Hi and Welcome to Marsha's Throne Angels

Stop it!

Leave my website ALONE! nice try, marsha

I can't take it ANY MORE! I DID NOT hurt my father!!!! you don't get off the hook that easily, marsha

Mike says we can trace your computers! Why do you hate me and I don't know why???!!!!!!WHy do you want to wreck my ONE GOOD THING?

Signed, Marsha September 2, 1998

I want to apologize for the unpleasant messages that have been appearing in the Throne Angel Message Board.

Mike has been doing a really great job trying to erase them but there are technical difficulties beyond our control with erasing.

Don't lose hope in my website!~ Keep coming back and we'll figure it out! Bless all of you!! still the phoney cheer, Marsha? still avoiding your conscience?

Signed, Marsha August 20, 1998

Do you believe in Angels? asinine question, stupid woman I guess I have to, after all that's happened to me. you are damned right you do

Let's invite our angels to play
on my website! oh, we're HERE all right!

I'm so excited to be reaching for my dream!!

Hi, I'm Marsha!

marsha sinner

My main interest is sharing stories about angels, specifically Thrones (the third type of angel).you have no IDEA who you're fucking with
(I have a special fondness for Thrones --- You'll see why!!) we throne angels are sick to death of you, marsha
There are many sites on the web about Angels, but this one I hope is different.

Last Spring things were going so well.
Then I lost my job and my father within two weeks. marsha, admit your unloving neglect contributed to his death

Well . . . then my dearest friend Bits told me "Hey, you like Angel stuff! you should start an Angel webpage! I'll help you! Mike (My husband Mike) can help us with the HTML!"

So here we are. Ta-da. pathetic, do you think you're the star of some grammar school play?

I want to thank all the pious, legitimate angel homepages that inspired me! Especially Sonja's Angels; and Meggan's Angels Page; and Angel Haven; and Angel Place ; here's a great List of Angel Web Rings; and here's : Bits's favorite Angel Web Site

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Beautiful Bits

Hi, Marsha! Hi, Bits! marsha, bits has taken from you that which you have abandoned through sin
This is our private door to the page we will use to work on Marsha's website. I programed it so nobody can see this but us three! Pretty cool, huh?

TWist the candlestick and the fireplace turns around and you slide into the
by all means, marsha, read what is going on in here

Latest good words from our Throne Angel Bulletin Board
Bits says: "I don't know who these weirdos are who are bugging you, Marsha, but they don't scare me!" bits is on our side, marsha, the side of righteousness

Marsha's Angel Wisdom idiocy

Angels are decent, angels are bright,
Angels help me through the night.
Angels can listen, angels can heal.
Angels have powers, they have real appeal.

sexual Bits's Angel Wisdom

A thundering torrent of darkness flows through the world and mighty Angels ride the flotsam of lost souls slashing with their spears of righteousness and battling the dim spirits.
Angels are friends with other spirits of the World, Goddess spirits and Earth spirits, hold sacred congress by the light of the holy moon.
Angels are magick! bits, you serve us well