1. Background

Diagrams Series 6 is implemented in Squeak. Please note that Squeak is available under the terms of The Squeak License. If you are running any of the operating systems Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux you should have everything you need in this distribution. If you are running a different operating system (e.g. BSD, Mac OS 9) see the section below, Other Operating Systems . In Squeak, the entire universe is contained in a single file called an image. In addition, it normally takes 3 other files to run Squeak: (1) an executable called a Virtual Machine (VM); (2) a changes file that goes along with the image; (3) a sources file giving complete source code for everything in Squeak. For this project, the image has been "reduced" so as not to need either the changes file or the sources file. In this directory you should find 3 files: Macintosh_Squeak 3.6.1Beta5.app, Linux_squeak, and Windows_Squeak.exe. If your operating system is Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows, double-click the executable for your operating system and the excerpt from Diagrams Series 6 should launch. It should execute "in place" without installation, even from a CD. (Windows users please note there is no registry magic or other horrors typically inflicted inside "rocket science" setup.exe programs.) If you are running some other operating system, see 3 below.

Installation is not required, but if you want to install, simply copy the executable for your operating system along with the file Squeak.image to any suitable directory.

2. If You Already Have Squeak Installed on Your System

For those fortunate souls who have already installed Squeak: You should just be able to execute Squeak with the image Squeak.image from wherever you would like to copy it. However: please note that this image was prepared using Squeak 3.6. It is possible something may fail if your VM is older than this.

3. Other Operating Systems

Squeak runs on a large variety of other operating systems. If you don't see your operating system listed above, please visit the Squeak download page, download a VM for your operating system, and then launch the VM for your operating system with the file (from this directory) Squeak.image as an argument.