Wordscapes and Letterscapes

Wordscapes and Letterscapes

These two sets of 26 works each operate at the nexus of typography, animation and interactivity making modest claims for each, but in combination completely sui generis not to mention the nexus of reference (text), representation (image) and abstraction (number). Among the many approaches one could take to these works are considerations of "negative" space, the yin/yang interaction between inky darks and untouched whites in Asian art in a pictorial realm dominated by gestalt switches between solids and voids, and dominated by color.


Author description: Letterscapes is a collection of twenty-six interactive typographic landscapes, encompassed within a dynamic, dimensional environment. Wordscapes is a collection of reactive one-word poem landscapes, one for each letter of the alphabet.

Instructions: Click on the "Begin" button to select work. Please note: "Wordscapes" does not work on the Google Chrome browser.

Previous publication: Letterscapes received the 2002 Tokyo Type Directors Club Interactive Award and a silver award in 2002 from the Art Directors Club of NYC.

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