kearns that make it unfavorable or impossible to view with FireFox. The navigation in On Lionel Kearns is, typically, either via clicking on the main item on the screen, to advance, or by clicking the arrows often displayed at lower-right of the screen (to advance or go back). Firefox either obscures these arrows at bottom right or they are not visible at all. Try pressing F3 to fix this. Also, it will not load the first video (Birth of God/uniVerse) at all.